[INACTIVE][MECH] Flow Control v0.0.4 - Control water and lava with redstone. [617]

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    Bukkit Flow Control
    Version: 0.0.4

    Control water and lava with redstone.

    • Powered redstone stop lava and water flow.
    • Unpowered redstone make lava and water flow as usual.
    Download Bukkit Flow Control
    Source Code

    Demo video:

    Change log:
    version 0.0.4:
    Changed Event handling cause onBlockFlow is now deprecated.
    version 0.0.3:
    Fixed bug with TNT activated via redstone going in water and stoping flow.​
    Removed spreading check to avoid some weird buggy cases, but some cases render ugly flow :(

    version 0.0.2:
    Updated plugin to match new Bukkit API.​

    version 0.0.1:
    Initial release.
  2. Your right we do have the same idea, but dissing my plugin is not cool!

    I found out that it did work with any type of power, I just didn't have it tested yet for everything.
    Plus mine is more cut down, 2 classes instead of 4 and mine makes the entire thing stop by hiding the source block. We have different mods for different things. Don't try to start a match against my mod. I like what mine does, and respect what yours does. Neither one is worse or better. Be respectful!
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    Wow ! You are really an angry guy :x

    Well, I don't see any differences between our plugins (I really don't understand your "mine makes the entire thing stop by hiding the source block").

    About coding style, if the goal is to get less files, I could put anything in one, but I prefere readable source code.

    Anyway instead of producing redondant plugins, maybe we could try to work togather on one plugin doing whatever we want ?
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    I think both mods are great ideas. Each one could compliment a specific kind of build, and having both around provides options.

    What's wrong with more plugins? It's not like it's a competition. Describe your differences to each other, link one to another in your descriptions, and let us server ops decide which one is more appropriate for our particular build :)
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    i was told to nag you about your stupidly long constructor

    my bukkit console told me too :/
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    Hum ? I really don't get it :x

    If you got the message "[WARNING] Using the stupidly long constructor ...", you are running the last version of my plugin, just update it and restart/reload your server.
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    not sure if i'm doing everything right, but the plugin gets loaded without any errors but still cant change the water flows :(
  10. same, it seems like something in bukkit broke? Running latest dev
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    I just test it with the lastest CraftBukkit server (462) and I didn't see any problems.

    Do you guys still having troubles with my plugin ?
    If you do, can you post a screenshot and some explanations to reproduce your case ?
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    hi there!
    what happens on my version is this:

    looks like only half of the water is being controled,
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    What is your CraftBukkit version ? (/version command)
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    This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-458-g557f3d2-b440jnks (MC: 1.3)

    last recommended version.

    btw just tested again in a same spot and could get the water to move correctly but had to set the water in other hole.

    does it work with larger pools of water?
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    Ok, gonna test it with this version.

    Well, the powered block stop flowing.
    So if you have two springs and the powered one stop flowing, but the other keep flowing.

    I made this to avoid "killing" connected springs.
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    It takes like 1 minute to actually STOP the watersource from flowing. When you turn the redstone on (so the water stops), the flow is switching on and off every time. Im using craftbukkit 440
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    I just passed 1h to try to get a strange reaction with CraftBukkit 440 and my plugin, I can't see anything.

    May be I can join your server and see the problem in action ?
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    sure, what is your MC name and ill send you the ip in a pm.
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    Updated to version 0.0.3:

    Fixed bug with TNT activated via redstone going in water and stoping flow.
    Removed spreading check to avoid some weird buggy cases, but some cases render ugly flow :(
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    i would love to have this plugin is it possible use it and still work cannons though as though i woult love water based traps and the such if i have a minecraft cannon like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeV0XB-w_yM except with a lit tnt fired istead, so as i need water to be able to potentially flow to were the tnt is to stop other things being destroyed like the surrounding and the cannon frame, i also would have to have redstone to set off the tnt, so will it work?
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    With the last version of my plugin, you can create cannons, but you have to care about the design.
    Just dont put redstone on the blocks near water.

    I just did this update cause I can't get cannons work with the previous version.
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    Awesome mod - thank you! It opened up some fantastic design options.

    Instead of a drawbridge I now have a 7tile wide moat that dissipates to allow safe passage into a tower. Currently using water - but Lava is the next step.

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    sorry but would this also mean that i would have to either press the button twice to turn the redstone off for when the tnt actually explodes or use a preasure pad, if i do is it possible to have a quick command to turn this off or to make it so that you have to be weilding or using a specific item whilst using the lever to have it have this effect? sorry if its asking too much, im installing it anyway :).
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    hey im using the new version of bukkit and i cant get it to work was there something i needed to doo?
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    Look at these screenshots, I made a really simple cannon design working with my plugin.

    Just extends any cannon design to avoid redstone near water.
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    Looks great. So is this compatible with build 531? It's the current recommended one.
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    yes it's compatible with lastest recommended version.

    I just got a bug in some cases and I'm trying to find a way to fix it.
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    But it glitches when you kill the wire without turning it off.

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