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    Thomas Bucher

    Housedeeds - Generates a House in no time and a simple way:
    Version: v0.7c
    If you place the defined tag at the Floor you get a House / Building (Configurable)


    Video on Howto use:
    http://www.ktn.ch/Housedeeds.mp4 (6.3MB)

    • One Config File per House
    • Easy to use
    • Using Permissions (tested with 2.5.5)
      - 'housedeeds.build' - to Build from deeds
      - 'housedeeds.admin' - to Create Deeds File from ingame
    • Housebased Permissions for build
      - 'housedeeds.house.<PERMISSION from housefile>'
    • Without Permissions, Everyone can build houses.
    • Tag definition in Config File
    • Self Create of Konfig and a demo house (build like in the Demovideo)
    • Datavalues can be added to Blocks
    • It Checks if there is a Flat Floor under the House
    • You can build Deeds out of Structures now
    • Command support to Create Deeds and Place Structures
    • Basic List Support /deed list /shows housename and tag
    • Adds /deed create directly with dummy tag to usable houses
      No need to reload deeds, can be used by /deed use directly
    Download The Plugin v 0.7c- CraftBukkit 677
    Download The Plugin v 0.7b- CraftBukkit 617-740
    Download The Plugin v 0.7a- CraftBukkit 617-670
    Download The Plugin v 0.7 - CraftBukkit 617
    Download The Plugin v 0.5 - CraftBukkit 617
    Download The Plugin v 0.4 - CraftBukkit 612
    Download The Plugin v 0.2 - CraftBukkit 602
    Download The Plugin v 0.1 - CraftBukkit 522-556

    Source Code is in the jar File

    Create house Files in plugins/Housedeeds like the demo
    The endings of the house files needs to be houses
    Configfile needs:


    Housename is the Name the House is named ingame
    Tagsize defines the x/y Size of the Tag, that has to be built to get a House
    Tag defines the Data in Blocks. Tag allways needs a Torch, which Fires up the Build of the House
    Housesize defines the Size of the House in x/y and height
    For each height we define a Floor. This means a house with height 5 has Floor1-5
    Floor1-X defines the Data x*y tiles to be placed. Check the Example..

    The Housedeeds.yml File is unused so far.

    Config Files may be built from within the game by the following Steps:

    1.) Build your Structure
    2.) Get the Size
    3.) Find the Lowest Corner of it (Coords F3)
    4.) Place a Sign in the Lowest Corner with the following Text:
    Line 1 : [deed]​
    Line 2: <deedname>​
    Line 3: <size x,y,h>​


    Means that the deed gets called FishingHouse.house -> in the plugin/Housedeeds Directory​
    The Structure will be 12 x 12 with a heigth of 4.​

    The Measure starts next to the Sign, the Line of the Sign does not get deeded.​
    5.) Right Click the Sign to make the housedeed file.
    6.) Edit the File and insert a valid Tagsize and Tag.
    7.) Reload the Plugin and place your newly Created Deed.

    or via Command:
    • /deed -> list options
    • /deed create deedname <posx,posy,posz> <sizex,sizey,sizez>
    • /deed use deedname <posx,posy,posz>
    You need Permission housedeeds.admin or OP to do so.


    Happy Deeding
    Will add a Video later

    Feedback is highly recommended.

    • Paging for list all tags
    • tag for the creator / owner
    • Houselibrary for Download Houses with Picture of Structure and Tag
    • Maybe the door can be made "holding" too ??
    • Show borders of space needed.
    Version 0.7c
    • Fix that more houses got build...
    Version 0.7b
    • Fix 2run Stuff like ladders and levers etc.
    Version 0.7a
    • /deed list
    • Add deed to usable deeds upon creation with /deed create
    • Minor Bugfixes
    Version 0.7
    • Command Line support added /deed -> list options
    • /deed create deedname <posx,posy,posz> <sizex,sizey,sizez>
    • /deed use deedname <posx,posy,posz>
    • Permission based housedeeds -> NewTag PERMISSION in file
      if set in the Housefile PERMISSION=somepermission
      the user need a permission called housedeeds.house.stonehouse
      to build this house.
    • Fixed Torch bug / Now torches get placed in a second run
    Version 0.5
    • Added Create Deed Functionality for Admins
    Version 0.4
    • Added Possibilitie to add DataValue Just enter Data in dec with a : after the block
    • Example: 67:01 - Stairs Facing South
    Version 0.3
    • Added Floor Check
    Version 0.2
    • Fix for CraftBukkit 602
    Version 0.1
    • Tested on Public Server / Test Servers
    • First Public Release
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    gata ask wats all the redstone and switches do in ur glass dome i see some is connected to pumpkins so im guessing light switches or somthing?
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    Thomas Bucher

    We have a lot of Plugins. One is FalseBook it provides us with powered Pumpkins ;-) so you can Switch on / off the whole Area with one Switch.
    Greetings Thomas
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    cool :) u got ip id love to come check out ur server?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Our server is
    Please be Friendly with the inhabitants ;-)
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    cool ty ill be there!
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    Mind making a tutorail for the sign commands ? I do everything that it says but when I open the house file everythings id is 0
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    Thomas Bucher

    Your on the wrong side then ;-€ -300 is smaller than -100.. Hope this solves your problem if not, start a conversation.
    Greetings Thomas
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    Where does the check for space originate from when you place a tag? I've got an 8x8 space I'm trying to lay a tag down for, (the smalltower.house posted here earlier) but I keep getting told I do not have enough room. I've tried placing the tag in the SW corner of the lot, in the appx middle, etc, but can't figure out where it wants to measure or originate from.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Hi there,
    The Tag has to be in the mid of the Area.
    The Area has to be:
    • Flat (No Holes and Spaces in It)
    • No Other things likes Blocks or Leaves or Trees
    • No Torches or Whatever
    • The Area has to be at least 1 Bigger then the House -> We need to warp the Player out of the Way ;-)
    • The Area also includes the Height of the House
    If you match all this criterias it will work. as the Tower uses 8,7,9 i guess you should make a field of at least 9x9 and hit the center with the torch.

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    Odd, I made my plot 9x9, there are 11 available height above it before the absolute ceiling, and the torch is being placed at exactly the '5,5' spot within the plot, yet it still tells me not enough room.

    Would it be possible to change the origination to one of the corners? I expanded my plot to 9x10, and now I can get it to generate, however, I've created the tower 3 times now and the entrance keeps facing the undesired direction. I would think placing the tag in the SW or SE corner of the plot would help in measurement, and also you could assume the entrance would also be facing S. (Directions relative to the plot of course)

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    Thomas Bucher

    The build is exactly the deeded stuff. You can make 4 deeds with a tag asymetric. Maybe leave the door open on the tag.
    Greetz Thomas
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    Thomas Bucher

    Housedeeds (lower D)
    I fix it when i get home. Thnx Thomas

    EDIT: Fixed it.
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    So am I understanding correctly then, a deed defines which direction the structure will face?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Nope. But if you make Tags, that are not symetric, you can make 4 deeds. For every Direction one.
    If you make 4 Deeds with the "same" buiding in
    different directions, you can make have the "same"
    Tag for for those. Means if you have the Tag open
    on one side, you can have the entrance there.

    In other words. You make 4 deeds with 4 tags.
    For the user it will look like that there where
    he wants the entrance he places the "special" block in the Tag
    and he gets the deed matches the entrance there.
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    wait dose this plugin let me use npc to help me build stuff or what?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Yes !! But they are so fast, you wont be able to see then.
    25fps is just to slow!! ;-)
    Greetings Thomas
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    Hey! my house file does not work! can you tell me what is wrong? rename it to brickhows.house, just i have to upload it as .txt.

    Attached Files:

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    Thomas Bucher

    You have TAG two times in it..
    Maybe you shoul the line with -> TAG=REPLACE BY TAG 00,00...

    Sincerly Thomas
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    could you help me with a test i was trying every time i try to load the glass smiley i created nothing happens! Like it places 0 (air) here is the deed:
    #Sat Apr 16 21:34:28 CEST 2011

    and i tried changing from dirt (3) to glass (20) to!

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    Thomas Bucher

    This makes no Sence in any way.. Sorry..
    1.) There is just Air to be placed.
    2.) Tagsize and Tag doesnt match.

    Floor is the thing that will be placed
    Tag is what you need to start it
    Tagsize of 10,10 means a tag 10x10 pieces.. means tag need 100 numbers.. ;-)
    try something like
    This is a Square of 8 glass with a Torch in it.
    But still you need the data (Floor 1-5) if you created this with a sign.. you should check that the sign is in the lowest corner (-200 is smaller than -100)

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    i will try that
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    Every time I have tried to make a deed mine always look like this
    #Sat Apr 16 22:15:31 MDT 2011
    TAG=REPLACE BY TAG 00,00...
    And the glass dome is the same way
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    Thomas Bucher

    This "House" will give simply a torch.. on the lowest layer, it replace all with one single torch 50\;5
    You need to have a structure you like to deed. find the lowest Corner "Press F3" for that.
    Remeber Number with a - are less if they are bigger...

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    Ok I got it to work and now when i place my skyscraper it also places the small tower inside of the building.
    I removed it for the list to see what happend and the stone house was built in it insted.
    They have the same 3,3 tag size but they each have different tags.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Is it possible, that if the first one gets build, i creates the Tag of the second one ?
    Means if you are in your construction, and remove a block on the floor, placing a torch there....

    Greetz Thomas
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    Is there any chance of you adding iConomy support for this so it can cost money to build?
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    Thomas Bucher

    There is a plugin to buy permissions "BuyAbilities".
    As you can have permission per House here, you can use "BuyAbilities" plugin for what you like todo.

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    I've so far been able to avoid using permissions. I guess I can just use costly mats as tag.

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