[INACTIVE][MECH] InfiniteLava v0.2 - Allows infinite pools of lava [672]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Edward Hand, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Just recently tried this plugin on CB #617, but it broke the server. It caused all users to receive continuous disconnects with...
    user disconnected disconnect.overflow
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    I know it's been a long time, but does this work for 1,5?
    If not, it's very, very useful, and I hope somebody updates!
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    @Edward Hand
    If you are not continuing this plugin, may I continue it? :D
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    I can't give you permission but please do. And could you also add a config to choose how many sources are needed to make a new source?
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    Ahh, nooo... Please continue this plugin? :D
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    no reply after a long enough period and it can be assumed it's safe to take over, even if just temp until the dev returns
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    Okay. :)
    I'll start working on it and checking the code right now.
    I don't know if it's going to work because a dev always knows his code better then another dev.
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    *fingers crossed!*
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    Any luck on this Unscrewed?
    Anybody else continuing this?
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    anyone going to fork this? seems simple enough to update :D
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    I wish I had the capability, there are a few inactive plugins I'd take on! Unfortunately, it seems to be beyond my capability. :(
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    @Unscrewed mentioned he would take a look at it
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    I don't get this, except for a few un-used imports in the plugin, everything seems fine.
    Maybe I can re-write the whole code when I have time, but I have no idea why this won't work.
    I am still looking though.
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    I haven't had any major troubles with the plugin either. I've only encountered one bug with it—for whatever reason, if I place a block of lava against a wall with 3 sides open the column of lava it makes doesn't go away when I remove the source brick the way water does... this has caused a number of problems on my server.

    If I don't use InfiniteLava, the column of lava behaves like water, vanishing when the source block is removed.
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    because I need this plugin, I'll take the development!
    I hope it's okay for all, if not, please write me!

    Latest status is: released. Got rid of all bugs :)
    I'm going to release it in the next days!

    Release: UnlimitedLava

    I will call it UnlimitedLava

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