[INACTIVE][MECH] FenceStack v1.11 - Place fences above other fences! [438]

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    FenceStack v1.11 (Build 438)

    You know this annoying problem when trying to make castle-like gates or poles with fences? First you have to make a dirt tower and then, one by one, remove on dirt block and replace it with a fence. This plugin allows you to place fences on fences like every other block!


    • Allows you to place fences above and below fences!
    Download FenceStack (v1.12)
    Source (v1.11)

    Version 1.12
    • Fixed another item duping bug caused by an error.

    Version 1.11
    • Updated to work with newer bukkit builds (tested with 438)
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed incompatibility with ControllerBlock (Thanks to Hell_Fire)
    Version 1.02
    • Fixed placing fences when clicking blocks like Chests, Workbenches, Furnaces etc.
    Version 1.01
    • Fixed the item duping bug
    Version 1.0
    • First public release.

    This plugin was made because of this topic.
    The plugin was tested with craftbukkit build 326. It may work with older versions, but this can lead to errors or other unwanted results. Please submit bugs & suggestions.
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    Just a heads up

    This plugin will be broken for new builds as of tonight.
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    It was fixed, but the first download link for 1.11 is actually 1.10. The 1.11 link in the changelog is correct though.
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    Ahh thanks. Hadn't noticed :)
  5. Yeah.... Good plugin, but it doesn't take the fences from your inventory.

    Will take it off until that's fixed.
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    Just loaded 1.11 on my test server (mirrors my public server but with new revs), and it gracefully shuts down the server when I place fence. Nothing but normal shutdown events are logged at the console. Reverted back to 1.10 and was able to place fence without the behavior. CB#432.
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    Okay, so I downloaded the correct v1.11, put it in the plugins folder, and then started my server. Fencestack does not appear to be loading, and I know for sure that it is not working on the server. What might I be doing wrong here?
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    Sorry for this stupid bug once again.. Fixed the bug that caused errors when placing fence (and duping the fence then) in v1.12

    @epiqu1n Which craftbukkit build are you using? Does it still happen with v1.12?
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    does not load in build 450. please fix it. this is a great plugin and it makes minecraft so much better, and when craftbook comes out this will be god like

    Never mind the new version fixed this

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    Fences can still be duped with this plugin on #CB440. Say, you place 20 fences very rapidly. When you break them all, you have 45, because your plugin thinks you didn't place a fence, but actually did.
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    Got a pretty big error today. Not sure what the user was doing with the fences. Bukkit 447 fencestack 1.11


    I'll try updating to 1.12 to see if that helps.
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    This error should be fixed in 1.12.
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    I am using the most recent CraftBukkit build, but it's alright now. I downloaded v1.12 and it works perfectly. Thanks.
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    nice [​IMG]
    hate to go around reporting bugs, but i feel i should report them as i see them..
    a fence acts as a solid block that you can't walk through (like you can with redstone or signs)
    with other solid blocks, you can't place them when you're occupying the same space
    with this plugin, fences behave like nonsolid blocks while placing

    other than that, seems to work great :)
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    Any headway into getting torches on fenses?
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    I'm really bummed that this plugin is bugged in newer Bukkit builds. It's one of my favorite plugins, and if I were a code-monkey, I'd update it myself.
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    Been using this plugin for a little while now and I think its great!

    I also have to put my vote in, for placing torches on the tops of fences.. :p
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    I hope recanu will forgive me when he gets back.
    But I took a look at the source code (which I think is outdated) and fixed some things up.

    some bug fixes
    • no longer places two fences when placing into snow.
    • can't place where you are standing.
    I'm not a plugin developer though, I'm not sure if I am allowed to post a link here.
    So I will, but just remember I don't have the title, use at your own risk.

    FenceStack 1.12-jd (Build 556)

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    good job fixing this up jynxdaddy, just tested on my server. no problems with it
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    i wasn't a "plugin developer" when i took over the development of bettershop.. in fact, that was the second program i'd written in java at the time
    i'd encourage you to keep working on it, and also keep the code publicly available (i use git)
    these changes are great! see what else you can do :)
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  22. nice jynxdaddy ! Thanks for fixing it so quickly !
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    Also works with RB612
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    Thanks Ditto8353.

    I'll have a new version out soon and put it in a new thread. I'll link here when it's done.
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    This still work?

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