[INACTIVE][MECH] MobRider v0.32 - Finally a proper use for saddles! [674]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Edward Hand, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Uhm, i have permissions 2.4 installed
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    Edward Hand

    See post #53 in this thread.
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    did i get it setup right?
    default: true
    build: true
    - 'general.spawn'
    - 'jail.command.jailcreate'
    - 'jail.modifyjail'
    - 'SpawnControl.sethome.basic'
    - 'mobRider.command.attack'
    - 'mobRider.command.go'
    - 'mobRider.command.stop'
    - 'mobRider.players'
    - 'mobRider.animals'
    - 'mobRider.monsters'
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    Edward Hand

    looks good to me.
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    Edward Hand

    for future reference, permissions allows you to use '*' to mean 'anything', so you could use:


    and that would also do it.
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  8. Is it possible to stop the mobs your riding from also walking their own way?

    Ghasts dont seem to follow my commands, when I do /mob goto Player

    (b445jnks and I'm admin)
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    Edward Hand

    If you get on a mob it should automatically stand still (not sure about pigs - pigs are a bit funny) and only move when commanded.
    Ghasts can't currently be controlled (minecraft's fault). I'll look into a workaround.
  10. They still turn around their Y-axis.
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    love the plugin I love riding my friends around and fishing at the same time ! :)
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    GroupManager support?
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    Groupmanager is fully compatible with permissions2.0.

    If something works on permissions 2.0, it will work on GM. I can say this plugin works on GM, already tested on mine.
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    @Edward-Hand for your test server, set the online=false, that way it won't try to authenticate and you can log on no matter what. Thats what I do on my test server before putting new mods on the live server.
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    When trying to ride a mob, I get an error saying it could not pass the Playeritem event to MobRider.
    What do I do?
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    Woo, this plugin is fantastic. Just floated over an ocean on the head of a Creeper, like some kind of mangled green buoy.
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    Edward Hand

    What version of permissions are you using? This plugin supports 2.0 and under (as well as group-manager)
  18. Well this is a real mod! this and home is the only ones i find fun and usefull :)
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    Amazing plugin! We had great fun testing this yesterday. We even stacked 5 people once! [​IMG]

    Video, feel free to use in OP
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    Edward Hand

    Cool. Thanks. I have done :D
    (for future reference, you can actually just left click with the fishing rod and it works just the same (though without the nice noise))
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    This is hands down, the most epic fucking shit ever. I use this to take control of the Giant and attack people. The only downside is that ghasts are uncontrollable. Please fix!!
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    Edward Hand

    I'm having trouble finding myself a ghast to ride :S
    How are you doing it? flyhacks?
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    Has anyone tried to ride a jockey? :D
    Would be epic to control 2 mobs riding eachother.
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    there is a plugin called spawnmob just use that, spawn the mob in sand, then have your friends break you out of the sand.
    --- merged: Feb 27, 2011 1:55 PM ---
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    This plugin is SO fun. I made a video of the best moments me and a few friends had while playing with it. Apparently if you try to mount someone who has mounted you... you fly up into the air. Also, the end is the funniest.

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    awesome plug ty for upload
  27. Okay :] awesome. love it.
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    2.1 haha
    Alright, I'll switch, only because donators will be pissed if I don't let em ride spiders like I said they could.

    Speaking of, can you make it so that they can ONLY ride a specific mob?
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    Edward Hand

    Yes. I can certainly look into that.
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    Can we ride Squids? Can you make so when we do that we dont die underwater?

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