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  1. GrowingOre
    Version: 0.6

    With this plugin, you can make public mines easily with ores that respawn after a set time.
    It also has a small chance of baby ores to be born in 5x5 around the ore.
    It makes use of the build-in OP, not by permissions

    • Registering specific respawning ores
    • Set-able respawn time
    • Chance of new ores to be spawned in 5x5 area around the ore
    • Timer keeps counting after the server has been restarted (!)
    • Selecting blocks in a radius around you (0.3)
    • Respawning all ores in the world if configured (0.5)
    v0.6 - Download

    /ore add <itemID> <minutes>
         remove <radius>
         count <radius>
               radius <size>*
         register <radius>*
    * = Heavily lags server when used with too high parameters

    Settings file:
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    ######General settings######

    ######Default values for ores######

    How to register ores:
    When your an OP, you can select ores using the <ToolID> as tool.
    Whenever you think you have selected all the ores you need, you need to register them:
    use /ore add <itemid> <minutes of delay>
    as example: /ore add 56 15 - respawns diamond ore (ID 56) 15 minutes after it is mined.

    You now can register ores in an radius around you using /ore register <radius>

    Frequently asked questions:
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    Q: How do I need select the ores I want to respawn?
    A: Using the tool "seeds" ( /give seeds ), you can right-click the blocks you want to register

    Q: Where do I get the itemID's that I need to use for the ores?
    A: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Data_values

    Q: How do I register the selected ores?
    A: using /ore add <itemID> <minutes of delay>

    Q: My ores don't respawn, they just turn into cobblestone/smoothstone
    A: The script calculates the time it needs to change into a specific ore, You'll just have to wait longer

    Q: What happens if i /reload or stop the server?
    A: The script will save all timing / ore data, and will start counting again after the script starts again.

    Q: How do i remove my selected ores?
    A: /ore select

    Q: How do i select all ores around me?
    A: /ore select radius <size>

    Q: I get errors with "OutOfMemoryUsage", should I ignore them?
    A: Please report the error in here, with some information when it happens, how much ores you have registered, selected etc (details helps me improve RAM usage)

    Q: Hello!
    A: Hey :)


    • Fixed all radius effects
    • Fixed wrong folders due to capitals in linux
    • Added /ore register <radius> - registers ore with the default time in settings.txt
    • performance tweak (i wonder how many i can find more of these, they seem pretty common)
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    • Support for explosions like creepers/tnt
    • Settings file (auto-generated on load)
    • Possibility to grow all ores in the world
    • Improved RAM usage again (forgot that we don't need timers with 0 delay at startup)
    • Changed the way that /area select radius <radius> works, and its now at least 2x as fast. (also changed limit to 200 radius now)
    • DRASTICALLY improved RAM usage (2500MB to 440MB, anyone?)
    • added /ore select radius <radius>
    • Changed timers to only eat RAM when they are activated
    • fixed baby ores overwriting registered ores
    • Fixed a lot of other major stuff.
    • Fixed using /ore without any parameters
    • Fixed timers if you do /ore remove
    • First release
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    1.2.4 Please!!!!

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