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    FindMe - Fun with your compass
    Version: v1.2.4

    Quick Links:
    Ever get tired of tping users to other users, and don't wish to give them that kind of power because you want to keep things vanilla? well here's your solution! FindMe will re point a users compass to any user of their choosing!

    • /find player <player> - Point your compass to a player
    • /find reset - Reset it back to spawn
    • /find hideme - Hide yourself from others finding you
    • Utilize my plugin for custom /find calls to other locations from your plugin(warps, homes, etc) see below for details
    • Permissions support, these are the permission nodes:
      findme.find.reset - /find reset
          findme.find.hideme - /find hideme
          findme.find.player - /find player <name>
          findme.find.custom - any custom call to my plugin
    How to use my plugin's API:
    Plugin plugin = getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("FindMe");
            if (plugin != null)
                Location someLocation;
                FindMe findMe = (FindMe) plugin;
                findMe.addCustomCall("some string", someLocation);
    then your users can type /find some string and have their compass point at someLocation

    Version 1.2.4
    • Updated for compatibility with latest Bukkit
    Version 1.2.3
    • small bug fixes
    Version 1.2.2
    • some small fixes
    Version 1.2.1
    • fixed a bug with Permissions, should work now
    Version 1.2
    • now uses Permissions plugin
    • fixed bugs with hideme
    • exposed commands for other plugins to utilize /find
    Version 1.1
    You can also check out TheBeefiest's plugin which has more compass style actions
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    "/find reset" doesn't seem to work. It tells us, "Player cannot be found."

    Using Bukkit build 114
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    Amazing idea, however I too am experiencing the same problem as HunterAP.

    Running build 114.
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    Ok ill fix that tomorrow
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    So what happens if there's a player named reset? :p
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    Probably won't work maybe ill make it /findreset
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    Wait, so it's still not fixed?
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    No tomorrow.
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    you could always do something like this:
    /find player <name>
    /find spawn
    /find {plugins can link this plugin to put their command here}
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    uh not to put you down or any thing but it kinda seems like you copied world guard and changed the commads

    nice plugin but try to make it stand out some.
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    The command is exposed in bukkit api to flip the compass to wherever you want. My plugin wont conflict with any other who messes with the compass
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    good plug-in, using it, thank you.

    here's some suggestions for changes/additions:

    - change the in-game help (the usage that appears for example when you just write /find) so that it explains how you can reset the compass
    - if someone has used /find on a player update his compass on a regular base (maybe every 2 seconds, best is to make that configurable), so that movements of the target are taken into account
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    @Nodren I wasn't saying it would. I was just saying that say there's a plugin that can set landmarks with certain names at certain places. If you gave it a hook, it could use your compass mod to direct players to those landmarks. Plugins such as MyHome and MyWarp might also use it then. Also, the "/find player <name>" would fix the issue of it trying to find a player names after you're other commands.
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    I hear what your saying, but it wouldn't be an issue anyway, due to the fact bukkit exposed the API. see, if you use /find reset(doesnt work now, but when it does) it will find what spawn is, and point you there. so if someone else messes with the compass, then i mess with it, whoever last messed with it wins, given your running commands to do this, it's only what you intend to mess with it. My plugin shouldn't be interfering with others(unless they also have a /find command) are you saying it is?
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 4:33 PM ---
    I wasn't aware worldguard did this and I didn't consult their source code in any way for the development of this plugin. Worldguard aims to accomplish quite a bit, and my plugin accomplishes a single small task. I don't see how theres any conflict.
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    Not at all. I'm just saying that then the other plugins wouldn't have to create a WHOLE NEW command in order to find their points, rather just link to your plugin that's already for that purpose. Also "/find <name>" is a bad way to do it, since then if someone has a name of one of the other commands (currently reset) then there will be problems.
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    yeah i'm going to change /find reset to something else :p
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    no no no please don't change that one, change the name one. otherwise whatever you change that one to will have the problems. If the command is /find Reset or /find spawn or /find Fewmets to go back to spawn it doesn't matter since the syntaxt for your basic command is /find <name>. Anyone with the name of another command for exaample if someone is named "Spawn" or "Reset" will create problems. I heavily recomend something like "/find player <name>" instead
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    love your idea! i'll do that instead!

    EDIT: just saw you did that above and i didn't fully read your post. I should probably stop trying to check up on this from my phone I miss stuff :/
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    You could also use a character that isn't allowed in usernames for your reset command. /find #reset, /find reset-compass etc.
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    updated and fixed all the problems and added all the requested items.

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    Thank you so very much :)
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    Oh this is almost exactly the functionality I seemed to have reproduced with my /compass plugin. I guess mine can point to multiple players and locations at the same time. Check it out for a bit different flavour i guess: http://forums.bukkit.org/posts/18375/
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    Glad to see someone else found my setCompassTarget addition. ;)
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    Honestly, its there a reason to worry about this? What are the chances of the user reset joining your server out of all the players and servers?
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    Doesn't seem to work with latest bukkit.
    When I type /find player Playernamehere
    It tells me I am doing it wrong or something like that.
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    i'll look into it
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 3:47 PM ---
    I like what yours does, i'll link to yours in my original topic for those looking for something more.
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 3:48 PM ---
    I might have been watching the commit logs on github.... :p
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    Sorry but I think anyone named reset or spawn is just not meant to be followed.
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    updated with permissions support see first post!
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    I'm admin so I've all permission..
    But when I type /find it comes up with instructions as always.
    But when I type as example "/find player Rallerbabz" or "/find Rallerbabz" it just show the help again...
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    Same problem.

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