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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Edward Hand, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Edward Hand

    InfiniteLava v0.2

    In the same way that a 2x2 pool of still water can be used to harvest infinite water buckets, with this plugin enabled you can make lava act similarly.


    Since lava is more viscous, I made it so that at least a 3x3 pool of lava is required. Simply find or make such a pool and remove lava from the centre of the pool and the lava will regenerate. (NB: A cross shape will also work).

    Here is a gratuitous picture of a 3x3 lava pool:

    The plugin does not come with command, options or permissions. Just install and go. If people want extra stuff, I can look into implementing it.

    Feature Summary
    • A gap in lava surrounded on all four sides by still-lava regenerates.
    (source code is included)

    Change log:
    version 0.1
    • Plugin Released
    version 0.2
    • Bukkit team trying to break everything
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    Nice :). If my computer weren't crashing all the time, I'd put this on my server.
  3. AWESOME! lol...
    --- merged: Feb 20, 2011 11:16 PM ---
    it dosen't seem to work?
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    Edward Hand

    It does. I tested it and everything!

    You are taking the lava from the centre of a 3x3 pool, yes?
  5. Well, on CB 403, when:
    lava = F




    When i take from the middle it acts like normal?
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    Nice, I missed this plugin from hMod. :) Thank you!
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    Edward Hand

    This might seem like a stupid question but you did add it to sever.properties didn't you?
    I've tried the version of crafbukkit you gave and its DEFINITELY working.

    Anyone else tried it?
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    ...what? This isn't hMod. Or do the new Bukkit builds require you to do that? D:
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    Edward Hand

    Oh. I've been adding plugins to my server.properties for nothing 0_0
    I feel so stupid now...
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    Don't worry, we all make mistakes, haha. :D
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    Edward Hand

    @aidan matzko
    I don't suppose you have some other plugin nerfing lava flow do you?
  12. WOW! that wasn't stupid... what do you add to the .properties? i feel dumb:p
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    Edward Hand

    Read the posts above. I was mistaken [​IMG]
  14. :confused: ok... So why won't this work :( Is there a properties file? or anything i have to change? I am using worldguard, but stopping lava flow isn't true... i don't think
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    Edward Hand

    I really wish I knew! I've got worldguard, world edit, essentials and all the normal plugins installed on my test server and its still working just fine. If you want to give it one more shot, you can install this special version I made just for you:

    It will output debug stuff to your console that looks something like:
    If you can keep an eye on your console output as you remove lava from the pool and tell me what the highest stage it gets to is, it should give some clue as to where its going wrong.

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    Edward Hand

    If you're going to try advertising your server here, at least get the right IP address!!!
    That is an internal IP address. You need your external one.

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    sorry and thanks
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 9:22 PM ---
    boy am i stupid
    it's actually
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 9:33 PM ---
    is my external supposed to work for my computer or only other people's?
    because i can't make it work with , only with
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    Edward Hand

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  21. thats.really.weird... so i downloaded your special version, and guess what? I take lava from the pool, and it dosen't even give me a stage... weird... Where do you put the sources? I tried all on the sides, on the sides and the middle, only the middle, it just dosen't work:(

    Can I look at the source code? Maybe i could find something?

    EDIT: sorry i forgot it was in the zip, ill look at it now...
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    Edward Hand

    That means its not even registering a blockflow event 0_o.
    Just check that its outputting "[InfiniteLava] STAGE 1 SUCCESSFULL" when you type 'reload' in console. If so then I really am clueless as to what's happening. If not it means that the plugin is never being loaded (which, unless its outputting some specific error means its not in the plugins folder). If it is in the plugins folder then I'm still clueless.
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    Hiya. This addon doesn't seem to work. I am running git-Bukkit-0.0.0-437-g9de610a-b405jnks.
    I don't have any other addons that would interfere with lava. Unless "Better.lava" a minecraft client mod counts. Could that be it?

    I make a 3x3, fill it with 9 lava, and it wont let me pick lava up from the middle at all.

    Also, when I look at the startup (or the server.log), I can't see that InfiniteLava is even being loaded, even though it's in the plugins directory.

    Is it a problem with the newest build, or is it just me? Am I being stupid? That could totally be it.

    Edit: It works. I redid the 3x3 for a third time, and now it works flawlessy. Strange.
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    Edward Hand

    Success! Can you confirm that it is working perfectly now? As in, every time?
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    Yes. Until I messed it up again by drawing lava from one of the sides, and even refilling it wouldn't make the lava stop flowing, so I have to start over again, and hope it works again. I don't know if that's a problem with the addon, or if it's just general lava misbehaviour.

    Before my clumsiness it worked fine for a while, and helped me farm some obsidian.
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    Edward Hand

    I thought I was just going mad. I'm glad its working. For me it's always very well behaved. If you take lava from the side, just put it back (exactly where you got it from) and it should just go back to how it was.
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    Yes. That wasn't the first time I messed up, and usually I could fix it. The last time, however, it did not want to do it. But I am sure that's just me being a dummy.

    Either way, made another 3x3 and it works fine. The lava sometimes takes a second to refill, other times it's instant, but it works fine.

    Thanks for this mod! I missed having a proper source of lava, now I can farm obsidian properly again.
  28. since it still dosen't work, im gonna try it with only that plugin.. also, is there any way you could give me the source with an explanation line to line.. so i can look and see if i see anything conflicting with other plugins? Thanks alot for trying to help me :)
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    does it work with 1.3?
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    Edward Hand

    Yep. Tested with build 432.

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