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    Hidden Doors - v1.1.0
    Remember how in RuneCraft you could make hidden doors? Well now you can via command.

    1. Create/Delete/List Doors and Trap Doors
    2. Anti-grief on doors (indestructible)
    3. Saves doors to SQLite Database
    4. Permissions (not the plugin Permissions(yet))

    /hd c name - creates a door with that name. Aim at the block above the two blocks you want to be your door.
    /hd t name - creates a trapdoor with that name. Right clicking it makes it disappear, clicking the 4 touching it makes it come back.
    /hd d name - deletes the door with that name.
    /hd l - lists all door names.
    /hd h - help.

    Download Hidden Doors v1.1.0
    Download SQLite Dependency (Put in server root)
    Download Source Code

    Version 1.1.0
    • Traps doors
    • Auto named doors
    • Fixed minor bugs
    Version 1.0.0:
    • Released
    1. Redstone.
    2. Configure sizes on doors (larger then 1x3).
    3. Open door by top block or any block on the door. (I see a flaw in this)
    4. A password/lock system.
    5. Permissions plugin support.
    6. Private/public doors
    ** Ones in red will be in next update

    Known Bugs:

    Contact me:

    Disclaimer: This is my first plugin, expect this to be flawed. I've been working with Java/Bukkit for a day and a half do not expect perfection. My source is not pretty to look at and IS flawed. I did borrow code from people and credits are in the source zip. I'm tired right now, I probably forgot to mention a lot of things in this post. I probably should have waited till morning to post this. Also I'm not responsible if somehow your map gets corrupted, not that it will. ALWAYS KEEP BACKUPS.

    If you have any ideas, suggestions, tips, tricks, ways to improve my code, things to teach me, etc etc. Please post them or pm me. Thank you.
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    I for one love this plugin. I hope the dev see's fit to continue it.
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    I know a lot of you like this plugin, me included, but Raito is having a lot on his plate right now so he's too busy to update the plugin. I can assure you that he won't give up on this plugin (At least he hasn't told me he was going to yet :p) but I just encourage you to be patient until Raito has the free time to work on this plugin.
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    nothing happens when i type in the commands... theres not even a load of it on my server when i start it up :/
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    I have a rather large problem. I think I've done everything right, but I might have made a slight mistake. I have a few screenshots, to show the problem, can anybody help? hiddendoorproblem.png

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    I thought it was very obvious that this plugin is inactive. :p
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    Is it just me, or is the DL link broken?
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    Yes. The plugin is also inactive. That means it's old and unsupported.

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