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    <font color="rgb(153, 51, 0)">SuperWheat - Wheat automatically re-grows after harvesting!</font>

    Current Version: 0.1

    SuperWheat re-plants crops for you after you have harvested them. SuperWheat also stops crops from being broken by other players before they are fully harvested, so nobody can destroy your crops.

    * Players can't destroy your crops until they're fully grown.
    * Once you harvest the wheat, no seeds are dropped but the wheat is automatically re-grown.
    * Permissions support!

    Future Features:

    * Stop crops from being trampled by animals
    * Have it work when wheat is broken by water
    * Feel free to suggest ideas!

    How to set up SuperWheat:

    Simply just place SuperWheat in your plugins folder and give/don't give your users these permissions! Simple as that!

    Permission NodeWhat it does
    SuperWheat.allow.crop.destroyingAllows you to destroy others' crops
    SuperWheat.allow.crop.regrowingAllows crops to be automatically re-grown after being harvested

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    * v0.1 - Initial Release


    @ChrizC for originally suggesting the idea
    @viper2g1 for re-suggesting the idea
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    ill test this as soon as I can :)

    doesn't work. tried destroying fully grown wheat, and not automatically regrown I've even put a permissions but still doesn't work..also when I tried destroying a seed, it will produce two same message and no color message..

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    Can't reproduce your bug.
    Try to op yourself and test it then.
    Please try also the latest dev build and remove other plugins just to be sure.

    I can confirm the messages bug. Weird. Will look into it.
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