[INACTIVE][MECH/FUN/MISC] GoldTools v1 - Add specials to gold tools for better mining [860-1060]

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    Version: 1.0
    Official Website (updated first) : GoldTools

    This plugin was created to use our gold for better things than golden blocks. Golden tools aren't very persisting but now it's worth to use them ;)
    This plugin equips your gold tools with powerful functions. When hitting a mob with a golden sword the victim gets set on fire. Get quick through a mine ? Just use the golden pickaxe to create long paths in one of eight different directions. Hating big trees ? Use the golden axe and chop them down. Is there an other project out of glas and no glas left ? Go to the next beach and get stacks of sand in seconds.
    To change the the pickaxe path's width, height and length or the axe's range edit the '/plugins/GoldTools/config.yml'. Original file:
    Show Original Configuration
    treerange: 40
    pathrange: 5
    pathwidth: 1
    pathheight: 2
    fireticks: 100
    pathcorrection: true
    Note : the pickaxe's path's width is pathwidth * 2 + 1

    Video from me about Version 1.0. Notice the subtitles in German and English.
    Show Video
    Show Permission Nodes

    • goldtools.use.pickaxe - Ability to use the pickaxe's additional power
    • goldtools.use.axe - Ability to use the axe's additional power
    • goldtools.use.sword - Ability to use the sword's additional power
    • goldtools.use.shovel - Ability to use the shovel's additional power

    Version 1 (Download)
    • Provided Pickaxe, Axe, Sword and Shovel with super power
    • Permission-Nodes added
    • File for configuration
    • Compiled with references on devBukkit 704 and Permissions 3.1 for Craftbukkit 860
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    i dont like this plugin.. people can do serious harm using this as "grieffing"
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    changelog has to show 2 last versions without a spoiler
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    @JanTTuX: You can set the size of the paths of this. I can also add an option for the minimal height of this. So only player beneath y=40 can use this. Those values I used in the video are only for demonstration purposes. They are all adjustable in the configuration. You don't have to use the pickaxe. But the axe and the sword are often useful.

    Any further wishes ?
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    @JoshuaBehrens It would be nice if you could stick that video in a spoiler.
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    New idea. When JanTTux draws my attention to the griefing part I get the idea for the shovel and the pickaxe. So they shouldn't mine more than usual but the shovel will drop already glass when mining sand and grass when mining dirt (so you can get grass everywhere you want). The pickaxe is able to drop more than five of the original drop and drops the burned material to prevent multiplying of iron- and goldore.

    Goldarmor will be included. It'll protect you from fire/lava damage until your armor is lose.
    Any better ideas or hints ? After this update it'll be compiled for CB928
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    I like the ability to make corridors easily with a gold pickaxe and plan to use it in my server. It's a very unique ability that I haven't seen in other apps. If people want to avoid griefing, would it be possible to be able to toggle the ability of the pickaxe in a configuration file?

    Oh, and the ability of digging sand with gold tools results in immediate glass already exists in another app (hot tools, or something like that). I like the unique features of the fast digging and mining that this app offers. So, again....is it possible to toggle such affects or is the programming extra complicated?

    Thanks for your creative work (=
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    I planned to combine the new planned features and the old ones : so you can enable burning via config and permissions (Player-only) and the corridor feature. It'll coming in a few days. So it'll be adjustable ;)

    And it'll be for 935. No release for 928, but it should work.
    Thanks for your wishes and hints ;)
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    I really like this Plugin.

    A bug to report: (My apologies, I do not know my bukkit build # nor where to find it. It is not the most recent. I think it's in the 800's. Good news is, i don't think it'll be needed for this bug)

    It seems that whenever lapis_ore is mined using the golden pickaxe it drops several lapis_ore rather than 351 "lapis gem" or whatever you call it.
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    Sure ? I'll look it up and fix this.
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    Just use permissons then
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    Don't change the features to any of those ideas.
    There's already a plugin that turns sand into glass and automatically smelts.
    There's already a plugin that turns golden items into fire-based ones. (Also uses the smelt feature mentioned above)
    There's already a plugin that allows you to get grass as an item through gold tools.

    Don't steal people's ideas...

    What you have now is original. We already have plugins to use for all the other ideas.
    Keep what you've made.
    If people are afraid of grief-related issues then they can simply not use the plugin.
    Furthermore, people can adjust how much the tools take out of the land so if it isn't too extreme then no major damage could be done.

    The effects are fine as they are.

    The only thing that's keeping me from using it is the fact that saplings aren't dropped from cutting down trees. I like them to always be planted back so that's a turn off. Other than that it looks great just the way it is.
    Would love it if you could add saplings into it.
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    @emcitement : I never wanted to steal ideas. I never search for other goldtools relating plugins. I don't now whether those plugins are working together. So when you're mining a corridor whether it'll drop all of them smelted.

    I'll add drop of saplings and remove some bugs.
    And get my new video recording and editing applications working.
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    I didn't mean to imply that you were. (even though I said it pretty directly but the background behind it wasn't) I assumed you didn't know the other plugins existed, but it'd be a duplicate plugin in some ways sort of which could be labelled as stealing. (even though you wouldn't have actually taken the people's ideas)
    Sorry if I came off as harsh. :(

    Though all those plugins seem to be working fine. (The first one I listed is inactive but the plugin below it features the first one inside of it)

    As for the armor though - your armor currently doesn't have a use. And there is a plugin for fire armor. But you could still use that effect.
    I wasn't suggesting you remove the fire sword item use or anything either. I quite like how this has it. Too bad there isn't a way to freeze monsters. That'd be a pretty neat effect.
    Even adding fire-protectant armor to this would be nice that way more than just the tools are useful.
    I'm just not sure if the creator of the FireLord plugin or others would have a problem with it since that plugin does it. Wouldn't want people complaining about that.
    But this would be a nice alternative to the tool effects in FireLord.
    I don't have any other ideas for what gold armor could do.

    It was basically your idea too so you could still go for it.
    If you do add any of the other ideas you had, maybe make them configurable?
    I'm not sure how much work that would be. I'm only just getting into plugin development, but it'd be neat if the plugin had different options for what you want the tools to do.
    That way you could keep the original effects but add any others you like as well.
    Unless you don't want to add any others because the current are neat. They speed up things rather quickly but the low durability keeps them from being overpowered.

    Though sapling dropping would be most excellent. I think my players will really enjoy this plugin. :)
    Nice work overall.

    edit: Oh. What about the Golden Hoe? I forgot about that.
    Maybe you could make it work similar to the current ones.
    Like, if you have a large patch of dirt you could instantly turn large portions into the farmland-dirt.
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    @excitement : No problem (to your first paragraph).

    So you think it shall combine the other ones (because some of them had the same idea) and make it one package to configurate and add my own stuff, too ?

    Golden hoe had this at first (when it was on my homeserver but we use them as a key for our chest because nobody needs a golden hoe. But I can reimplement that.

    So Todo:
    - Add fire-protecting chestplate, faster-running boots in water(unlimited until it's broken), air-helmet for diving (unlimited until it's broken)
    - Powerful golden hoe
    - Smelt effect as optional addition
    - any ideas ?

    Edit : Where do you come from ? All other posters are always posting at night, so you have to be in Europe (or Africa xD).
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    Sure! It's your plugin so if you like those ideas as well then there's nothing wrong with using them. By having other features included, it wouldn't make it a duplicate plugin and whatnot and could be more of a super package.

    Yeah, the hoe is kind of useless. Though since a lot of people might not use them for anything else it'd be nice for it to do something. xD
    What would the legs do?
    Or maybe - this is just an idea, but possibly the legs could be what made you move faster in the water and the boots could remove damage taken from falling to the floor.
    However, if they made you move too quick then it'd defeat the purpose of boats.
    So maybe they could make you walk at the same speed a player usually walks on land when swimming either up top or underwater.

    and I'm just from eastern USA lol.
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    @emcitement : So many ideas :mad:

    I'll look what is possible to make and then there will be a very big update and a new video for that. No release date known :p.

    Eastern USA? Than I'll shall say good evening :rolleyes: while here I have already to watch out for [zombie]
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    haha, great. look forward to seeing what you do.

    i have a few hours until [zombie] :)
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    For everybody who is interested: It's 2.55 AM. And I'm scared of my papercrafts :D

    Maybe there is some improvement (better idea for shoes)
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    Why does everything have to default to OP without permissions? I would really like it if some of you Plugin Developers would realize that not all of us NEED permissions. The one thing I've yet to figure out how to do is make everyone on our server an OP, so we don't have to use a totally unneeded plugin like permissions.. but still not give those OPs the ability to /give items. It's like, the ONE permission we need, but only because of the developer's is that true. Why not a choice for default... OP or ALL or NONE.

    That pretty much makes your addon DEPENDANT on another developer's addon except for testing. Think about it, why would someone with the ability to /give care about using an axe on a tree at all? And that's my point.

    I hate it when people make me use unneeded s***
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    I avoided Permissions for a while, with many of the same complaints as you've shown. I finally gave up because there were a few plugins that totally required it (I think drill is one of them), and it turned out to be resonably easy to learn the config file format.

    btw, if you don't want to use permissions, you just need to be able to trust your players to not use /give and play the game without abusing "OP" privileges. If they're the kind of people will cheat whenever given the chance the you NEED something like Permissions in order to keep them in line and make the game work.

    Regarding it being dumb for one plugin to be "DEPENDANT" on another, that would be true if the plugin (in this case Permissions) wasn't so dang reliable. If permissions gets dropped by its developers, then everyone will build what you are suggesting into their mods, but until that day comes, its easier in general to lean on what others have done, when they're doing it so well...

    .....Hope this helps
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    I know what you mean and I already get this request to an other plugin. In the comming plugins and update there will be the feature to give the permission to all without using permissions. But I never joined a server without permissions. And only 2 of about 8 were public servers.
    I can't do without permissions, because there are some people that are allowed to use the flying carpet, because they building some buildings for all of us and with this feature it's easier to build on higher areas without being in danger. But not all of us shall use it just for fun and to get out of caves or something like that. So permissions is the best a reliable way to control this.
    I hope you understand why I put permissions in here. But the update will take a lot of time, because of all the new features.
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    I use only in my server:
    • goldtools.use.sword- Ability to use the sword's additional power
    Because I don't need other features.
    That's why permissions are needed.
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  24. Can you update it to Bukkit #1000 please?
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    Why should I do this ? It's working fine on cb1000.
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    @ JoshuaBehrens some small issues with the plugin,
    #1 it CAN go thro bedrock

    #2 when u hit lapis ore it drops lapis ore.....
    #3 can you please make it so it cant go thro bedrock and it drops lapis
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    I never checked bedrock, thanks for reporting, lapis is already reported.
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    And could you add, that logblock, logs the blocks?
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    Is it possibly to add an in-game command to change the values?

    Me and my server admin are working on separate projects, and having to have him edit the settings out of game every few minutes is getting annoying... Would be awesome to be able to set ranges in the settings, like:

    pathrange: 3-8
    pathwidth: 1-3
    pathheight: 2-5

    That way if you have permissions to that tool, you can edit your sizes manually in game via / prompt, like
    /gt pathrange 5
    /gt pathwidth 3
    /gt pathheight 2
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    Would be possible.
    That would that everybody has it's own sizes, but I have an idea to solve this ;)

    Due to the requests of all of you I should fork my project to the next level ;) There will be a lot of work.
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