[INACTIVE] [MECH] FloodGates 1.3.1 - Trapdoor + Water = Win [860]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Dreadreaver, May 26, 2011.

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    Attention: Development stopped. I don't really need this for my server anymore (replaced by pistons) and as nobody cared to support the development I don't see why I should keep this running.

    FloodGates allows water to pass through open trapdoors.

    • Water passes through open trapdoors
    • Works with redstone
    • You can swim through the door
    • No commands
    Changelog 1.3.1:
    • Minimal changes to the code
    • Fixed some formatting
    • Slight performance fixes
    Older Changelog (open)
    Changelog 1.3:
    • Rewrote the whole plugin from scratch
    • Changed and improved almost all methods
    • Big performance increase
    Changelog 1.2.5:
    • Removed Lava
    • Fixed a bug when reloading the plugin
    • Reworked some things again to be faster
    • Fixed an exception
    Changelog 1.2:
    • Fixed a bug
    • Reworked some things and now it's working like I want it
    Changelog 1.1 Beta:
    • Initial release
    • Trapdoors added
    Changelog 1.0 Beta:
    • Private build
    • Not working with trapdoors
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    NICEEEE ONE MAN, im VERY exited for this :D
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  3. nice man for a few minutes is thought over this :)
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    ive wanted this since 1.3 :p i hope hatches are redstone operated as well so i can have a moat XD
  5. Tested they do :)
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    thhere is a new build for 1.6.3
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    How To Use:

    • Open an hatchet that has a liquid on top of it
    Hatchet (open)

  8. They released it its version 812 not recommened because maps crash yur minecraft download link pleaaasssseee
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    Plugin released ;)
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    818? Probably does but I want to do a check with every plugin I am gonna use on my server. :p
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    Okay new update is out, changelog in the main post. Basically just a few fixes and 818 support. Have fun ;)
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    Can I see a video or screenshot of this working?
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    Thank you for this plugin! thank you thank you :p and I'll probably make a video for you of my Cathedral well actually... its just a huge awesome building but i cant think what to call it if not a Cathedral (Using your and many other plugins) its going to be a sight to behold :p!
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    me and my friend are guna maka vid for this i post it here when we do
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    Ian Yang

    Does this work with the 1.5_01 version of MC SMP Beta? I ask this because you mentioned trap doors (aka hatches) that weren't released until the 1.6
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    Heads up all you runecraft users. Runecraft seems to break floodgates. Not sure why or how, but it was working great on the new server build until I installed runecraft 2.7.

    If the dev needs any specs/logs on our server to troubleshoot it out I would be glad to help.
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    No, I just made it working with doors instead of trapdoors and changed to trapdoors as soon as 1.6 was released
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    Thank-you this will be posted in credits on my up-coming minecraft youtube series
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    it's awesome man thanks i loved it :D
    but can you make other version that works with normal doors .. or a future you can enable with this version xD
    it would be awesome :)
    thanks again ^_^
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    How does this exactly work? Can someone post a screenshot or anything?
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    Open 1.6 hatchet - water flows through. Close hatchet-acts solid to water.
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    This is awesome ! [sheep]

    Anyway .. One exc. for you sir..
    [SEVERE] java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
    [SEVERE]       at java.util.AbstractList$Itr.checkForComodification(Unknown Source)
    [SEVERE]       at java.util.AbstractList$Itr.remove(Unknown Source)
    [SEVERE]       at java.util.AbstractCollection.removeAll(Unknown Source)
    [SEVERE]       at com.dreadreaver.bukkit.floodgates.FloodGatesBlockPhysicsListener.run(FloodGatesBlockPhysicsListener.java:93)
    [SEVERE]       at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftWorker.run(CraftWorker.java:34)
    [SEVERE]       at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    Running build #819 and yours 1.2 FloodGates [fire]

    Thank you.
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    Did this happen with 818 as well? Anyway I'm short on time today so I'm gonna look into it tonight or tomorrow morning ;)
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    Ian Yang

    Do you happen to have the download for the FloodGates working with doors? My server is still on 1.5_01
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    Sorry but that was only some temporary test plugin which was missing many things from the real deal ... I don't know wether I still got it or not but what I know is that even if I have it I don't really want to bother update it as FloodGates will feature doors in build 1.3. If you really need this badly you can donate to me and I will program you a special build based on build 1.3 that works only for doors and on 1.5_01. Please understand that I do this in my freetime and I can't add stuff for everyone here just because he wants it. So if you really need this I wouldn't mind a donation ;)

    I will add doors again to FloodGates (thats why it's called FloodGates and not FloodTrapdoors :p) in build 1.3
  26. Request:

    config flags or permission nodes to enable this for water/lava. Not sure it can be done with nodes, I guess not. Anyway, would like it to work for water, not lava, as using this with lava means you can make a very simple unlimited obsidian farm out of like 10 blocks, a bit too easy ;)
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    This same thing pops-up with 818 too :) anyway .. 819 is same as RB 818. What only changed in 819 was teleporting issues ..
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    2011-06-03 23:56:29 [SEVERE] Nag author: 'Dreadreaver' of 'FloodGates' about the following: This plugin is not properly shutting down its async tasks when it is being reloaded. This may cause conflicts with the newly loaded version of the plugin
    from my server log..

    |818/Runecraft 2.7/DropBonus/Permissions/General/BananaChunk/MyHome|
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    Lava removed, I realized I don't need it anyway

    I know that 819 is basically 818 but it worked for me perfectly fine on 818 ... whatever, try 1.2.5!

    Should be fixed in 1.2.5

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