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    Author: Arrorn​
    Ever wanted to name your wolf? There are plugins for that... Ever wanted that name to show up like a player name? Then this is the plugin for you! Now, in the soon future, name your *pet ghast as he launches fireballs at you in the nether! Name your *pet zombie as you play tag! Name your *pet skeleton as you play target practice with him in the back yard! You can do all of this and more, eventually!​
    Disclaimer (open)

    *Warning: the author of this plugin or any others responsible for the thoughts, actions, or ideas that made this plugin possible are not responsible for any unpredictable or uncontrollable behavior that your "pets" may under go as you attempt to "play" with them. These entities or individuals stated above are not liable for any psychological, physical, or bodily harm to you, your property, or anything or anyone else that occurs to you or anything or anyone else in your attempts to control the actions of wild creatures and or non-player-controlled creatures and or entities that may or may not be programmed to attack you and or anything else.

    Allows you to set names for your wolves and have them appear over their heads like players!​
    I will most likely add new features as BukkitContribs feature list grows. I also take keyword requests as well as suggestions on priority for features.​
    Screenshot (open)

    Player\'s Wolf.png

    JAR Download

    • BukkitContrib plugin v.0.0.4+
      • Required to work at all
    • BukkitContrib single player client v.0.0.4+
      • Not required to play on servers with this plugin or BukkitContrib
      • Required to see effects made by BukkitContrib such as player-like title
    • Easy to use XML based configuration file
      • Allows for default names for Tamed and Wild Wolves
      • Keywords such as PLAYER that are parsed into the appropriate word
    • Names show up like a players name over their head!
    • Player Name
      • Default Alias: PLAYER
      • Parsed out to owner or tamers name
      • ONLY parsed under Type: Tamed
      • Random Name
      • Default Alias:RANDOM
      • Parsed to a randomly generated name
        • Uses syllables in easy to use XML sheet
        • Configure min/max syllables within name
    ToDo (open)

    • Alpha Release 3 -
      • Add Pesistance
      • Add permission support
      • Add commands to name your wolves
      • Add Mod API
      • Document code and XML config file
    • General
      • Add support for other creatures!
        • Zombies
        • Creepers
        • Skeletons
        • More!
      • Add iWolfAdoption support
      • Add MyWolf Support

    • Alpha Release 2 -
      • Added more Keywords
        • RANDOM
          • Yay random name generator!
          • Syllables configurable through XML
      • Changed some public methods using Entity ID in favor of new ones using UUID. Also use new Entity tamed event instead of on player-entity interact.
        • Getting ready for persistance!
      • Added alias support
        • Supports other aliases for keywords configurable through XML
          • I strongly discourage configuring keywords to parse out single letters and or symbols... :p
      • Added keyword configuration support
        • Support certain configuration through XML
          • Random name min/max syllables
      • Made keyword parser more friendly so it does not replace keywords with ' ' if not applicable
    • Alpha Release 1 - 0.1.0
      • Initial Release
      • XML Config file
        • Auto-generated if missing
        • Supports types
          • default - if Tamed or Wild types not used
          • Tamed - if wolf is tamed, overrides default
          • Wild - if wolf is Wild, overrides default
        • Supports names
      • Creates player-like title over wolf
      • Parses keywords
        • PLAYER - parsed out to owners/tamers name
          • Only supported under Tamed!
    Special Thanks
    • Notch and Mojang AB for such a great game
    • Bukkit for a great plugin system
    • @Afforess for great API through BukkitContrib as well as support and debugging help
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    @Arron clean up your formatting or this is never being moved to releases
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    captainawesome7 is right, your post formatting needs to be corrected. But plugin-wise...excellent :cool:
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    Yes this is nice.
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    @captainawesome7, and @chronopolis: Just saying "Clean up your formatting >.<" is not very helpful... If you could possibly give actual criticism about my formatting such as "use less bullet points", "use more spoilers", or "post some sceenies" would be FAR more helpful. How can I clean up my formatting if I don't know what about it I am supposed to clean up? But yes I did a fast and somewhat sloppy job, I agree. I was far more interested in continuing to work on my plugin.
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    So at the moment if I wanted to test this out, how would I name a tamed wolf? I noticed in the ToDo list there's "Add commands to name your wolf". Does this mean I have to manually edit the XML file that lists the wolves that I've tamed to name them?
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    Great plugin, can't wait to see the updates!! ^_^

    I usually just copy the template from here and edit it to fit my plugins.. I try to keep all my plugins' posts looking mostly the same.. I've learned recently that the SPOILER tags are your friend :) Screenshots would be awesome, though.. I think if you stick somewhere close to the format EvilSeph put on that page, shouldn't have problems with submission.. Maybe un-center those headers, but that's just my personal tastes talking there.. It's just that it looks strange on extra-wide screens.. :)

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    @ACStache: no u do not have to edit the xml to name the ones u have name. The xml contains the default rules for default-no tamed or wild rule specified, tamed-if the wolf is tamed, or wild-you haven't tamed it, so you can not name wolves specifically, yet. As you say its on my todo.

    @weasel5i2: I did use that template to a limit :p I read stuff :p. Spoiler tags and username tags are not in the bbcode help page so I have no idea what the arguments are so I hesitate at using them. But I will work at possibly some screenies and possibly a logo.
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    please update do latest recommended CB
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    It fully supports future builds of CB unless CB breaks something. The same applies to BC.

    Edit: Maybe not fully, but at least this one.
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    changelog has to show two latest versions without a spoiler
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    And we name them how?
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    currently only through the general rules in the xml.

    Edit: this is still an alpha, meaning I'm actively working on it.
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    Could someone please tell me how this works? Do you need to allready have named your wolfs, in other mobs, like WolfControl?
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    do other players see our named wolves?
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    @zenyl: After you install this plugin and bukkit contrib start the server to create the configuration files, edit the config.xml file to your specifications. To name your wolves create general rules for them using the <Wolf> xml tag, there are two premade examples inside the config file. This plugin works without any modifications to the xml file. The default names that appear over wolves heads if you do not edit this config file is: for wild/untamed wolves no name will appear, for tamed wolves the players name with " 's Wolf" will appear.

    Currently there is no way to make a personalized name, I am working on this and will have a version with commands and persistence available soon.

    Under the <Wolf> tag inside config.xml there is the <Type> and <Name> tags. In the <Type> tag one of three things goes here, default, wild, tamed. Wild, and Tamed override default so if you set rules for both of these types you do not need a default rule. In the <Name> tag under wild or default enter the general name sequence you want wild wolves to have. There are certain things that are ignored such as an empty string, the word "none", the word "null", or all spaces. Having these things in a <Name> tag will make it so a Title does not appear over a wolf type. In the <Name> tag under tamed set the general rule for the tamed wolves on your server. Also if you put one of the aliases from the keyword configuration into the name tag it will be parsed out into an appropriate replacement. If you want a random name to appear within a wolves names use one of the Random Name keyword's aliases, these are defined at the top of the xml file.

    After editing and saving the file, restart the server, or reload all the plugins to see the changes you have made.

    To summarize my wall of text: There is no way to set personalized names, other names than default, at the moment. Otherwise the default/general names are set with the rules in the config.xml, I explain how to make different default names in this post above ^^^.

    @bushingenna: only if they have the bukkit contrib sp mod installed in their client.
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    Very nice, and also thanks for the laughs with the name generator :D (this)
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    @vekiorus: Your very welcome :p. I find some of then longer names extremely funny when it starts to repeat syllables, in your config file try setting the min syllables to 5 and max to 10 to start with. They can get pretty ridiculous :p.

    I've been at MSU admission's orientation for the past few days so I have not had time to work on NAW but I will get an update for CB 935 out as soon as humanly possible and then continue to work on

    EDIT: YAY..... CB update couple hours after starting to work with previous version >.<
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    No! Dont add persistance! I cant run Mysql.
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    @minechomp: Stop! Before you give yourself a heart attack or stroke. I am not adding MySQL. By persistence I meant that I am adding a way for names to persist between server sessions.
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    Still working on this? Looks like a great project :D
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    Could you add 953 support? I really want it!
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    I just got back from Japan, I'm still working on this project. This does work with 953 by the way.
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    will you add 1060 support?
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    Spout? 1060?...
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    can update pls? This is really cool
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    Will this work with Spout?

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