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    NextStation - Version 0.2.2

    This plugin provide you the ability to make a stations announcement system for your subway network. It give you the faculty to announce the next station of your subway network, but also announce a station that you are currently entering.

    How it work:
    The magic of this system, is that you can choose to whether or not exit at the next station. If you decide to, your minecart will be deviated to exit at the station, and the station name will be announced. If you didn't decide to, you will simply continue on your way without receiving any message.

    How to install:
    The only thing you need to do is download the zip containing the jar and unzip it in the plugins directory. But, you will also need to install the Minecart Mania Core plugin.

    How to configure:
    If you want to configure this plugin, edit the nextstation.properties inside the directory NextStation, which is inside the plugins directory. If you want to edit the trigger_block value, use the enum name (from the class Material of Bukkit) or the item ID for this property value. Any undefined property in the configuration file will use its default value. Notice that in the auto-generate properties file, three values are commented because using it will remove the fancy colourizing.

    How to use:
    The operation of this plugin is based on two things, the triggering block and the sign code. You will need to respect these two rules to make your announcement system work correctly. By default, the triggering block is a Log block. You need to place this block under the track to correctly trigger the announcement. After this, you need to set one of these seven signs next to the triggering block:

    This sign will simply display the reset of the text find on the sign. Usefull to display information on the player screen. No question is asked and no modification are made to the track.

    This sign will announce the next station to the player that passing next to it. It will also ask to the player if he want to exit at the next station. The player reply by typing /nextstation (or /exit, /e, /quit, /q) in the chat. No modification are made to the track.

    Same as NextSation, except the the sign will announce the next intersection. No modification are made to the track.

    Same as the NextSation or NextIntersect signs, except that the player will exit at this station. No question is asked and no modification are made to the track.

    If a player ask to exit, this sign will firstly curve the track to the left (if possible) or to the right (also if possible), so the player will exit at the station. Secondly, the station is announced. Notice that if there's no track to the left and to the right of the player, the plugin will ignore this station and will made no modification to the track. If the player didn't ask to exit, it will simply continue is way. If the track was previously curved, the track is reset to the straight position. No question is asked.

    Same as Station sign, except the sign will announce a intersection. The track modification work identically. No question is asked.

    This sign work same as both NextSation and NextTerminal, except it announce a Terminal. No question is asked and no modification are made to the track.

    Example of a next station announcement
    Example of a player that accept to exit at the next station
    Example of a player exiting at a station
    Example of a NextStation sign
    Example of a Station sign

    About the sign content:
    The first line need to be exactly the same as the selected sign code. Notice also, at the second line, the space at the end of the line. In other word, the text of the other three lines will be take and put together to form the station name. The rule to respect is: Always add the proper space at the end of each line if needed. There is an example of a sign content (where "_" is a space):
    About the Station sign:
    The station sign is very picky. For the moment, it will only work in one way. What I want to say, if we take a look again to this example, is in this picture, the cart is coming from the left. If the player have choose to exit, he will be redirect to the bottom track. If he choose to not exit, he will be redirect to the right track. The rule to respect is: The player will always exit at his left or at his right. If there's no track at his left, the plugin will check at his right. If there's also no track at his right, the player won't exit.

    About the /nextstation (/exit) command:
    This command save your name to know when you will arrive to a station or a intersection if it exit you or not. Now you can add the station/intersection name (or a partial station/intersection name) as an argument of this command. You will exited only is the string that you send match the current station/intersection. This command can only be used when you are in a minecart. If you leave the minecart, the command will erase your name from its data, if you have used the command and you didn't exited before leaving the minecart.

    * Todo, etc. on my redmine
    * Add a configuration file
    * Add a debug mode
    * Complete the Javadoc
    * Implement all event hooks
    * Add a tutorial video (if somebody want to make it, tell me)
    * Never make other stupid mistake, ever.

    Default configuration file:
    # Triggering block
    # Flag definitions
    # Text definitions
    # Colors flag:
    #  [WHITE]
    #  [BLACK]
    #  [DARK_BLUE]
    #  [DARK_GREEN]
    #  [DARK_AQUA]
    #  [DARK_PURPLE]
    #  [GOLD]
    #  [GRAY]
    #  [DARK_GRAY]
    #  [BLUE]
    #  [GREEN]
    #  [AQUA]
    #  [RED]
    #  [YELLOW]
    not_in_minecart_text=[RED]You are not in a minecart. You cannot use this command.
    you_will_exit_next_text=[GRAY]You will exit/switch at the next station/intersection.
    you_will_exit_this_text=[GRAY]You will exit/switch at this station/intersection.
    next_station_text=[YELLOW]Next station: [AQUA]
    next_station_msg_text=[GRAY]Use the [WHITE]/exit[GRAY] command to exit at the next station.
    next_terminal_text=[YELLOW]Next station: [AQUA]
    next_terminal_msg_text=[GRAY]This is a terminal station. You will exit there.
    next_intersection_text=[YELLOW]Next intersection: [AQUA]
    next_intersection_msg_text=[GRAY]Use the [WHITE]/exit[GRAY] command to switch line at the next intersection.
    terminal_text=[YELLOW]Terminal station: [AQUA]
    station_text=[YELLOW]Station: [AQUA]
    intersection_text=[YELLOW]Intersection: [AQUA]
    See changelog (open)
    NextStation - Version 0.2.2
        * Build with Bukkit #716
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #860
        Minor features changes
        * Add colors flag to configuration file
        Bug fixes/development issues
        * Fix the startup error caused by bad implementation of the plugin requirement script
    NextStation - Version 0.2.1
        * Build with Bukkit #681
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #766
        Bug fixes/development issues
        * Fix code for the new MinecartManiaCore version
    NextStation - Version 0.2
        * Build with Bukkit #652
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #670
        Major features changes
        * Added the configuration file
        * Block, flag, text and message can be edited in the configuration file
        * Added Annouce, NextIntersection and Intersection flags
        * The player can now specify the station/intersection that he want to exit
        Minor features changes
        * /NextStation became the main command, /exit is now an alias
        * Added the aliases /quit and /q. The aliases are now /exit, /e, /quit and /q
        * You cannot anymore used the /exit command if you are not in a minecart
        * The /exit command is reset when leving a minecart
    NextStation - Version 0.1.1
        * Build with Bukkit #432
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #493
        Bug fixes/development issues
        * Fix stupid error about mix getDisplayName/getName
    NextStation - Version 0.1
        * First release
        * Build with Bukkit #417
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #455
        Major features changes
        * Added /exit command
        * Exit at a station if you asked for it
        * Next station and next terminal announcements
        * Station and terminal announcements at your arrival

    Download NextStation Version 0.2.2 (zip)
    Download NextStation sources version 0.2.2
    Other downloads (Older versions, release date, file sizes and md5 checksum)
    Thanks to you for supporting my plugin ! ;P
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    Always nice to see someone else use the MM API! Let me know if you have any issues.

    Link added to MM main thread!
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    Double thanks to you, Afforess. [​IMG]
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    Nice, I'll have to play with this sometime.
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    This looks fantastic!! I will tell you if I find any problems :D
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    Should be implemented sometime in MM! :D
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    example not work for me! Every time when i'm type "/exit" or not type that, minecart go forward and not change directional to the right track.
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    Can you submit a printscreen of your Station sign setup, like I did in the example ?
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    You really should test in the recommended builds. I'll let you know how it works with 440.
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    I have not directly test it, but it should work fine.
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    No worries. The bukkit team does not yet require support of the recommended build, but they probably will at some point so getting into the habit is wise.
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    Hum ... strange. Now I need more information. Can you tell me if you get a response when typing /exit in the chat box (whatever if you are in a cart or not) ? Do you receive this message ? Also, can you tell me if which version of Craftbukkit are you running ? Finally, if you set a NextStation sign, do you get this type of message when you are passing next to it with a minecart ?
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    yes,when i'm go through of sign, i'm recive this messege, when i'm type "/exit" i'me recive this.
    i'm runnin 455 and 480 and 440 and this not work.

    sorry for my very bed english,but i think google translate will translate my messege more worse
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 3:34 PM ---
    if watch that picture what i'm throw on this title, can see crossroads. Ever time when i'm typing /exit or not typing that rail on crossroads go forward when i'm pass the cross
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    I'd love to see something where you can simply pass a message to the user that way. It would be epic.
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    i can do it on russian, but i dont know how you translate that))
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    Sure a plugin to be included on my server, thanks!
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    Hey I got this problem.
    I announce a Station and when im going to build up a "Station Sign", I recieve the following message:
    "Tap your minecart in the desired direction"
    What do i wrong?

    The first sign:

    The second sign:

    The signs are next to a Log-Block

    I hope you can help me and excuse me for my bad english :S

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    simple delete "minecartstation" plugin
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 6:38 PM ---
    I think i'm find what happend with my problem.
    Sign Station on the crossroads is not attached to sign announce.
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    Are you sending the /exit command at the moment that you passing on the Station block ? If yes, you need to do it before you arrived to the station. Also, when you look at the picture that you post, from each track are you coming from ? Left, top or right ?

    Since this plugin seams to be a success, I think I will go ahead with the configuration file. With that, you will be able to edit any message, choose each signs label and the triggering block. So, you will able to "change" the language. ;)

    Yes. That message come from the Minecart Mania Stations plugin made by Afforess. So, for the moment, you need to remove this plugin.

    No, it's not that. The sign need to be simply next to the triggering block (1 block away of range).
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    if watch example, im arived from left.
    i'm typed /exit 4-5 seconds after the message appeared
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    Thanks for the quick help, but now i have another question.
    I can´t exit the Station.
    It doesn´t matter if i wrote /exit or not the minecart always continues driving forward.
    When i change the track into a curve, the curve is replaced by a normal linear trail.
    Maybe I´m just to silly for this Plugin but I hope you can help me again. :)
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    if you read this threat, you will see similar problem with me.
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    Sorry i didn´t recognized that. Shame on me [​IMG].
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    There is your problem. You have not follow one of the most important rules. Quote:
    Termit, why it doesn't work, it because your cart is coming from the left, but it need to come from the right (if the station go at the top). If you still want that the cart come from the left, you need to place the station at the bottom. NoGaRe, if you don't see what I'm referencing to, check this image.

    Yes I know that the plugin is not bright, but that will surely change in the future. For the moment, you need to follow this rule.
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    I don't want to say that your plugin is bad. For me it's a nice idea to have minecart stations. What i wanted to say was that im not the best in english and I may could missunderstand the how to.
    When I understand it right, the station is a linear part of the trailway with a Log-Block under it. The exit is another trail right to it.
    Like this:

    Move in this direction without /exit
    I----- exit
    Come from here

    Is this right?

    if it is right i don't understand why this isn't working on our minecartsystem.
    If you will need a screenshot i will show you one ( but now im surfing with my IPod). Our station is like the example. I dont know but maybe it has something to do with the south-west rule.
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    Yes, this is right. That's strange. The orientation is not suppose to bug the system, since I have tested almost all way to do it without any problem. If you getting the all the other messages, you can send me the printscreen, with both sign and tracks. Also tell me your craftbukkit version.

    If all after this, you or Termit can't get this work, I will need your world folder to try out my self and found the problem. It also possible that I have don't correctly express myself.

    Anyone have test this plugin and get it work correctly ? I will like to know.

    EDIT: Since they have 60 person that have downloaded this plugin, but only two telling that isn't working properly, I suppose that somebody have already try out without any problem.
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    This sounds promising (love the idea of announcing the next station), but I don't like the idea the Station signs alter the track. 1/3 of my stations are underground for one thing.
    Is the Station sign simply a way where the cart will ram into the side of a station platform for the player to get off? What will happen with the minecart after the player gets off at the station platform?

    And why are Station and Terminal signs different? I figure a Terminal would be a switch hub where you can head up to the other line.
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    I would like to understand why you don't like to see your track altered ? The is on of the purpose of this system.

    Is up to you. Actually, it's what I am doing. For each station, I have one platform for unboarding, and two platform for inboarding, one for each direction.

    If your player only get out of the minecart, letting the minecart continue is way, to return on the subway main track, the minecart will eventually stop by himself. This is how Minecart Mania make empty minecart work. But it logic. An empty minecart will not load unloaded chunk if it goes in direction of a unloaded one. Don't forget that you are on a server. So, it's not possible to have a fully automated subway system. What I do in my system, I take the minecart when I have finish to use it. If you don't want to do this, you can use a automated chest storing system to store the minecart.

    Actually, NextStation, NextTerminal and Terminal act in the same way. Only the message will be different. Since there is no other station after a terminal, why you would have to choose to exit or not ?

    I really like to make a howto/example video, but I don't know any good software (for a good quality video) to record my screen.
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    The word "terminal" is used as a synonym for "station" in a lot of places. For example, airports have terminals. I can tell English may not be your first language, so I understand your confusion.

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