[INACTIVE][MECH] Flaming Arrows v1.2.2 - Light Your Arrows with Flint & Steel [935]

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    [fire][fire][fire] Flaming Arrows - Light Your Arrows with Flint & Steel [fire][fire][fire]
    Version: v1.2.2
    Flaming Arrows! allows players to light their arrow flights. There are several plug-ins available that change the behavior of arrows or archery, but none of them seem to consider the effects of one-shot kills on game balance. [This is not necessarily a bad thing, it's just not what I was looking for for my own server.]
    Unlike these, Flaming Arrows! requires a player to use flint & steel to light their arrow flights, and allows the server operator to choose how many flint & steel "charges" are required per flaming arrow; the default is five.
    • Fire flaming arrows at opponents to immolate them!
    • Players must use flint & steel to light their arrows.
    • Left-click with your bow to toggle whether you're using flaming arrows.
    • Server operators may configure...
      • ...how much flint & steel durability is used to light each arrow.
      • ...how many fire ticks to afflict upon player and non-player targets.
      • ...which item is used to toggle flaming arrows on and off.
      • ...which players can use flaming arrows.
      • ...the flaming arrows enabled and disabled messages sent to players.
    • If a piggie is struck by a flaming arrow and dies, any porkchops it drops are automatically converted into grilled porkchops. Any damage that sets the piggie's fire ticks will also trigger this effect.
    Configuration (open)

    The following is the default config.yml file. This file resides in your plugins/FlamingArrows directory and will be automatically created the first time the plug-in is loaded by your server.
        flint-and-steel: 5
        non-player: 600
        player: 0
        disabled: '*Flaming Arrows* You are now firing normal arrows.'
        enabled: '*Flaming Arrows* You are now firing flaming arrows.'
      wand: bow
        - '*'
    Some things to remember:
    • The '*' entry in the whitelist matches all players.
    • Remove the '*' element from the whitelist if you want to control which players are allowed to using flaming arrows!
    • Player names must be played inside single quotes (e.g. 'mixcoatl77')

    Known Issues (open)

    Known Issues:
    • No permission support. I have no interest in adding permission support until Bukkit supports permissions natively. Please do not ask for this.

    In the Works (open)

    In the Works:
    • Allow the server operator to configure whether players must enable flaming arrows for each shot they fire (reduces the firing rate to simulate having to light each arrow.)
    • Flaming arrows as cave flares; ignite blocks struck by a flaming arrow.
    • Allow dispenser blocks to fire flaming arrows? [Bukkit doesn't seem to support the required events as of CB #740. Maybe later.]

    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.2.2
    • Updated for CB #935.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed: Added quotes around the default * element of the whitelist.
    Version 1.2.0
    • Added player whitelist.
    • Added flaming arrows toggle by left-clicking the configured item.
    • Added configurable enable and disable messages.
    • Split fire ticks into player and non-player settings.
    Version 1.1.1
    • Fixed: touching a pressure plate was causing arrows to fire due to the way player interaction events were being handled.
    Version 1.1.0
    • Restructured the source files a little bit.
    • Added configuration setting to select whether players are affected by flaming arrows.
    • Added configuration setting to select the number of fire ticks afflicted upon a target struck by a flaming arrow.
    Version 1.0.1
    • Fixed: removed event cancellation checking. These checks were preventing certain player interaction events from being detected by the plug-in. It's very annoying when other plug-ins cancel events they don't actually handle.
    • Fixed: some targets were not catching on fire when struck with a flaming arrow.
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial plug-in release.
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    Just a small question, Since you stated no commands needed.
    How are players exactly going to light their arrow's with flint and steel since arrows are non placeable? I'm guessing this goes through the inventory interface, But how exactly?
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    only can shot fire arrows close range. not long range
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    changelog has to show latest changes
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    It uses flint and steel as fuel for flaming arrows. You're essentially converting flint and steel durability into one-shot kills. You continue to fire flaming arrows this until your stash of flint and steel is exhausted.
    Not sure what this means. Flaming arrows fly the same distance as normal arrows.
    There is a changelog and it does show the latest changes; there have been no changes since this initial release.
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    I meant like this
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    I've seen spoiler tags used heavily by other posters. I didn't realize they were considered inappropriate. I should probably go change Socials!, too, since it was approved with its changelog inside a spoiler tag.
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    Oh nono,m ypolers are good :)
    Just show the last 2 changes, the rest can be hidden
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    I removed the changelog spoiler on Socials!, too, but please check the plug-in releases forum. I selected a random handful of plug-in releases and every single one wrapped the entire changelog in a spoiler.
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    I'm just a one man and there are tons of plugins, but you can report those ;)
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    Make the time the target is set on fire configurable?
    (I know it 's in the known issues section, but a good one to have)
    VERY good idea for a plugin, though, and unlike a lot of other plugins, this one MAKES SENSE. Good Job!
    Ill be watching this one.
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    It's on my to-do list. ;) I also plan to make the number of fire ticks configurable based upon whether the target is an animal, monster, or player. So you could say players get zero ticks (disabled) but animals and monsters get 400 ticks (equivalent to 20 hearts.)
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    There will be permission support as soon as Bukkit provides it natively. There are too many competing permission implementations out there to choose one without alienating everyone else and it's way too complicated to support multiple different implementations.
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    G1R Productions

    This seems to be a bit to over powered for PVP, my server isnt for pvp but it has pvp turned on, if there is a way to configure the damage I will be sure to use this plugin.
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    Some basic damage configuration will be in v1.1.0.
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    Hey, the plugin works but the arrows only light on fire when shot less than 3 blocks away from you.

    Not sure if its just me or the plugin, but can you still look into that?

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    G1R Productions

    Alright cool thanks.
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    Make certain you have v1.0.1 or later. I removed event cancellation checking. Often, other plug-ins cancel onPlayerInteract events that they don't actually handle, or at least that's what was causing it on my test server.

    Damage configuration is in now. Take a look at the sample configuration file in the latest .ZIP archive.

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    G1R Productions

    Checking it out right now, will edit this post with reaction.

    EDIT: Alright i like the damage control, but i cant seem to make it so when i shoot at mobs for them to look like their burning, but they def are buring because pigs drop cooked pork

    EDIT2: Would worldguard fire spread off have anything to do with this or no?

    EDIT3:Uhm now when i have no flint and shoot regular arrows it says *Ignition* and mobs catch of fire for a second then go out? It only have every couple arrows.
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    Not sure what that is. It definitely shows up when I do it.
    Perhaps. I'm not certain if it prevents entities from catching on fire or just protects blocks.
    Well the "Ignition" message isn't coming from Flaming Arrows, as it doesn't emit any messages at all right now. I'm not certain why you would see a mobile catch on fire if you have no flint & steel. I can't make it happen on my test server.
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    found a bug - walking across a pressure plate connected to a door with your bow out makes you fire all your arrows or until all of your flint and steel wears out.

    It doesn't seem to do it when there's no door present

    It doesn't seem to do it when the bow is not the selected item in-hand

    It won't do it if there's no flint/steel in the players inventory (so arrows aren't flammable at that point)
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    I think I know what's causing this. I'll release another update soon.

    Hahahaha! Well, realistically, because people want to restrict permissions to things that change fundamental mechanics of the game. You can always give everyone the same permissions. I'll try to keep it simple.

    Thanks for the bug report. I needed to change the way I was filtering player interaction events. This is now fixed in v1.1.1.

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    How do I shot web
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    Very cool plugin. Thank you.
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    G1R Productions

    Hey is it possible to make this work with dispenser blocks also? (possible update in future?)
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    I'm not sure. I would suppose so, yes. You would need a way to indicate that the dispenser block should fire flaming arrows. You could load a dispenser block with a mix of arrows and flint and steel, maybe.
    I'm not certain how the dispenser block chooses the next item to be ejected if it contains multiple items types. It would suck if it dispensed all of flint and steel before dispensing the arrows.

    I don't see an event that's raised when a dispenser dispenses an item. Might need to wait for an update to Bukkit to see dispensers fire flaming arrows.

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    How about the flaming arrows emit light? I'd like to use them as cave flares occasionally.
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    That would require tracking arrow entities, which I'm not presently doing. I can look into it, though. If I can find an efficient way to track arrows that would be an amazing feature.

    I'm looking for opinions.

    I'm adding a feature where players can enable or disable Flaming Arrows! by waving their bow. It occurred to me that it might make more sense to wave your flint & steel. I'm concerned, though, that this might lead to an accidental loss of life, forest fires, and other random acts of unintentional arson.

    Should I stick with the bow or go with flint & steel in spite of the risks? Opinions?

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