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    Golden Tools:
    Version: 1.6

    Now works for Beta 1.3


    I have modified three of the golden tools to...

    -Increase the harvest rate of the golden shovel and pick.
    -Improve the durability of the golden shovel and pick.
    -Chop down whole trees by breaking only the base log using the golden ax.

    List Of Blocks Affected

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    --(Block) is a change in the default drop.
    Note Block
    Bookshelf -- Bookshelf
    Wood Stairs

    Iron Ore
    Coal Ore
    Glass -- Glass
    Lapis Lazuli Ore
    Lapis Lazuli Block
    Gold Block
    Iron Block
    Half Steps (All types)
    Moss Stone
    Cobblestone Stairs -- Cobblestone Stairs
    Ice -- Ice
    Glowstone -- Glowstone

    Snow Block
    Clay Block
    Soul Sand

    Issues that may be of concern.....

    -There are no group permissions at this time, so anyone that can craft a golden tool will be able to use them. However, only Ops have invincible tools.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

    For other developers, I have included the java source files in my jar. Its not anything special, but feel free to look. You may even be able to help me clean up my code if you see something wrong.

    1.6 Download Here.

    1.5c Download <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>


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    Version 1.6:
    Fixed to work with 1.3 and CraftBukkit 400+ servers.
    Pick and Spade last 256 blocks each, down from 320.
    More code cleanup.

    Version 1.5c:
    More code cleanup.

    Version 1.5b:
    Updated to stop throwing constructor warning on plugin enable.

    Version 1.5:
    -Full support for harvesting many block types. See list above.
    -Trees now drop blocks of their own type.

    Version 1.4:
    -Ax, Pick, and Spade all seem to be working as intended.
    -Added support for breaking many block types. But not all have been tested.
    -If Op, the tools will not break with proper use. Breaking unlisted blocks may break your tool.
    -If not Op, tools last about 320 blocks each for the spade and pick, ax lasts 32 blocks.
    -Tools break into sticks!

    Version 1.3:
    -Ops now have unbreakable tools.
    -The ax seems to be a bit buggy, I am looking into it.

    Version 1.2:
    -Gravel now drops flint at a 5% chance. About as close as I could get without knowing the exact rate, but it feels right.

    Version 1.0:
    -Initial release. Covered all basic features for durability and digging speed changes.
    I would like to thank David Diaz for helping me with my block drops problem, leading to this first release.
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    As you might have guessed, this plugin worked perfectly untill I was forced to update my server to get beds...

    No error messages, but it just doensn't function anymore, even the durability has disabled :(

    got an error after some playing around, hope this helps

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    Soul Reaper

    would also like to see this updated, fast stone mining was fun :D
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    Thanks for the reports guys, I'll try to get an update posted soon.
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    Would just like to say I love this plugin! Glad to hear it is being updated. Thanks for the great plugin, SteveE104.
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    --- merged: Feb 24, 2011 3:52 AM ---
    Um, wow guys, there was some serious changes in the way block damage events are called, leading to some very serious bugs in my plugin. :( This will take a while longer than I had thought it would.
    --- merged: Feb 24, 2011 9:22 AM ---
    I think I've got it! Please report if there is anything wrong. It's late and I might have missed something. Though I don't believe I did.
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    So far so good! I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary yet. Keep you posted :)
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    Glad to hear it's working! [​IMG]
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    Love the axe idé, should blocks break after one hit?
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    Yes, thats part of the plugin. I am however planing to decrease the speed of the ax. It seems a little powerful with the one hit tree cutting.
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    Soul Reaper

    can you allow us to edit how fast the pickaxe works? 1 hit results in alot of wrong blocks broken -.-
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    I've been looking into this, but have not yet got it working. So soon maybe.
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    I like the concept of this plugin, but I think you went waaaayy overboard with the speed. I only tried the golden pick but the speed at which it goes... I can literally swipe my mouse across the wall like a paintbrush and any block I barely even touch will get destroyed. It ends up feeling like a 'cheat' instead of a 'fix'.

    I'd have like the option to leave the speed alone and just changed the durability since that was all that was wrong with gold IMO.
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    I would like to do just this, but I am new to much of java, and still am learning how to save settings. I may get this working soon, if I find a method that works.
    --- merged: Mar 6, 2011 8:53 PM ---
    Ok, I have a basic on/off switch for speed and power (durability). I ran into a big problem though. When a block breaks normally, I can not keep the tool from being damaged, and I can only get a block damage event at the first hit of a block. I used to be able to get a block damage event at every swing.
    So I can have a super fast tool with adjustable durability or a regular tool that repairs its self to avoid being broken...:( Not the ideal setup...
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    Hello SteveE104.

    I have tested your mod, but i disagree with several decisions of yours.
    Namely, if i really like the idea of cutting a whole tree with one golden axe hit, i believe it is really cheaty to make this tool so resistant.

    So with my basic skills of C++(never coded in Java though), i decided to see what was in your .jar.

    I hadn't much trouble understanding your code, thanks to your annotations, but when i try to modify something, well nothing changes at all.
    I don't know if you could help me since we're apparently both new to java, but is it necessary to work with an IDE like Eclipse?
    I tried unsuccessfully, but ultimately i simply unzipped the jar, changed what i needed to in notepad++, and rezipped it. The plugins launches as it should be, but my modification doesn't work. Your basic mod is working though.
    Any idea?

    And apart from that, i noticed that the golden shovel was really hard to break. Sometimes it break but then it reappear immediately in my hand with no life, and i can still use it. At a point it seems to break definitely, returning me a stick like you coded it, but the tool works way too long.

    Another thing that you obviously know is the way your Scantree function works.It only checks the block over the one cut and break it if it is wood. The problem is that trees are made so that a log can be situated in front or behind another, on the same height level. By checking the adjacent blocks in every direction and not only on the Y axis, you could probably make the function more efficient.

    Well, this leaves a problem, because logs can be separated from the trunk, and therefore remains unaffected by the function.
    The easiest solution would be to check blocks in every direction and to destroy every block that is either a log or leaves.

    A more correct one would be a triple check when you check the hitted block, the next one, and the one after the next, so that you could destroy a log even if it is separated by one block of leaves from the trunk.
    Of course you could check even more blocks but then the risk would be to chop more than one tree with one golden axe hit. This risk clearly exist in the easier method too.

    I tried to modify the function but as for the rest of the code, nothing happened. Plus i'm not sure to have the required skill to deeply modify your code. First time messing with Java, and don't know much about how buckit working.
    Sorry if i am unclear, English isn't my native language.
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    Thanks for the in-depth post Krabardaf, as far as your english, I understood exactly what you mean.

    I don't know why the changes you make are not working. Are you only changing the .java files? That might be the problem. Bukkit reads the .class files, which don't change with the java files unless recompiled in an IDE. Other than that, I cant help you.

    Then you mentioned tool durability... The ax is set to a default durability, so only 32 blocks can be broken. Each tree is only counted as one block. This lets the user collect lots of logs quickly, making the gold ax a valuable tool to own.

    The shovel and pick work the same way, but I increased the durability to 256, which is nearly 8x the default. I am working on an update which lets the user set these durability values. My idea was to make the gold tools something worth using by creating long lasting tools with a fast breaking speed and special abilities, such as tree breaking.

    As for my scan tree function, I made it with the idea of breaking the main trunk of the tree, which is always vertical. I would like to break the whole tree, so an improved scan is planed.

    Again, thanks for the post. [​IMG]
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    I was effectively changing the Java files. I haven't been able to open the class files neither with Eclipse nor Notepad++. I'll look how to do this if it's possible.

    I understand and agree with your desire to improve Golden tools efficiency, but i'd rather see them very handy than very powerful.
    I love your idea of chopping a whole tree with one hit. This really gives a role to the golden axe, beyond just sitting between iron and diamond.
    Dropping more flint with the golden shovel is a great way to improve this tool too.
    For the pickaxe, making it so that you could drop stone(rather than cobblestone) when destroying stone could be a great way to make it more interesting.

    So the main idea for me is Suitability > efficiency/rapidity. My only disagreement is the durability. Gold has a short live and i'm happy with that. Allowing us to tweak this sure sounds like a great idea!

    Finally i'd like to signal you a little bug with the golden shovel. I have been able to drop ice from an ice block, which is normally impossible. Funny tough. In fact that could also be a nice way to make the golden shovel more useful.
    Plus you'll just have to say : It's not a bug, it's a feature! :p

    Thanks for the answer, having trouble with my bukkit server right now, but i will sure follow how your mod's going.
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    First, dropping ice IS a feature... :) I had to tell each tool which blocks they affect, and I put ice under the pick's drops.

    As for tools being handy, rather than powerful, I would like to have a "power" for each tool to make them more interesting. The ax's power is tree felling, but I haven't decided powers for the pick or spade yet.

    Maybe the spade could break 3x3 squares around a center block...
    OXO <-----Break X to break all Os?

    And for the pick, I was thinking of dropping a random block of a stone or ore with a percent chance....
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    Hey, I love this mod. The stone breaking is lightning fast (as well as anything else Gold was originally intended to be able to mine), but would it be possible to add in the gold, diamond and redstone ores to the blocks it can break (though not at one hit)?

    EDIT: Also, a config file for custom settings would be awesome, too (allowing for durability, speed, blocks harvested, etc).
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    I dont want the pick to be too powerful, so I excluded gold diamond and redstone from its list. I may get a config file set up, but it would only be able to turn speed on or off, and the durability of each tool. Changing the blocks harvested would be hard to include...

    Ok, should be up soon.
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    I'd love to be able to cuztomize which things happen with this mod.
    Like I want to be able to increase the harvest rate to a certain percentage but not increse the durability...
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    Is there a way to increase the durability of the armor and sword as well? I'd like to implement this for our Professions plugin.
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    I'm not sure that I can. I can only increase the durability of tools when I override the way blocks break. This gives me a chance to decide when the tools wear out, as they would receive no damage otherwise. I don't think the same is possible with armor or swords.

    I looked at some of your other plugins, and I think your team might have better luck at figuring out how to make this work. I have just started java recently, so maybe a more advanced programer could help you.

    Sorry I couldn't be more use, and good luck with "Heroes", I cant wait to try it.
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    Thanks for the response and good luck :D
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    What is GoldenToolsPlayerListener class for? It is not used. And you better remove ".classpath" and ".project" from jar.
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    If you're still looking into good ideas about golden armor, then consider it making not fire-proof, but fire-resistsnt, by occasionally healing the player when he/she receiving fire damage.
    Say, each golden item equipped net you one heart heal per 5 seconds as long as you stay on fire. With full 4 armor pieces, you would receive only ~1/5 of fire damage.
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    Helmet can be water proof! =) Aqualung!
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    Офигенный плагин. спасибо!
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    will there be an update to something like #602 ??

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