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    NextStation - Version 0.2.2

    This plugin provide you the ability to make a stations announcement system for your subway network. It give you the faculty to announce the next station of your subway network, but also announce a station that you are currently entering.

    How it work:
    The magic of this system, is that you can choose to whether or not exit at the next station. If you decide to, your minecart will be deviated to exit at the station, and the station name will be announced. If you didn't decide to, you will simply continue on your way without receiving any message.

    How to install:
    The only thing you need to do is download the zip containing the jar and unzip it in the plugins directory. But, you will also need to install the Minecart Mania Core plugin.

    How to configure:
    If you want to configure this plugin, edit the nextstation.properties inside the directory NextStation, which is inside the plugins directory. If you want to edit the trigger_block value, use the enum name (from the class Material of Bukkit) or the item ID for this property value. Any undefined property in the configuration file will use its default value. Notice that in the auto-generate properties file, three values are commented because using it will remove the fancy colourizing.

    How to use:
    The operation of this plugin is based on two things, the triggering block and the sign code. You will need to respect these two rules to make your announcement system work correctly. By default, the triggering block is a Log block. You need to place this block under the track to correctly trigger the announcement. After this, you need to set one of these seven signs next to the triggering block:

    This sign will simply display the reset of the text find on the sign. Usefull to display information on the player screen. No question is asked and no modification are made to the track.

    This sign will announce the next station to the player that passing next to it. It will also ask to the player if he want to exit at the next station. The player reply by typing /nextstation (or /exit, /e, /quit, /q) in the chat. No modification are made to the track.

    Same as NextSation, except the the sign will announce the next intersection. No modification are made to the track.

    Same as the NextSation or NextIntersect signs, except that the player will exit at this station. No question is asked and no modification are made to the track.

    If a player ask to exit, this sign will firstly curve the track to the left (if possible) or to the right (also if possible), so the player will exit at the station. Secondly, the station is announced. Notice that if there's no track to the left and to the right of the player, the plugin will ignore this station and will made no modification to the track. If the player didn't ask to exit, it will simply continue is way. If the track was previously curved, the track is reset to the straight position. No question is asked.

    Same as Station sign, except the sign will announce a intersection. The track modification work identically. No question is asked.

    This sign work same as both NextSation and NextTerminal, except it announce a Terminal. No question is asked and no modification are made to the track.

    Example of a next station announcement
    Example of a player that accept to exit at the next station
    Example of a player exiting at a station
    Example of a NextStation sign
    Example of a Station sign

    About the sign content:
    The first line need to be exactly the same as the selected sign code. Notice also, at the second line, the space at the end of the line. In other word, the text of the other three lines will be take and put together to form the station name. The rule to respect is: Always add the proper space at the end of each line if needed. There is an example of a sign content (where "_" is a space):
    About the Station sign:
    The station sign is very picky. For the moment, it will only work in one way. What I want to say, if we take a look again to this example, is in this picture, the cart is coming from the left. If the player have choose to exit, he will be redirect to the bottom track. If he choose to not exit, he will be redirect to the right track. The rule to respect is: The player will always exit at his left or at his right. If there's no track at his left, the plugin will check at his right. If there's also no track at his right, the player won't exit.

    About the /nextstation (/exit) command:
    This command save your name to know when you will arrive to a station or a intersection if it exit you or not. Now you can add the station/intersection name (or a partial station/intersection name) as an argument of this command. You will exited only is the string that you send match the current station/intersection. This command can only be used when you are in a minecart. If you leave the minecart, the command will erase your name from its data, if you have used the command and you didn't exited before leaving the minecart.

    * Todo, etc. on my redmine
    * Add a configuration file
    * Add a debug mode
    * Complete the Javadoc
    * Implement all event hooks
    * Add a tutorial video (if somebody want to make it, tell me)
    * Never make other stupid mistake, ever.

    Default configuration file:
    # Triggering block
    # Flag definitions
    # Text definitions
    # Colors flag:
    #  [WHITE]
    #  [BLACK]
    #  [DARK_BLUE]
    #  [DARK_GREEN]
    #  [DARK_AQUA]
    #  [DARK_PURPLE]
    #  [GOLD]
    #  [GRAY]
    #  [DARK_GRAY]
    #  [BLUE]
    #  [GREEN]
    #  [AQUA]
    #  [RED]
    #  [YELLOW]
    not_in_minecart_text=[RED]You are not in a minecart. You cannot use this command.
    you_will_exit_next_text=[GRAY]You will exit/switch at the next station/intersection.
    you_will_exit_this_text=[GRAY]You will exit/switch at this station/intersection.
    next_station_text=[YELLOW]Next station: [AQUA]
    next_station_msg_text=[GRAY]Use the [WHITE]/exit[GRAY] command to exit at the next station.
    next_terminal_text=[YELLOW]Next station: [AQUA]
    next_terminal_msg_text=[GRAY]This is a terminal station. You will exit there.
    next_intersection_text=[YELLOW]Next intersection: [AQUA]
    next_intersection_msg_text=[GRAY]Use the [WHITE]/exit[GRAY] command to switch line at the next intersection.
    terminal_text=[YELLOW]Terminal station: [AQUA]
    station_text=[YELLOW]Station: [AQUA]
    intersection_text=[YELLOW]Intersection: [AQUA]
    See changelog (open)
    NextStation - Version 0.2.2
        * Build with Bukkit #716
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #860
        Minor features changes
        * Add colors flag to configuration file
        Bug fixes/development issues
        * Fix the startup error caused by bad implementation of the plugin requirement script
    NextStation - Version 0.2.1
        * Build with Bukkit #681
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #766
        Bug fixes/development issues
        * Fix code for the new MinecartManiaCore version
    NextStation - Version 0.2
        * Build with Bukkit #652
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #670
        Major features changes
        * Added the configuration file
        * Block, flag, text and message can be edited in the configuration file
        * Added Annouce, NextIntersection and Intersection flags
        * The player can now specify the station/intersection that he want to exit
        Minor features changes
        * /NextStation became the main command, /exit is now an alias
        * Added the aliases /quit and /q. The aliases are now /exit, /e, /quit and /q
        * You cannot anymore used the /exit command if you are not in a minecart
        * The /exit command is reset when leving a minecart
    NextStation - Version 0.1.1
        * Build with Bukkit #432
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #493
        Bug fixes/development issues
        * Fix stupid error about mix getDisplayName/getName
    NextStation - Version 0.1
        * First release
        * Build with Bukkit #417
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #455
        Major features changes
        * Added /exit command
        * Exit at a station if you asked for it
        * Next station and next terminal announcements
        * Station and terminal announcements at your arrival

    Download NextStation Version 0.2.2 (zip)
    Download NextStation sources version 0.2.2
    Other downloads (Older versions, release date, file sizes and md5 checksum)
    Thanks to you for supporting my plugin ! ;P
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    Interesting idea :)
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    English isn't my native language nether, but if you read the definition of terminal, its clear.
    A station is a terminal if it is at the end on the tracks.
  4. ..................................................../\
    I could maybe make a tutarial (|) on youtube for you, if you want.
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    our craftbukkit is up-to-date.
    Here are the both screenshots.

    Nextstation: Unbenann3.png

    Station: Unbenann4.png

    (arrow is the direction the normal track is going)

    When you spawn at the spawnpoint, you have to follow the wodden path to a little cobblestonetower.
    go inside and at the bottom of this tower there is the minecart track.
    turn left to come to the nextstation shield or to the main station.

    download at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VGNFL586
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    Have you succeed to make this plugin work ? Also, if you want, I can give you the access to my server. I have already a subway line fully complete and ready to use.

    Ok, that weird. From what I see, everything is correctly setup. So, yes, when I will at home, I will download this and do some testing.
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    (arrow is the direction the normal track is going)

    I made a mistake
    The signs aren't on the same side of the track.
    The arrow of the NextStation sign must be the other way round. So I have the question if the signs must stand on the same side of the track.

    EDIT: I found the mistake. The signs must be on the same side of the tracks.
    I don´t know if this note is in your HowTo but may you can add it :)
  9. I have successfully gotten the whole plugin to work, and i would be glad to test it and make a video for you.
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    What do you mean with "The signs must be on the same side of the tracks." ? Is not the cart direction that you are talking about ?

    I encourage you to go ahead with this. If you can, make your video in two part. One who show the result of this plugin and one who explain how to make all this working good.
  11. Ok i'll start right after i have made a intro for "MinecraftWB" :)
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    I mean that both signs must be planted at the left side of the railway. At the station it is for sure because right is the other way but the nextstation sign must be planted at the same side ( so it is in our world)
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    That is very strange. I will still dowload your world and take a look on this to see what's happen.
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    Btw we use sandstone instead of goldblocks
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    Thanks to tell me. I have successfully tested your world and I don't see any problem. Everything has work as expected. I have done so extra testing, like trying several position for the sign, and all was fine. Here an example of what I have tested with success :

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    I'm probably being stupid and doing something really obvious wrong, but I can't seem to get this to work...
    This is my setup: |=track, -=track, S=station, N=nextstation, X=nothing
    ... like 10 blocks later
    My Station sign looks like:
    My NextStation sign looks like:
    When I ride my minecart, no matter whether I type '/exit' or not, I ALWAYS go straight, even if the intersection track was curved before, it still resets itself to the 'straight' position.
    My signs are all facing the start point (the text is pointing to the START point).
    Please help!
    EDIT: Damn space removal thingy makes everything look weird...
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    Yeah i always go straight as well.
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    Glad to see your plugin is a hit. You can cancel the Intersection Prompting in Minecart Mania Station plugin, by cancelling the onMinecartIntersectionEvent before Minecart Mania Station gets it.
    --- merged: Mar 3, 2011 6:26 PM ---
    I can't possibly make every minecart plugin out there, there is way too much for even a 2 man team. That's why I made MM easy to use in other mods! That way, talented people like @DjDCH can add their own minecart features easily. ;)
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    Just tried something:

    You are able to set the Sign under the Log, it works!

    Thank you very very much for this awesome plugin! :)
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    Send me a link to your world please. I will download it and check that.

    Ok Afforess, I will check for that event. And thanks to you. :)


    Yeah, it's normal. If a log if found under a track, the plugin will search all around this block if it can find a sign.
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Look around. You can't miss it!
    Its above ground, near the spawn, on a sand beach
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    Testing done. I have notice that everything work as expected. But not only this. The Station also work when the exit track is at the left. It seams that I have already solved this problem but I have forgot about it. Nice.

    Version 0.1.1 released

    The problem was caused by me. I'm really sorry and I apologize for what I made. I hope to never made other stupid error like this one (check the todo list). If you want to know more about this, read the changelog.

    Also, from the beginning, there was 2 hidden feature that I wasn't aware myself. First, the /e command is an aliases for /exit. Secondly, the Station sign also work for a track to the left. Precisely, the plugin will try with the left first, and if no track is found, to the right after. (Why I was not aware ? It's because I have made this plugin a month ago and I have forgot about these functionality.)

    I have thought to add in the next version a debug mode, so it would be easier to debug the station sign if it don't work properly. You will see when this will be done.

    Thanks to you to confirm that everything is now working as expected and thanks to you for supporting my plugin. ;)
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    your plugin does not work on my world...

    your version: 0.1.1
    latest minecartmania version

    i've build my train tracks exactly like your screenshots

    When my minecart arrives on the wooden block with the Station sign next to it, it totally stops and asks the question:
    "Tap your minecart in the disered direction"

    is this a bug in your plugin or something in the minecartmania plugin?
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    Josh Schaffer

    I don't know if I'm completely failing or what, but when I download the zip I seem to get everything but the .jar. I'm on a mac if that helps.
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    Are you downloading the source ? Because that is not the right thing. You need to download this one.
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    Josh Schaffer

    Yeah, thats the one I downloaded. I'm getting everything but the .jar.
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    I think your problem come from the way that you are extracting the zip. Can you send me a printscreen of the "everything" that you see ?
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    Josh Schaffer

    This is what I'm getting.

    Attached Files:

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    Yeah, that's the jar content. I cannot tell you why mac os is extracting the jar while you are extracting the zip, but I can give you this advice. Pick all this file and make a zip with it. After, rename this .zip to a .jar and it should work. ;)

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