[INACTIVE][MECH] Exploding Electrons v0.1 - Makes lightning more interesting [740]

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    Exploding Electrons - Makes natural lightning that little bit more exciting
    Version: v0.1

    This plug-in makes normal lightning look crap, in its place we added a
    little bang to it, strikes now create explosion where they land or they or
    strike the same spot multiple time in space of a second or Both!

    PLEASE DO NOT use with plug-ins that spawn lightning, it makes ALL
    lightning behave in the way described in the config file.
    if you wish to use these lightning add-ons only for human spawned lightning
    then use my Zeus plug-in.

    • fully configurable
    • Can create explosions where strikes hit
    • Can Strike the same spot multiple times
    • makes Lightning a little more realistic / deadly
    Download Exploding Electrons

    Version 0.1
    • First release of Exploding electrons
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    Looks great, can you configure the size of the explosion?
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    Yes its all in the config file
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    Tom Heek

    Can you make a video?
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    I love this plugin and i also love WeatherGod, but whenever i need to manually zap someone it blows up the whole ground :p
    So i was wondering if you can make it so that your plugin's config is separate from other lightning/weather plugins, so i can still punish a player, without the mass destruction

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    This will just make my trees go on fire more quickly... :D
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    awesome. Thanks!
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    thanks all for the feed back. in terms of support for a mod that its-self spawns lightning i think my only option will be for you to my Zeus plugin, in the 0.8 update of that plugin i will add support for separate strikes.

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    If you want to make it ultra-realistic then sand should turn to glass when struck
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    Umm...I dunno about you, but I don't see patches of glass on the beach after a thunderstorm. So I don't think I'd call it ultra-realistic :p
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    i dont know about you but they dont look like glass, more like rock
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    in the next release could you please and in lightning rods so you make a block and then the lightning will always hit there when there's a thunderstorm
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    Yes, but they're actually fused silica (which is glass) - the reason they look like rock is they're full of impurities from the rest of the dirt and sand. Maybe it should cause lava for half a second (moving only so it can't be harvested; according to wikipedia this stuff is molten for a brief period for up to 1 second) and then it will "solidify" into glass. If you don't like the idea maybe I should get off my arse and write a new plugin:)

    I like this idea, perhaps when iron blocks are built the plugin can keep a list, and lighting strikes are "attracted" to the higher blocks? Is there a block that would be more appropriate for this?
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    If you add a command to toggle explosions ingame, that would deal with the problem of 'for user based thunder'. I'd use your thor addon, but commandbook is needed for some of the stuff it has. They would overlap.

    Edit: for the conductor, iron or redstone ore would be cool. redstone ore would be impossible without item spawning though. Or you could just make the block type an option in the config.
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    Any chance of some multi-world capabilities? I.e., only explosive lightning in one of my worlds.
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    Considered inactive.

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