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    DropSpawners - Make mob spawners finally drop when broken (and spawn non-pigs)!
    Version: 1.0
    License: GNU GPL
    Download: http://icebrg.us/dl/DropSpawners.jar
    Source: http://icebrg.us/dl/DropSpawners.tar.bz2
    Has this plugin been helpful to you? I develop DropSpawners for free, but someone has to pay the bills (me). If you'd like to support DropSpawners development, please donate at icebrg.us/donate/?to=dropspawners. You can leave a note for me - donation lets me work on DropSpawners more.


    Created this for use on my server - made no sense that mob spawners wouldn't drop items when broken, and players were requesting it, so I coded this in around 15 minutes.

    Mob spawners will drop a mob spawner item when they are broken by any tool. When placing a mob spawner, it will start spawning a random type of mob from the following:
    • Chicken
    • Cow
    • Creeper
    • Ghast
    • Giant
    • Monster
    • Pig
    • PigZombie
    • Sheep
    • Skeleton
    • Slime
    • Spider
    • Squid
    • Zombie
    • Wolf
    I haven't done extensive testing, but I believe each mob spawner must meet the requirements needed by a standard, natural mob spawner to spawn their respective entity.

    Known bugs/defects/potential problems:
    This plugin also packages the CraftBukkit JAR with it - this is because it uses functions not exposed in the Bukkit API. I'll try to remove this requirement in the future, but hey, it works, and it's all conveniently contained in one JAR!

    DropSpawners supports PermissionsEx, Permissions, and the default Bukkit Permissions natively.
    To give a player the permission to place spawners that spawn Sheep, give them the permission:
    To give a player the permission to place any kind of spawners, give them the permission:
    To restrict a player from spawning Ghasts (for example), give them the negative permission:
    Version 1.0
    • Permissions support, allowing you to specify which creatures a user may spawn
    Version 0.2
    • Now, users are given a notification when they place a mob spawner about what mob will be spawned.
    Version 0.1
    • First released.
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    Sorry, can't fix. It's Notch's bug.

    Alright. :)

    I'll look into it.
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    Download link is down :(
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    Jazy Lopez

    nvm The bug is Archers, not you. Great Simple plugin
    Can you consider adding the ability to change the spawner's mob by clicking/rightclicking with another spawner?
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    this is a great plugin but i had to disable it when a ghast spawner was layed. u can image what started happening to my world. we really need a config file to disable certain mobs, then it would be perfect.
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    Can you make a command to set the mob to spawn? So I can select which I want to spawn ? And Permissions PLEASE!
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    Ummm guys... recently my backup manager was down... and of course someone stumbled upon this Plugin. Well, let me tell you... they placed the Ghast spawner and all hell broke loose, of course they did it in the middle of the town, so the entire city burned down and exploded from them. I ended up quitting that host anyways and generating a new map... i'd like to see a config on which monsters can spawn someday........
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    Great Plugins But Permissions Please :p
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    i dont think the slime spawner works cus i even dropped one in a slime capable chunk and below 16 y height and its still not spawning any slimes
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    Updated to version 1.0. Sorry for the long update time - I had other important stuff to do.

    Full support for Permissions is now available.

    Strange, these 'artificial spawner's requirements can be kind of funny. Have you tried adding light or removing it?

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    i recompile it adding bukkit and craftbukit in external library mode and works perfect :O
    properties->java build path->libraries->add external jar. Result: 22kb tested and working.
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    Really? :O I guess I can do that, then. :)
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    @jonathanyc i dont post the file because i change the "permissions" for permissions only and translate to my language.
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    That's fine by me. :) Anyways, I just uploaded a version which should fix compatibility with the default Bukkit permissions. Note that the other Permissions plugin is currently not supported.

    Just uploaded yet another version which should fix compatibility with the Permissions plugin.

    Tell me if it doesn't work. :)

    Also, a big thank you to whoever donated! :D

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    Perhaps in later versions, the ability to look at a block type a command like "/spawner zombie" that will create a spawner for that mob where you're looking
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    The plugin doesn't work for me. I always get pigs - and they all drop porkchops.
    I use the Permissions.yml file in root folder. Even not setting dropspawners.pig - but other creatures doesn't help.
    Are you sure your plugin supports standard bukkit permissions (these are the standards? I'm not sure)? I tried with and without op-rights.
    First post still says I have to edit Craftbukkit.jar, but I cannot find any files for it!?
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    doesnt work for me :(
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    You should make a configeration that:
    Allows mob data to be saved to the mob spawner. For example, you break a zombie spawner, when u place that mob spawner it again spawns zombies.

    Allows giants to spawn... Right now, giants don't spawn naturally.

    Allow (with permissions of corse) a command to see what mob the hit spawner spawns, and change it if wanted.

    Nice idea.
  19. where command? u_u
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    Nice plugin but u should add commands to change the spawner nice job anyway :)
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    Please, update to 1.8.1.
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    G1R Productions

    is there a plugin that causes spawners to always spawn mobs even when players are not near them?
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    I keep getting an error on the Download page. "The Page you were looking for was not found"
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    Link is broken:404 Not Found
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    Marked as inactive.

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