[INACTIVE][MECH] Flaming Arrows v1.2.2 - Light Your Arrows with Flint & Steel [935]

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    [fire][fire][fire] Flaming Arrows - Light Your Arrows with Flint & Steel [fire][fire][fire]
    Version: v1.2.2
    Flaming Arrows! allows players to light their arrow flights. There are several plug-ins available that change the behavior of arrows or archery, but none of them seem to consider the effects of one-shot kills on game balance. [This is not necessarily a bad thing, it's just not what I was looking for for my own server.]
    Unlike these, Flaming Arrows! requires a player to use flint & steel to light their arrow flights, and allows the server operator to choose how many flint & steel "charges" are required per flaming arrow; the default is five.
    • Fire flaming arrows at opponents to immolate them!
    • Players must use flint & steel to light their arrows.
    • Left-click with your bow to toggle whether you're using flaming arrows.
    • Server operators may configure...
      • ...how much flint & steel durability is used to light each arrow.
      • ...how many fire ticks to afflict upon player and non-player targets.
      • ...which item is used to toggle flaming arrows on and off.
      • ...which players can use flaming arrows.
      • ...the flaming arrows enabled and disabled messages sent to players.
    • If a piggie is struck by a flaming arrow and dies, any porkchops it drops are automatically converted into grilled porkchops. Any damage that sets the piggie's fire ticks will also trigger this effect.
    Configuration (open)

    The following is the default config.yml file. This file resides in your plugins/FlamingArrows directory and will be automatically created the first time the plug-in is loaded by your server.
        flint-and-steel: 5
        non-player: 600
        player: 0
        disabled: '*Flaming Arrows* You are now firing normal arrows.'
        enabled: '*Flaming Arrows* You are now firing flaming arrows.'
      wand: bow
        - '*'
    Some things to remember:
    • The '*' entry in the whitelist matches all players.
    • Remove the '*' element from the whitelist if you want to control which players are allowed to using flaming arrows!
    • Player names must be played inside single quotes (e.g. 'mixcoatl77')

    Known Issues (open)

    Known Issues:
    • No permission support. I have no interest in adding permission support until Bukkit supports permissions natively. Please do not ask for this.

    In the Works (open)

    In the Works:
    • Allow the server operator to configure whether players must enable flaming arrows for each shot they fire (reduces the firing rate to simulate having to light each arrow.)
    • Flaming arrows as cave flares; ignite blocks struck by a flaming arrow.
    • Allow dispenser blocks to fire flaming arrows? [Bukkit doesn't seem to support the required events as of CB #740. Maybe later.]

    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.2.2
    • Updated for CB #935.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed: Added quotes around the default * element of the whitelist.
    Version 1.2.0
    • Added player whitelist.
    • Added flaming arrows toggle by left-clicking the configured item.
    • Added configurable enable and disable messages.
    • Split fire ticks into player and non-player settings.
    Version 1.1.1
    • Fixed: touching a pressure plate was causing arrows to fire due to the way player interaction events were being handled.
    Version 1.1.0
    • Restructured the source files a little bit.
    • Added configuration setting to select whether players are affected by flaming arrows.
    • Added configuration setting to select the number of fire ticks afflicted upon a target struck by a flaming arrow.
    Version 1.0.1
    • Fixed: removed event cancellation checking. These checks were preventing certain player interaction events from being detected by the plug-in. It's very annoying when other plug-ins cancel events they don't actually handle.
    • Fixed: some targets were not catching on fire when struck with a flaming arrow.
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial plug-in release.
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    Don't worry about that. I have a very specific direction I want to take this. There are several other archery plug-ins available for server operators that don't like what I'm doing with it.
    Here's what are on my list at the moment:
    • Incendiary arrow (currently implemented; costs flint & steel)
    • Firebomb arrow (spreads fire around the block where it hits; costs sulphur)
    • Snare arrow (deposits web blocks [?] into unoccupied spaces; costs string)
    • Something secret-ish. :cool:
    As much as I love the concept of RPGs built on top of Minecraft, I really don't think there's a good way to implement classes without some sort of framework for character advancement.

    I will eventually move in the direction of a full service RPG plug-in, but it will not be an offshoot of Flaming Arrows!, but a home-grown solution.
    I've not implemented cool downs because you can choose to make the shots as expensive as you like. Of course, adding a cool down feature isn't especially complicated. I see the challenge as presenting the cooldown information to the player in a way that doesn't spam them continuously as they try to play.
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    keep us updated on how its going :) im very excited to see this come out
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    I was waiting for the 1.6 update so I wouldn't have to make two updates back-to-back.
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    ah ok cool
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    There seems to be a slight delay between when the arrow is fired and when the flaming animation begins playing. This may be a new Minecraft thing or a new Bukkit thing. The code hasn't changed. I'll keep playing with it.
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    Very cool mod. I'm looking forward to being able to ignite wooden objects and such on fire with arrows. :D
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    ThreeDGuy I steal plugins as my own

    I can't acess the source code ,
    what is happening ? :c
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    Yes, you can. I just checked. Send me a private message if you're still having trouble.
    The comment you're quoting refers to a bug that was fixed around the first week of May! As to current and future changes, they're still on the drawing board. Life and work have made plug-in progress slow, and some of the new features I'm implementing are not just simple changes.
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    I nice tip for permissions is to design a permission resolver like what sk89q used with WorldEdit. I made a similar version based off the existing code and it allowed multiple permission plugin support. If you can't find it let me know and I'll get the source files for you :)
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    I appreciate the tip, but I'm not very interested in spending the time on it right now. I've already looked into applying the Strategy pattern to create pluggable permission models. It can certainly be done, but I find it to be a lot of effort for very little benefit. Bukkit will have built-in group and permission support soon enough, and then I'll update my plug-ins to use Bukkit's. Thanks, again, though; I do appreciate the consideration.
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    No problem. Also thanks for the heads up about the built-in permissions. That will make plugins alot easier than copying 5 file into my plugin.
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    this is awesome i'm making an adventure map were people have to pick a class in it. wizard, solder, or archer this helps a lot.
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    in case you plan on updating your plugin to CB 935 here is an error it is having with it:

    Hope that helps ya ;)
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    Interesting! I'll take a look at it!

    Running CB 935 on my test server I don't get this, even using v1.2.1 of Flaming Arrows. I'm going to upload a version actually compiled against CB 935 just in case there's something weird going on here. That you're missing the getProjectile method on the EntityDamageByProjectileEvent event is very, very strange.

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  16. wait how do i light arrows? im confused
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    Swing your bow (left-click) to enable or disable lighting arrows.
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    well how do you craft this with flint and steel?(is steel iron ignot?)

    how the heck do you make thoose arrows?

    how do you make thoose fire arrows?

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    It uses normal arrows and flint & steel. Left-click with your bow to enable flaming arrows then fire at will until you're out of arrows or you're out of flint & steel.
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    This is fun! I like the commandless simplicity of it, however there are a couple things I'd like to see after my first run through..
    1) A warning message if someone switches to flaming arrows and they don't have flint and steel in their inventory.
    2) The flaming arrows to actually give off heat (ie ignite flammable surfaces, melt snow, etc)

    Thanks! :)
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    I've thought about that, myself. The question was more phrased like this: Should players be notified when they attempt to fire a flaming arrow but don't have sufficient charges of flint & steel? There are some interesting caveats to the question as well:
    • do we still fire a non-flaming arrow?
    • what are the implications to survival if we don't?
    • should the notification sent when the last flaming arrow is fired and before the first non-flaming arrow is fired in this situation instead?
    I could reasonably expect every server operator and player to answer these questions differently. But I didn't want to have to track individual user preferences separately since that would violate the "no commands" principle of the plug-in.
    I opted against this because I wanted to reduce the griefing potential and keep the plug-in extremely simple.

    There are several other archery plug-ins that allow you to ignite blocks remotely and it always seemed like it was severely overpowered (comments seem to range from "cool" to "destroyed my town".) Granted, you could just walk up with flint & steel and ignite the same things, so it might just be me over-thinking the problem.

    There are a couple other options I wanted to add (flaming arrows as cave flares being a big one.) I'll consider adding your requests when I get around to making that update.
    My pleasure.
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    idea, make it able to shoot arrows into lava and gain the same effect from the plugin? ^^
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    This is native Minecraft behavior. :p
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    If you add any more features? ^^
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    I don't think you understood what I wrote. The behavior you requested is built into Minecraft. You can demonstrate this for yourself by using a dispenser to fire arrows through a block of lava. There are also quite a few videos on YouTube demonstrating this functionality.

    Any arrow with its fire ticks set to a non-zero value will cause the target to go up in flames, per the settings in your Flaming Arrows! configuration file.
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    I don't think you understood my suggestion. If you add more features, then you might get the use for this :p It's rather boring to fire arrows into lava just to see them hitting, not lighting up, not giving any bonus, just having the extra effect there ^^. So, I understood what you wrote, but if you add any features, then I would like you to add support for arrows hitting lava as well :)
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    Thanks for the well thought out reply. (Though I agree you might be over thinking it a bit. ;) )

    Rather than tracking the 'ammo' potential for arrows fired by a user (that's the user's responsibility), I was just suggesting a warning once the bow is left clicked to activate flaming arrows. The check would be 'if flint and steel not present, then say "You are attempting to use flaming arrows without flint and steel. Arrows set to normal instead." then revert the arrows back to normal. Just checking on the left click to activate flaming arrows should be completely sufficient for most servers. Not having a notification would likely only lead to confusion for first time users. :) No commands needed...that's one of the major 'selling points' of your plugin! ;)

    As for the greifing potential of "hot" arrows, I'd say leave that decision up to the admin. If they want realism over greifing security, they should be able to make that call. A simple flag in the config file for "flamingarrowsarehot=true" would suffice. A setting of "false" would leave them as they are now, while "true" would cause flaming arrows to be a heat source like any fire.

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    That's totally possible!
    In my humble opinion, the strength of this plug-in is that it doesn't try to do a lot of different things. It does one thing very cleanly, very simply. Of course, that doesn't mean there is no room for more, but it must fit within the defined constraints.
    I'm sorry, but I guess I don't understand what you're asking for. When you fire an arrow through a lava block or a fire block, Minecraft already lights the arrow. This is the native functionality to which I was referring.
    It's my curse!
    You can sort of get there from here already. You could change the flaming-arrows.messages.enabled message in your configuration file to indicate that flint & steel are required and arrows may not be ignited if they are not present. It would be better, obviously, with some code support. And it does seem like something I should "fix."
    I can buy that. I'll try to work it in at some point in the future.
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    Would you mind putting the current version number in the thread title? Helps us admins keep an eye out for updates. ;) Our server enjoys this little plugin so I intend to keep it up to date.
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    Updated the thread title per your request. Glad you're enjoying it. :)
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    Hello there. I have a task for you, if you're up to it.

    A few devs are struggling to keep up with any good exploding arrow varieties. Since you seem dedicated and experienced in the arrow modification field, I was wondering if you could add either the ability to have explosive arrows (with TNT as the fuel), or a side mod that is compatible with this one that has the same effects.

    SplodeArrows had a good one going, but the dev seems to have dropped it and hasn't made any updates since RB 747.

    Good mod here, btw. Constantly in use on my server. Cheers.

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