[INACTIVE][MECH/FIX] QuickBelt 0.1.8 - Auto-reloading for your inventory slots! [670]

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    QuickBelt - Auto-reloading for your inventory slots!
    Version: 0.1.8
    Download: Jar File | Source Code
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    QuickBelt provides rapid auto-reloading for broken tools and used-up stacks of blocks!

    Have you ever had that sword with about three hits left in it, and never used it
    for fear of it breaking mid-battle and not reloading quickly enough? What about large
    building projects where you keep having to swap stacks in as they get used up? QuickBelt
    is just what you want!

    Any time an empty slot appears in your toolbar, QuickBelt auto-reloads it by moving
    items in your inventory vertically downwards. So if you had a sword in slot 1 and
    another sword above it, as soon as the sword breaks your new sword is
    instantly activated.

    QuickBelt has a simple basic set of commands:
    • /qb - QuickBelt status
    • /qb on - Turn your QuickBelt on
    • /qb off - Turn your QuickBelt off
    QuickBelts are off by default, and are enabled by players as they want them. Settings
    are persistent and are remembered even if you reboot the server.

    There are also some slightly more advanced commands:
    • /qb slots shows which slots (1-9) of your toolbar will auto-reload
    • /qb slots 123456789 sets which slots will auto-reload (e.g. /qb slots 345)
    • /qb slots all resets your inventory to all slots active at once.
    You can also force QuickBelts on for all players. Download it, run it, then check your plugins/quickbelt/config.yml file. You will see two new parameters: force and silent. "Force" makes it unresponsive to /qb commands and simply has the plugin enabled for everybody. "Silent" means it doesn't even bring up the "replenished slot ..." message, making it truly invisible to players.

    Nothing to install, just copy the quickblocks.jar file to your plugins directory.

    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.1
    • Compatibility patch (0.1.8)
    • Compatibility patch (0.1.7)
    • Fixed: crashy NullPointerException horribleness, finally (0.1.6)
    • Fixed: big crashy null pointer horribleness (hopefully?) (0.1.5)
    • Fixed: logging out lost your settings until next server reboot (0.1.4)
    • Fixed: "silent" didn't work. (0.1.3)
    • Can now specify only certain slots to auto-reload (0.1.3)
    • Fixed everything that was broken. Which was everything. (0.1.2)
    • Added "force" and "silent" parameters (0.1.1)
    • First release (0.1)
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    now give me the option to have qb enabled as default and i will totally use this on my 95%-no-commands-vanilla server
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    Just uploaded 0.1.1. Download it, run it, then check your plugins/quickbelt/config.yml file. You will see two new parameters: force and silent. "Force" makes it unresponsive to /qb commands and simply has the plugin enabled for everybody. "Silent" means it doesn't even bring up the "replenished slot ..." message, making it truly invisible to players.

    Obviously, you will need to run the server once to generate the config, then stop it again, then edit the values, then restart it.
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    much appreciated, thank you! gonna give this a try right now and report back if my users or me find any issues ;)
    --- merged: Mar 6, 2011 10:28 PM ---
    For me on CB#493 it does not seem to work. Neither using the conifg.yml, nor the command. I used /qb on ingame which worked as in it responded, but I wouldnt move any blocks down. So I got like this:
    (D is Dirt and the number is the amount of the stack)

    and upon placing the single dirt nothing would happen ...

    is this plugin 493 incompatible or did I miss something?
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    This might sound silly, but... did you move after placing that block? There's no way to trigger an "inventory changed" event yet, so the plugin is triggered by the player moving or the player animating (e.g. building, fighting, digging).

    Edit: I'm running 499, so no differences in that regard.
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    yeah I moved a little cuz I thought maybe its some sort of delay so I waited and moved around but nothing would happen ... gonna try look into it again later today
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    I'm having a quick look at this on a computer that isn't be best... odd things are happening with build 493 - as you said, things are just disappearing. I know it is working with 499 though.
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    okay thanks for the info, gonna look into updating my system to a newer build then =)
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    OH this plugin SO ROCKS !!!! I have 3 players who are going to just LOVE THIS Plugin they build massive items in game so having not to reload their slots over and over again will be a blessing
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    any chance of adding permissions/groupmanager support?
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    You know, great is ok... but awesome, THAT would be great!
    This is a great plugin!
    But if you replace slot 1. with items if the same id, the plugin will be AWESOME!
    I think it would become one of the most popular plugins ever made!
    do you get my idea?
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    Hm... as an option, I like it. I shall look into it (along with the trillion bugfixes) tonight.
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    Finally, a return of the holsters plugin!

    Would it be possible to have it search your inventory for a like-item or block first before automatically grabbing whatever is directly above the slot?

    Also, does this work with plugins like backpack that expand your inventory?
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    OK, I've just checked against 493 and it seems to be working fine. There's a few bugs (actually takes items off the TOP of the stack, doesn't save per-user settings between server reboots) which I will fix tonight.

    To the first question - yes, I will work on something like that.

    As for the second, I've not checked how Backpack works. I'll investigate.
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    An idea for this would be the possibility to change the slots that are affected by the replenishing behaviour, for example only replenish quickslot 3, 4 and 5, where most of the people have the building materials, and leave the other slots like they are.
    It would be even better, if this is configurable per-player.
    A way to do this is the /qb-command, for example if amplifier writes "/qb on 3 4 5" this would enable amplifier's quickbelt-feature for the slots 3, 4 and 5.
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    Just uploaded 0.1.2, which fixes all the bugs - and there were a lot of bugs. No more taking items off the top of the columns instead of the bottom, and now it remembers the per-user config settings properly.

    I shall try not to rush testing again...
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    Piercing Goblin

    I like this idea, plus, I think it would be cool if you could have it replenish items of the same type, rather than whatever is in the slot above it. Amazing plugin nonetheless!
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    I've changed silent: to "true" in my config.yml and restarted the server but still get "Replenished slot" messages. What am I doing wrong?
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    Just uploaded 0.1.3. Some features:

    • You can now specify only certain slots to auto-reload.
      • Type /qb slots to see your current active slots.
      • Type /qb slots 1234565789 to enable whichever slots you want (omitting the numbers you want inactive).
      • Type /qb slots all to reset back to all slots.
    • "Silent" was broken. Now it isn't.
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    Where did that "QuickBlocks" come from? :p
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    Too many plugins with similar names! I'm just going to start naming them after predators. From now on, quickbelt will be known as SHARKS.
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    This plugin adds function that SHOULD be implemented in-game! absolutely loving it as are my users!

    I was also hoping for this, wanted to make it a Donor only feature :D
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    minor bugreport:
    version 0.1.3 still shows up in console on start-up as 0.1.1
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    Shouldn't. Make sure you've downloaded the right version.
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    Terrific plugin! This should have been part of MC from the start [diamond]

    However (you knew that was coming, didn't you?) I ran into a bug:

    When the server is rebooted, QB remembers my choices, and QB is on with slots 1-4 set to reload (my presets).

    However, if I log off and back on again, QB is now off, this happened thru multiple reconnects. Reboot the server, and QB again remembers the default state.

    Apparently, when the user logs off, the QB is set to false and it not reloaded when the character logs back on.

    I expect that "force=true" will resolve that, but I did not want to activate it for every user by default.

    Here are my plugins and versions:
    12:04:10 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-516-
    gdf87bb3-b531jnks (MC: 1.3)
    12:04:11 [INFO] Loaded Essentials build 2.0.295
    12:04:11 [INFO] GroupManager version 1.0(alpha-5)
    12:04:11 [INFO] Fake Permissions version 2.5.1
    12:04:11 [INFO] QuickBelt 0.1.3 loaded.
    12:04:11 [INFO] [Vegetation]: Vegetation v1.0
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    Think I know why this happens (on the bus at the moment!)

    For some reason I decided it was worth cleaning up the few bytes of memory it consumes on player logout, but only loads on start. I shall undo this later.
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    That would be terrific, thanks for the quick response!

    The reason for my concern is that a couple of my users have the problem where every so often they get the black screen "crash" and have to relog, so this would just add to their frustration. Hopefully it is a simple fix.
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    Alright, 0.1.4 should fix that.

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