[INACTIVE][MECH] Minecart Starter v1.0 - Gets your minecart started. [612]

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    MinecartStarterPlugin - Starts your minecarts:
    Version: v1.0

    This is a basic plugin that spawns a minecart on the track and gives it a push in the direction you are facing. After spawning the cart it places the player in and when the player exits the cart it removes it from the world reducing clutter.

    • Spawns minecart at player
    • Puts player in minecart
    • Gives cart momentum in direction player is facing (if capable)
    • Deletes cart from world once player exists (only if cart was spawned by plugin)
    Download Plugin Jar
    Source Code

    Stand on track
    Face direction you want to go
    Type /minecart

    If you have the Permissions plugin installed then add micro.minecartstarter.can to any groups you want to be able to use the command, if you do not have the Permissions plugin then it is available to anyone.

    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    What's the difference with Minecart Mania Spawner, may I ask?
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    I had no part in this but I did notice this could help for people who have plugins that clash due to sign commands but still want the spawner and autocart part only. Personally I like MCM to much so I work around that plugin lol :)
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    I don't actually know anything about the minecart mania plugin.

    i created this plugin with the reddit creative server in mind, but yea what DDMoose said, it's a minimalistic plugin that just does 1 thing :) does mania spawner erase the cart when you get rid of it?
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    command is /minecart
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    updated initial post with usage, sorry bout that
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    When I try it in my server I got "You do not have the permission to use this command"
    How to have it ?
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    bah forgot to put that in the initial post

    if you have the permissions plugin installed then it checks for micro.minecartstarter.can, if you don't have permissions then it lets anyone use the command.

    so if you have permissions then add micro.minecartstarter.can to any groups you want to be able to use it
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    Thank you for this fast answer. It's working perfectly now.
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    wow this is a awesome simple plugin. I really do enjoy it, much more simpler than the other minecart plugins i've tried. Thank you for this and well done. This goes really well with the Sign Command Plugin. Also where you say
    Is it just a push, or does it continue to travel forever? because in the short time ive played around with it, it handle my long track perfectly without slowing down.
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    Could you please make an alternate /command of /mc in addition to /minecart?

    Really love this plugin, works great. Thanks!
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    First off; this plugin is nice and very handy.
    I especially like the fact that it places you -in- the minecart, rather than just creating the minecart and you have
    to catch it before it vanishes.

    I have a couple of issues that would be great if they could be resolved:
    1. This plugin conflicts with Minecart Mania Core.
    I wanted to use a plugin that depends upon mania core, and when I install mania core, the starter ceases to function..

    2. I use this plugin in combination with CommandSigns. CommandSigns can be used to run the minecart command even if the user does not have access to the command. It does that by way of pretending to be another user. As a result, if you use it in this way, nothing happens. In order to get it working with CommandSigns, I have to use a normal sign, -and- give access to all users to call /minecart any time they want.( not just the signs only admins can create ). I realize this may be a problem with CommandSigns, but mentioning here to ask if that is in fact the case..

    3. If you destroy the cart in motion rather then getting out, you gain a minecart. Due to this, you could spam the heck out of the minecart command in order to gain a pile of free 'minecart'. It would be great if this could be changed, so that if you destroy a minecart it just vanishes instead.
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    is there anyway i can change the command?
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    Stupid idea of the day :

    When a minecart that can run outside of tracks ? ie fast on stone highways, slower on cobblestone roads, and much slower on dirt/sand :)

    put an engine... and steering wheels !

    'need a mineCAR for my world :)
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    considered inactive
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    Ahh I loved this plugin, but it broke on build 1000. Would it be possible for this to be fixed?
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    I've updated it as MoreMinecartStarter. I'll make a proper thread soon, but for now, download here.

    Edit: Here's the new thread.

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