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    BigLife - just more life
    Version: v0.3

    In Minecraft a normal player has 20 lives/hitpoints (2x10 hearts). But with BigLife a player can have as many hitpoints as he wants.
    You want to have 30, 80 or 1000 lives? You want to survive several heavy creeper or tnt explosions? You want to jump of a high cliff and still be alive when you reach the ground? Then BigLife is the plugin you need ;)
    BigLife also supports the Permissions plugin.

    I have stopped with plugin development.
    Feel free to use any of my code ;)

    Important Note:
    BigLife controls player health, but so do many other plugins. Because of this, BigLife is NOT (and probably never will be) compatible with the following plugins:
    • Gastronomic (fullwall)
    • Vampire/Vampirism (Olof Larsson)
    • War (tommytony)
    • iZone (zone health regeneration) (TechGuard)
    • Essentials (God mode) (Zenexer)
    • Simple, Fast and Easy to use !
    • Configurable health maximum (in the BigLife.txt)
    • Percentaged health index (e.g. - you see 6 hearts, but maybe have 600 out of 1000 hitpoints)
    • Offline health storage system
    • Group support, with configurable different hitpoints per group
    • Players that have the Minecraft-default 20 hitpoints (either because of Permissions or because they are no op's), DONT NOTICE, that this plugin is installed and that other players have more lives
    • just MORE LIFE...

    Download Version 0.3


    • /bl --> tells you how much life you have, e.g. "39 (of 100)"
    BigLife supports the Permissions plugin (tested with 2.5.5) and has the following nodes:
    I thought this Rank should be used to "punish" people or a certain group of people, so that they have less than normal Minecraft health (less than 20) -- Default is 10
    This Rank was meant to be used as the default Rank for people joining a server -- Default is 50
    This Rank was meant to be used as an upgrade for a group of people who want slightly more health than the Minecraft average -- Default is 100
    This Rank was meant to be used as an upgrade for even more important people -- Default is 500
    This Rank was meant for the bosses/chiefs of a server -- Default is the Max_Health (1337)
    • The lives for every permission can be easily adjusted in the BigLife.txt
    • If you don't use the Permissions plugin, all the op's have the biglife.God permission and all other players have NO plugin use at all... (they have 20 lives and can't use the /bl command)

    Version 0.3
    • Added Permissions support
    • Added configurable groups, each with different lives
    Version 0.2

    • Added food support (food now heals you)
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Release
    Show ToDo List (open)

    • Fix lava and cactus damage bug
    • Add command to turn plugin off (or "pause" it)
    • Add damage reduction
    • Make video
    • Maybe add group orientated damage multiplier (see RomaClanServer's post)
    • More important stuff? You tell me.
    Show Bla (open)

    About BigLife:
    The plugin BigLife has actually been made for the plugin LavaSurvival. Its code is also used in LS, but in a more simple version and only some parts of it. In near future, it will be used in a LS mini game to give players more hitpoints and to manage these easily (especially when different "weapons" have different damages).
    However, because BigLife can also be useful without LS, it has been made into its very own plugin...

    Feal free to use my code, just don't forget to mention me if you publish something ;)
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    Maybe you can add permission support/
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    Some questions:

    For example, you have 30 of life. U take 5 damage. It will show no difference on client screen right? Then u take more 10 damage. Will it show taht you have 15 life on client screen?

    Another example, you have 30 life, you loose 10. When you eat, do you recover to the 30 life?

    Also, please add permissions suport on this, its great for different classes. Also, if you could do the reverse would be good too, like a player can only have 10 life at maximum. Setting this on permissions would be great, as you could set defferent lifes per group, with soemthing like: biglife.max.30, biglife.max.20, biglife.max.10
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    Oh yeah, I totally forgot. I've put it on the ToDo list, thx ;)

    When you have 15 (out of 30) lives, you will just have 5 hearts (of 10)...

    I have not added this function yet, but it is a good idea, I will add it soon ;)

    Ok, also a good idea... I will try to add it :)

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    I will love this once there is permission support.
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    I was quite confused reading the OP until i translated through context.

    Maybe changing the word "lives" with hitpoints?

    Otherwise a very nice plugin :)
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  7. Plugin runs without error, but the hitpoints are drained much faster than normal when taking damage from monsters, falling, drowning or standing in lava.

    Only way it seems to drain hp as slow as it should, is when you're on fire, and you're standing on safe ground.

    Could this have to do with running it with another plugin?
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    Same happen to me. I put my maxium group 40, twice the default minecraft one, and I get killed very fast.
    Also, seems to break essentials god mode :(
  9. Well, I managed to make it work by healing myself from low health to full. After that it worked without having to repeat the process after each respawn. ( Except for lava damage; still hurts like hell ;_; )

    Otherwise, the amount of health above 20 doesn't seem to be recognized. So if you have 100 health, you lose 80+the actual damage taken. The limit is still 100 though, so you can still heal up to 100 with food, and make it work.

    Is what I think. D:
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    Request: Please ensure compatibility with Gastronomic. They seem interact badly.

    •Food that has healing disabled via Gastronomic still heals with this plugin

    Other Bugs:
    •MASSIVE damage from cactus, lava, etc. Might not be a bug, but a feature? I don't mind it too much, if only it still played the playerhurt sound.
    •Seconding the breaking of god mode. It also breaks vampirism's "no fall damage"
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    It seems from the posts that there are some bugs with this that need to be fixed but my suggestion would be to add higher damage groups as well, that way I would be able to have ranked pvp.

    Player A has x10H and x10D. Player B has x10H and x11D. This way you can create a very gradual increase in damage for higher ranks.
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    Thank you very much for all the feedback and the suggestions :)
    I added it all to my ToDo list and will work on it, as soon as I have some time ;)
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    Can you reduce health?

    Instead of just Max
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    Yes, look at the descriptions in topic Permissions (biglife.Rank0) ;)
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    @Clemens, You got my download once it's compatible with Gastronomic!
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    Please i beg you to make this compatible Gastronomic, Vampirism and Essentials
    Because i need bosses and fast!
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    Yeah, the problem with this plugin right now is that it basically controls life points in all ways. I tried to use this with the War plugin which I use very prominently on my server, and when you die, it would first try to respawn you at the real respawn point, then War would catch you and spawn you in your team's spawn but you have no items.

    I think for this to be anywhere near widely compatable, it needs to be less specific coding. I am not sure if that would be possible, you might want to consider making events cause less damage rather than having more health.
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    Yes exactly... it is not, and will never be, widely compatible with other plugins.
    I could work for hours and hours and hours to make it compatible with other specific plugins and work even more hours to make it compatible with future plugins.
    Or all plugin makers could hook into my plugin and use it for general health management in their plugin. But they aren't going to do that.
    Your idea of "less specific coding" like less damage is good, but will also not work and fail because of the same problems.
    In my opinion, the only thing I can do is to add a command to turn the plugin off (or to "pause" it).
    I'm going to add a -not compatible- list now...
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    I'm not sure if you are going to implement this, but just having a damage modifier would be enough to use this plugin. I have used one that was widely compatible before. However, it is inactive and the modifiers only did 1/2x, x1, x2, x3.... Which were unreasonably large jumps for ranked pvp.

    Here is the link if you want to check it out:

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    I have planed to add it, but I still don't know when and I don't know if I maybe should make an extra plugin for this (doesn't really fit to this one...)
  21. The iZone plugin doesn't seem to work well with BigLife when it comes to zone health regeneration. Shows your hearts fill up but your health stays the same. No big deal, I know, but worth considering if you use both of these plugins and aren't yet aware. It could be confusing. Don't know if it's the same with other regen plugins though.

    Then you still take damage from monsters, if you're in monster protection zones. So I guess iZone is somewhat incompatible with BL. :<

    Just trying to be helpful and find little bugs like these for the public to know. Not trying to make you do anything about it, because this plugin still works great. ^^
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    Yeah, maybe, thanks a lot. I am looking forward to it whenever it can be done.
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    Damage reduction should be fairly easy to implement (and would end up giving much the same effect)

    on hit:
    get life, get damage, modify damage, apply damage.
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    You're right, maybe some people would like this feature and it should be easy to implement... I will add it, as soon as I have time =)
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    I think this plugin would be a great suite sort of thing, permissions based damage, damage take, health, etc. Looking forward to it.
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    Is it possible to set new and or more ranks?
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    Yes, of course... I just thought 5 were enough
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    As in me being to add them myself, or you? :)
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    @Clemens Here's a fairly easy way to add biglife without breaking other plugins. Make a high priority check that does the following:
    1. Check incoming damage integer
    2. apply integer as a negative to the player's BigHealth
    3. Modify normal health if the change would require it.
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    considered inactive

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