[INACTIVE][MECH] LightningControl v1.1 - Control lightning and its effects [953]

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    LightningControl - Control lightning and its effects
    Version: v1.1

    • Can stop lightning from starting fires
    • Can stop lightning from damaging players/mobs
    • Can stop lightning from transforming pigs and/or creepers
    • Can disable lightning or weather altogether
    • Configurable on a per-world basis

    Download: [ ZIP | JAR only ]

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    Plugin configuration is stored in "plugins/LightningControl/config.yml", which will be created from a default template if it doesn't already exist. Configuration works based on a world hierarchy, like so:
        # Used for all worlds not configured explicitly.
        disableignite: false
        disabledamage: false
        disablepigzap: false
        disablecreeperpower: false
        disablelightning: false
        disableweather: false
        disableweather: true
        disableignite: true
        disabledamage: true
        disablepigzap: true
        disablecreeperpower: true
    disableignite prevents lightning from creating fires. In theory the rain does this anyway, but you can turn this on to be certain.
    (Note: even with this on you will still see fire when lightning strikes, due to your client expecting it. However, nothing will actually be ignited.)

    disabledamage prevents lightning from damaging mobs or players.

    disablepigzap prevents pigs from mutating into pigman zombies.

    disablecreeperpower prevents creepers from becoming supercharged.
    (WARNING: both of these cause client issues right now; creepers will appear to be charged even though they are not, and phantom pigman zombies will appear. Disconnecting/reconnecting will fix it, but I recommend leaving these off until the oddity is fixed.)

    disablelightning will disable lightning altogether.

    disableweather will disable weather altogether.

    Note that disabling lightning/weather will prevent you from using other plugins to control them. Disabling lightning will NOT prevent you from using "Thor's Hammer"-type tools, however.

    Version 1.1:
    • Added "disablepigzap", "disablecreeperpower", "disablelightning", and "disableweather" options.
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    Awesome idea, i'll give it a shot when bukkit is updated once again.
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    Added options to prevent pigs/creepers from transforming, as well as options to disable lightning or weather altogether. Make sure you're using build 728 or later for it to work.
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    What about making lightning damage blocks, such as craters?
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    Thanks for this plugin.
    I rather enjoy the weather, can do without lightning starting fires. Our city has alot of trees in and around it.
    Rain doesn't stop shit.
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    wich command have i enter to use it?
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    Doesn't use any commands. You just configure it as described in the post and it runs.

    While that's an interesting idea, the point of the plugin is to limit the effects of lightning rather than add new ones. Better off having a different plugin for that.
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    Considered inactive.
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