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    Thomas Bucher

    Housedeeds - Generates a House in no time and a simple way:
    Version: v0.7c
    If you place the defined tag at the Floor you get a House / Building (Configurable)


    Video on Howto use:
    http://www.ktn.ch/Housedeeds.mp4 (6.3MB)

    • One Config File per House
    • Easy to use
    • Using Permissions (tested with 2.5.5)
      - 'housedeeds.build' - to Build from deeds
      - 'housedeeds.admin' - to Create Deeds File from ingame
    • Housebased Permissions for build
      - 'housedeeds.house.<PERMISSION from housefile>'
    • Without Permissions, Everyone can build houses.
    • Tag definition in Config File
    • Self Create of Konfig and a demo house (build like in the Demovideo)
    • Datavalues can be added to Blocks
    • It Checks if there is a Flat Floor under the House
    • You can build Deeds out of Structures now
    • Command support to Create Deeds and Place Structures
    • Basic List Support /deed list /shows housename and tag
    • Adds /deed create directly with dummy tag to usable houses
      No need to reload deeds, can be used by /deed use directly
    Download The Plugin v 0.7c- CraftBukkit 677
    Download The Plugin v 0.7b- CraftBukkit 617-740
    Download The Plugin v 0.7a- CraftBukkit 617-670
    Download The Plugin v 0.7 - CraftBukkit 617
    Download The Plugin v 0.5 - CraftBukkit 617
    Download The Plugin v 0.4 - CraftBukkit 612
    Download The Plugin v 0.2 - CraftBukkit 602
    Download The Plugin v 0.1 - CraftBukkit 522-556

    Source Code is in the jar File

    Create house Files in plugins/Housedeeds like the demo
    The endings of the house files needs to be houses
    Configfile needs:


    Housename is the Name the House is named ingame
    Tagsize defines the x/y Size of the Tag, that has to be built to get a House
    Tag defines the Data in Blocks. Tag allways needs a Torch, which Fires up the Build of the House
    Housesize defines the Size of the House in x/y and height
    For each height we define a Floor. This means a house with height 5 has Floor1-5
    Floor1-X defines the Data x*y tiles to be placed. Check the Example..

    The Housedeeds.yml File is unused so far.

    Config Files may be built from within the game by the following Steps:

    1.) Build your Structure
    2.) Get the Size
    3.) Find the Lowest Corner of it (Coords F3)
    4.) Place a Sign in the Lowest Corner with the following Text:
    Line 1 : [deed]​
    Line 2: <deedname>​
    Line 3: <size x,y,h>​


    Means that the deed gets called FishingHouse.house -> in the plugin/Housedeeds Directory​
    The Structure will be 12 x 12 with a heigth of 4.​

    The Measure starts next to the Sign, the Line of the Sign does not get deeded.​
    5.) Right Click the Sign to make the housedeed file.
    6.) Edit the File and insert a valid Tagsize and Tag.
    7.) Reload the Plugin and place your newly Created Deed.

    or via Command:
    • /deed -> list options
    • /deed create deedname <posx,posy,posz> <sizex,sizey,sizez>
    • /deed use deedname <posx,posy,posz>
    You need Permission housedeeds.admin or OP to do so.


    Happy Deeding
    Will add a Video later

    Feedback is highly recommended.

    • Paging for list all tags
    • tag for the creator / owner
    • Houselibrary for Download Houses with Picture of Structure and Tag
    • Maybe the door can be made "holding" too ??
    • Show borders of space needed.
    Version 0.7c
    • Fix that more houses got build...
    Version 0.7b
    • Fix 2run Stuff like ladders and levers etc.
    Version 0.7a
    • /deed list
    • Add deed to usable deeds upon creation with /deed create
    • Minor Bugfixes
    Version 0.7
    • Command Line support added /deed -> list options
    • /deed create deedname <posx,posy,posz> <sizex,sizey,sizez>
    • /deed use deedname <posx,posy,posz>
    • Permission based housedeeds -> NewTag PERMISSION in file
      if set in the Housefile PERMISSION=somepermission
      the user need a permission called housedeeds.house.stonehouse
      to build this house.
    • Fixed Torch bug / Now torches get placed in a second run
    Version 0.5
    • Added Create Deed Functionality for Admins
    Version 0.4
    • Added Possibilitie to add DataValue Just enter Data in dec with a : after the block
    • Example: 67:01 - Stairs Facing South
    Version 0.3
    • Added Floor Check
    Version 0.2
    • Fix for CraftBukkit 602
    Version 0.1
    • Tested on Public Server / Test Servers
    • First Public Release
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    Thomas Bucher

    Correct. You can also use bigger tags as well. Lets say a 5x5 Tag (mean 24 valueable Blocks like Diamond or Goldblocks).

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    Matt Harkins

    Eh Something that would be useful for this is when it says "Not Enough Space-Free Some Up" to show a border of the area of the building space required.
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    Thomas Bucher

    I add this to the ideas section
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    Thomas Bucher

    0.7c is out, that should not happen anymore.
    Sorry for the Problems..
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    I really like the idea of this plugin. My only concern is the need of replacing values in the original file in order to create a deed.

    Is it not possible to have that automatically added by using the sign?
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    maybe is it usefull and funny to make a topic or some .webs site where you can post this kind of building.
    and if you would or give me the permission i would make it for you :D made some other sites and i think i can make a site that you like :D

    Should i make it?
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    Ok looking into this further I understand why the tag doesn't auto create... what about adding an option to build the tag first and label it using this same sign interface and have that delete the items from the world while creating the deed file with the tagsize and tag lines filled in.

    Then you would build the structure just like you now do and add the sign to assign the deeds values to the already created file.

    I am loving the use of this plugin but would prefer to be able to create new deeds without having to alter anything in my server files. This way I can allow a few selected members of my server to create new structures without having access to those files.

    It would also help with game immersion.

    I just added another interesting plugin and thought it would be an amazing addition to yours if you could read files from Housedeeds and somehow set them as MagnetBlock structures.

    I am posting the same suggestion on his thread.

    This would allow users to quickly create structures that are pre-defined by the serverhost such as ferries, trains, etc which could help with larger travel networks that work within a preset theme.

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    Thomas Bucher

    In some cases under 1.6 the player does not see the Structure build until he relogs.
    I Guess this is a client / server issue and will be corrected with the first RB.
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    Please can you tell me why when i place a tag (any tag) my server lags for 3 mins then disconnects me then when i come back it works. i have newest build plz help
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    I have the same problem.
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    yes it sucks :/ i wish he had one for this build. i mean i wish he would at least respond.
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    Thomas Bucher

    i am sick. I am in bed, with antibioticas. i will not be able to investigate the problem within th next 3 weeks.
    i am sorry, but as soon i have time and be able i will check this out.

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    Thank you soooo much. im very sorry to hear your not felling well. get better soon! i love your plugins especialy this and minestairs. good luck
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    Check out the plugin lazyroads .. I like the way that plugin works and I think that kind of interface could be used for this one .. lazyroads has you build road files in a directory called "roads".. .. you can type /road and it gives you a list of road styles you can create.. then /road [roadname] creates it as you walk ..

    I think this could be used similarly .. imagine /deeds giving you a list of buildings and then /deed [house name] creates it .. super simple

    :) Just an idea
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    Any chance you can add a timer on the houses, so they only last a certain amount of time and arn't left everywhere?
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    Jazy Lopez

    I also have the 3 minute server lag problem thing that ends up kicking everyone, But when I return the house is there. Hope you get well soon and fix it, I love this plugin along with the MineStairs and Sphereworlds (Needs bridges or Organized spheres) :D
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    Does this work with 860?
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    Jazy Lopez

    Kinda, When you place the tag it lags the server for a minute or two but and makes you lose connection, But when you return the building is there. :)
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    Joseph Goodley

    Awesome! Though perhaps make it so you can take them down easily, that way you can have tents.
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    shame its broke. Really loved the plugin and so did my server :)
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    Hmm :(

    a update whould be good :p
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    i made this great house and thought i would share its made of a 3x3 of wool with the torch of course...i spent hours trying to perfect it i only wrote it in txt never altering through the game LOL longest night
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    Thomas Bucher

    I am very sorry.
    I am to sick / have a "burnout".
    I will not be able to update my plugins for the next few weeks / months.

    So i decided to let them set Inactive.

    Anyone is free to get in charge of one of this plugins.

    the Source is as always in the Jar File.

    Sincerely Thomas

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