[INACTIVE][MECH] IceBreakerBoats v0.1 - Don't let ice-fields block your way! [98]

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    Edward Hand

    IceBreakerBoats v0.1
    (By Request of Icabash)

    Ever been exploring in a boat and hit an ice field? Wished there were some easy way to plough through? Well now there is!


    Simply hold a lava-bukkit in your hand as you sail and your boat will clear a path through the ice.

    Feature Summary
    • If you hold a lava bucket in your hand while in a boat, you will melt ice on collision.
    Download Link:
    (source code is included)

    Change log:
    version 0.1
    • Plugin Released
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    awesome plugin
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    That's clever! Could you make this also work with fire blocks, please?
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    Thank you so much! The lava bucket actually sounds like a better idea than the left clicking, because you can restrict lava buckets to admins only, and because accidentally left clicking with the boat would be annoying. Again, thanks for the awesome plugin.
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    Edward Hand

    I'll add it to my to do list [​IMG]

    I was also considering making it so that buckets run out after a while ie. after a certain amount of ice has been cleared with a bucket, make it become empty. Does anyone have any opinions on this?
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    Oh, oh! I forgot! Maybe add a torch to items too? And permissions. :)
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    That would likely require a config file instead of hardcoding, but I would recommend starting at say 100-500 blocks and testing until it feels right.
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    I was just thinking the exact same thing. i say since lava buckets can smelt about 100 blocks they should be able to burn out 100 blocks of ice before emptying
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    The problem is how do you track that? There's no way to store the data in a way that is specific to an individual bucket (unless you can add extra non-default data to blocks/items, but from my understanding this is a TERRIBLE idea). You would have to store it by user, which means every X number of ice melted their bucket vanishes... Which could majorly hinder exploration if player Y goes on a long journey knowing they'll need to melt through ice, and their bucket gets through 5 blocks before disappearing and slowing their entire journey.
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    Edward Hand

    Well, all objects, just like tools, have a damage parameter. It never gets used for things except tools, but you could implement it for buckets anyway (that was my plan).
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    Perhaps it has been fixed since I heard this, or perhaps it was incorrect in the first place, but my understanding is that sending data to the client that wouldn't normally be used (like a damage value on buckets), is generally bad because it can cause unintended behaviour on the client.

    Regardless, in addition to any bucket use limit, there should be a command to return the number of "uses" left, so that players know how useful/useless the bucket in their hand is.

    Also, since a bucket and a bucket of lava are different items, wouldn't placing the lava and then picking it back up remove the damage value?
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    Edward Hand

    That's an interesting point actually. I hadn't though of that. I'll have to try it and see.
  13. First, I would like the use of torches in the stead of the lava bucket.
    Second, I can't seem to get this plugin to work with MC 1.3_01. Is this just me, or are others having the same problem?

    I'm excited to try this mod out.
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    its not working for me at all
    when i try to go in ice console says : A Plugin has canceled a Block Start Break event!
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    Edward Hand

    That indicates that another plugin you have is doing something.
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    Any chance of updating this :'(? Please? My players loved it....
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    anyone going to fork this? ill update this if needed :/

    Edit. it seems CB766 has messed up the way some plugins start. i wouldnt know how to fix this...
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    I now maintain this plugin. Check my signature for the link.

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