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    An extension of bonemeal - supports growing pumpkins, grass, leaves, flowers and mossy cobblestone!

    Original Author: @UnixSystem
    Other Contributors: @cyklo, @maczydeco
    Current Project Maintainer: @Afforess

    • Bonemeal can spread pumpkins
    • Bonemeal can spread yellow flowers
    • Bonemeal can spread red roses
    • Bonemeal can spread grass on dirt
    • Bonemeal can spread mossy cobblestone on cobblestone
    • Bonemeal can spread leaves onto adjacent dirt/grass
    • Bonemeal can grow leaves from logs
    Change Log:
    • Version 2.0
      • Updated to latest Bukkit Standards
      • Added Leaf growth
      • Bonemeal is not subtracted from the inventory if no growth occurs
      • Licensed Growbie CC SA 3.0 (was public domain)
    • Version 2.1
      • Added Cyklo's Better Tree Growth algorithm
    • Version 2.2
      • Improved Code Structuring
      • Plant Spreading
    • Version 2.3
      • Updated for CB builds 561+
    • Version 2.4
      • Removed Better Trees (obsolete)
      • Added Success Chance for spreading plants & blocks.
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    The jungle started lagging the server though. Because it was recursive (newly grown trees would try to spread yet more trees), the server crashed itself after running for 12 hours. It was funny near the end, but insane. Once you get passed about 100 trees spreading themselves, it just goes out of control.
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    A runaway exponential tree growth problem is solvable by making the chance/timing for saplings very small. There could be other factors considered too, such as air distance to surrounding objects/other trees?

    Say there's a tree in an open field. Once per MC day it has a .5% chance to drop a sapling. Once this chance comes up, a check is done in the area around the tree and it checks for other trees / objects. If it is an open area, it plants the sapling.

    With 100 trees, the chance for new saplings is obviously much higher, but they won't be able to runaway because they can only grow into areas that are open enough to sustain them.

    Make both the density, the timeframe, and the odds configurable?

    Maybe you could also make it user-interactive somehow. Define an area or zone where the growth can happen?
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    Well, that solution either:
    • Minimizes the effect of spreading new trees to the point where the feature is not worth the time to code it, OR
    • Doesn't solve the problem, and after running for X number of days, the mod brings the server down.

    I toyed with it back in Hmod, but it was never more than one of those experiments in testing the server engine, not a real mod to use.
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    I think density as the other poster mentioned would be the easy way to check.
    What if it checked for a certain number of leaf blocks in a region around it?

    example, it fails if it detects over x number of leaves within 100 tiles in all directions. I can see how that would get complicated and could add a bunch of overhead. What about per-chunk?
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    getTypeId calls for blocks are expensive. I've seen a radius as small as 20 blocks cause 1 second lags.
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    Makes sense. Just brainstorming. Thanks for the many useful mods either way, they are appreciated!
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    Don't take my posts the wrong way - It's clearly a fun idea, that's why I had already tested it myself. It's just outside the realm of feasibility with current hardware. Maybe in 20 years. ;)
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    Would it be possible to make it so we can select what item type causes the block change, or add multiple item types? One of my players is asking if he can use seeds to turn dirt into grass, which makes sense to me!

    Also, the ability to set the range of growth would be handy - ie. I'd be able to red flowers to spawn 2 additional flowers up to 6 blocks away from the original flower, rather than them spawning right next to the first.
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    To play devil's advocate for a second- As a server admin, I strongly distrust the ***+ format. I've just seen too many plugins which say 531+ when they really just 531. Your title would carry a lot more weight if it mentioned 670 specifically. That way I know for a fact that you've tested it with the current version.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Sugar cane works if I add SUGAR_CANE_BLOCK to the config; it only grows sideways, not up, but that was expected. Also it explodes if it spreads too far from water. Cactus does not work. Mushrooms don't seem to work in the Nether either, though they work in the main world. I'm guessing your spreading algorithm only spreads to grass or something.
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    What would the config line look like to turn jack-o-lanterns into glowstone blocks? Everything I've tried has failed miserably.
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    This is very nice but it makes it far to easy IMO

    I would love to see a % chance of growing implemented so it could take up to say 5 bonemeal for it to grow 1 time.
    as well as a chance kinda thing you could add a cap like so say the guys been really unlucky and hes clicked it 10 times and it has not grown then on the 11th time it would have a 100% chance of growing.
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    If you would like it make it harder you can limit the amount of Bone that drops in the game. This would be an easier fix then random % to grow.
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    Why should i install another plugin to fix this 1 that's just stupidity.
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    It would need to be broken for another plugin to"fix" it. I was simply giving you a "fix" to your issue about it being to easy, rather then requesting a whole bunch of useless code to be added.

    @Afforess Growbie is stopping the new saplings from turning into the proper trees when using bonemeal. They revert back to old trees when you use bonemeal on them. just an FYI. On build 703, i know not an RB so no worries.

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    Plant fertilizer :D
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    Same issue here using 714, just for info. Understandable if you are waiting for an RB before updating. Thanks!
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    Can turn off better trees in the config to get around it.
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    Growbie updated to v2.4. Remember to delete your config files after updating!
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    you have to change your config, because the new generated doesn't work!

    But it has to be:

    growable_plants_success_chance: 100
    growable_blocks_success_chance: 100
    spreadable_blocks_success_chance: 100
    So there is a missing space!

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    Dang. I hate YAML. Not what I would have chosen. I'll re-upload in a second.


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  23. Hmm, I was wondering, could you make the "better trees" feature into a new plugin ? I loved making huge trees :}
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    well, will it work for 1.5 trees 2? ^^
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    Growbie no longer does anything to trees, so yes.
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    The Grow % has no purpose if the user dose not lose some thing every time it fails the user can only win so they just spam click.. cost for failing please?
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    Really nice plugin :D
    Do you plan to add a permission to use it?
    maybe something like
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    make a plugin which with you can grow all samplings placed on map at once :) (also it will be good like grow all samplings every hour or something like that) this is good addon too
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    Hey, Afforess, do you mind so much but to update this for the new RB? I love it, but my server can't use it.
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    I use it with no problems on RB740, what is wrong with it?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Did you have any plans to add support for cacti and nether mushrooms? Last I checked, those did not work. Sugar cane works if you add it, but suboptimally (it spreads to invalid locations, ie not adjacent to water, and then pops a minute later).

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