[INACTIVE][MECH] LightSwitch v2.0 - Now with 100% less lightstone and glass features! [740]

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    LightSwitch - Switch pumpkins on/off using redstone
    Version: 2.0
    Download: LightSwitch v2.0

    Thank you to Rios for the original plugin!

    • Toggle the state of pumpkins using redstone (supports levers/buttons/pressure plates)
    Pumpkins Demo Video:

    Changelog (open)

    2.0 - No longer adding features
    - works with CB 740
    0.13 - added lightstone/glass toggle
    0.12 - new developer
    - works with CB 670-677
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    To turn regular torches off, maybe you could have them turn into Redstone torch off (ID 75) when Redstone power isn't applied.
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    That is actually what I was planning on doing. Great minds think alike! :p
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    I would turn them into Redstone torches off when Redstone power is applied, in order to be able to place permanent torches without the need to power them with a Redstone torch.
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    Yes, that is most likely the way I will be doing it.
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    Great, I'm looking forward to test this.
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    Erm, bad news everybody. Due to the fact that redstone torches in their off-state act up every now and then, the torch-switch either is impossible or extremely difficult to pull off. I'm going to continue trying to figure out what I need to do to fix this before giving up, though!
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    Thanks for taking over this! Is there any chance you could make it so that lightstone is also controlled like the pumpkins?

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    Lightstone, unfortunately, does not have an "off" state that I can switch it to. I believe that it is not possible at this point without a client mod.
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    You could always make lightstone turn to glass when it's 'off'.
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    Perhaps I could do that. It should be extremely easy to pull off, it just depends on the demand for this feature, I guess. I'll add it if everyone wants it. :)
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    Glass when off sounds cool. It sounds like you are simply swapping block id's depending on redstone current. Rather than hardcoding the block id's, perhaps a config file could pass the id's as variables and be something like:

    If you want pumpkins =
    on block:
        - 91
    off block:
        - 86
    If you want lightstone=
    on block:
        - 89
    off block:
        - 20
    This would allow the user the ability to set it up how they want. Could also make for some fun and interesting other uses, such as switching opacities of blocks. Maybe with the on block being stone, and the off being glass, you would be able 'to close the curtains' on a window. Or make peep holes to peek out.

    Suppose if you could also integrate block data, which would be most useful in switching wool color. For red and green:

    on block:
        - 35 5
    off block:
        - 35 14
    I suppose that this may be a bit past the scope of the plugin, however if it is trivial to add, then maybe it would be a fun, useful (to someone) addition.

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    I like the idea of Lightstone turned into Glass too. But when you will switch off the lights you will be able to see your Redstone wires or torches through the glass, so I would prefer to be able to choose the off block in a config file like ricky_hobby suggested it.
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    Not sure how feasible this is, but what I would like is that, whenever a block receives power, it toggles states (rather than no power = off, and power = on). This way you can place both lit and unlit pumpkins and not have them auto-flip states without warrant.
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    CraftBook has this feature implemented already, but if you could pull off switching of any blocks, it would be great.
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    Version 0.13 Released!

    -added lightstone/glass toggle

    ** I will add the ability to configure what block is the "off-state" for lightstone soon
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    Great, I will try this tomorrow.
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    This isn't working right for me. For some reason the lightstone only turns to glass if there's a pumpkin within one block of it. If the pumpkin is taken away while the lightstone is glass, and the circuit is turned off, the lightstone turns back, and does not turn back into glass.

    Side note- It only turns to glass if the circuit is ON, which is sort of opposite.

    Another side note- Is there any way you can make it so that if a redstone circuit runs past the pumpkin or lightstone, it still operates it? Right now you have to use 2 spaces behind the object to operate and have the circuit going directly into it.

    Great work so far!
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    Some "bugs" (?) I have discovered so far:

    The toggle between lightstone and glass depends on the lenght of the redstone dust.
    If you got 0 or 1 redstone dust between your switch and your glass, it is working just fine. (Lightstone in on-mode, and glass in off-mode)
    If you got 2 redstone dust the glass will automatically switch to lightstone in off-mode and glass in on-mode.
    And if you got 3 or more redstone dust it doesn't work at all for me. Well not quite right. It switches the glass once to glowstone but not back to glass.

    And a weird one:
    If you got glass one block away from crops, and you break the crops the glass turns into glowstone as if the crops function as a switch.
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    Thanks for the bug reports everybody. I will work on these today, and hopefully fix all of them. :S
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    I made a few tests, maybe these pieces of infomation can help you :

    - Glowstone acts very strangely when powered or when a block next to it is powered. I hope this little video will help you to find where it stems from.

    - If you place a block next to a glass block, or if you start destroying one next to it, glass will turn into glowstone as you can see on this video.

    - When powered or unpowered a pumpkin will face east.

    - It's hard to explain but if you brake a block you'll get it even if it's not the one you placed before powering/unpowering it.
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    How to modify plugin for swich torch and no pumkins plz?
    edit : and disable effect glowstone / glass
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    Great mod, but I found that punching the block next to glass turned to glass into lightstone. I also found that torches may cause this in some way too, as a lot of glass near torches had turned to lightstone in areas where no-one had been.
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    @Zarius Experiencing the same thing with both punching and using.

    CB714 with no other plugins.

    Edit: You can use simplier (probably older) version from source code repository (one change in plugin.yml required), but it contains only basic functions (no LightStone -> Glass). Download compiled jar: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2880393/Minecraft/LightSwitch.jar
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    Version 2.0

    This version adds nothing. In fact, it reverts back to v0.12, which had the least bugs. Please read the README.txt in the .zip file for a complete explanation.
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    I'm still using the original plugin. Does the new version use a list like you have above?

    If it does, that would be awesome, allowing a person to add as many toggle-able blocks as they would like, and what the block toggles too.

    Hmm. You think this could work with air and stone? Be awesome to have a way of controlling water flow. :)
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    I think you're right, one feature working properly is better than more not working as expected. Thanks for the update.

    aPunch has removed this feature but maybe ControllerBlock can do what you want.
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    Link is broken :(
    This plugin sounds amazing, can't wait till I get to use it! :)
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    Link is broken.
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    Link is broken!

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