[INACTIVE][MECH] EekRunes v1.4.0.19 - Runecraft Port (Now reads magic.dat!)

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    The latest version can always be downloaded from here:

    Code can be obtained from https://github.com/Eeketh/EekRunes

    I am attempting to port the below to Bukkit, because there's a lot of functionality I've been missing.
    (Note: the original Runecraft mod is by Superllama. He doesn't intend to port anything until Notch releases the API, so it looks like this will be the only Runecraft for Bukkit)

    So far, only the 7 below runes have been ported:
    • Secret Passages
    • Waypoints/Teleporters
    • Compass
    • Oracle
    • Freezer Rune
    • Chrono Trigger
    • Power Tool (power pick/shovel)
    Runes can also be loaded/unloaded using the following commands:
    • /eekRuneAdd <name>
    • /eekRuneDel <name>
    • /eekRuneReload <name>
    • /eekRuneList will list all the loaded runes
    Please note that the rune name when loading is case sensitive.

    Runes can be switched on/off by editing the settings.ini file created when you first run the plugin.
    If more runes are added after you have run the program, they will be added to your settings.ini file as disabled.

    Note: There are some slight differences with the way my hidden passages work:

    1) The keystone is always used as the "ink". Whatever the keystone is made of, the entire door will be made of.
    (note: I believe the previous system either used it as ink, or a key you needed to use, depending on how rare the block was. Nobody I know uses keys, so I didn't think it important)
    2) The door activation can now be triggered by redstone.
    3) If you right-click the keystone while holding a redstone torch, you will ONLY be able to open the door with redstone - right-clicking will not work.
    (this is to keep secret doors harder to find)

    Superllama - Original Runecraft creator.
    @MRH - code to read from Runecraft's data file.
    @Herr Riz - NotRunecraft code
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    Same here. Also this bug: I and other ones on my server build two-way-teleportrunes, a waypointrune with a teleportrune directly above it. Everytime i use a teleportrune where i have to put in a keyblock, and facing the middle block of the waypointrune under the teleportrune while placing the keyblock, minecraft tries to teleport me (it freezes somewhere between start and destination) and the server and also the client crash with a nullpoint exception.
    Nothing other than Eekrunes on Craftbukkit (latest build both) is installed.
    If i place the keyblock (note that although the waypointrune is made from diamondblocks, it doesnt matter which
    tier-keyblock i place, it teleports me nevertheless) while aiming not on the middleblock from the waipointrune under it, it still works.

    edit: was too lazy to add the build, but here is it now: craftbukkit #339
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    Iron doors work very similar in that they need power from a button or a redstone torch. If I place a torch on the ground in front of an iron door, it'll open. when I knock the torch away, it closes. I tried setting up a hidden door with redstone, but nothing I do gets it to close. I tried a switch, button, torch right in front of the door. nothing would close it.

    IMO, the best way to set up that rune is so it'll open when you place a redstone torch in front of the hidden door, because a button kinda defeats the purpose of the hidden door, and if you have worldguard, if you've protected the area your redstone door is in, other people won't be able to place a torch to open the door.
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    dont mean to nag, but in the origonal runecraft the passages could be made as long as you wanted by adding more ore and blocks

    also creating a hidden passage on the floor in the origonal did a minimum of one block long for the actual passage., not 2

    just wondering is this an easy fix?

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    Thanks so much, was hoping somebody would port Runecraft.
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    Good job on all the runes. Thanks again.
    About the power tools though, the shovel in Runecraft dug an extra depth compared to the pick axe, and if you died, or restarted the server, you would still have your rune power until you used it all up. I restarted the server and it seems I do not have my power tools, both axe and shovel were almost newly powered up.

    Thanks again for the hard work ;)

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    Can you please fix the problems I'm having with the hidden passages? Hidden floor passages don't work and hidden passages bigger than 2 blocks don't work either.
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    some of my hidden passeges since the update work but others will either open and wont close, or close and wont reopen. but the teleporters and waypoints seem alright...
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    I've used them in Runecraft to make all my other teleporters; I know it works there. It's definitely a bug, if I build either a waypoint or teleporter in stone double steps, it doesn't register. I want to add, this is very annoying, since I want all my teleporters to keep the same style.
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    I think you misunderstand the question :)
    I need to know what tier it is, because the wiki doesn't say.
    Is it the same as a single step, or is it a higher tier?
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    Could you please fix this:
    [WARNING] Using the stupidly long constructor net.seinfinium.eek.EekRunes(PluginLoader, Server, PluginDescriptionFile, File, File, ClassLoader) is no longer recommended. Go nag the plugin author of EekRunes to remove it! (Nothing is broken, we just like to keep code clean.)
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    The 1.3 update totally broke the power tools rune. You can make it and enchant a tool but then nothing happens. Is this just me? This is the closest plugin to the actual Runecraft and I would like to keep using it :)
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    It also broke teleporters that use keystones. Here is the error I'm getting in console when I try to use the teleporter:

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    Wondering if there is any way to destroy a waypoint rune? With Runecraft, just disrupting one of the cobblestone blocks would destroy and alert you to its destruction. I've tried to destroy one of my waypoints by removing the entire rune and digging 2 blocks down. I still teleport to the same position even without a rune and am completely unable to activate a new waypoint with the same signature elsewhere.
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    Soul Reaper

    you have to open the waypoint and teleporter txt and manually remove.
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    That's what I was hoping to avoid.
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    Just so you know if you haven't been reading the original Runecraft thread, Superllama officially announced that his update for 1.3 will support Bukkit. The new version should be out this Sunday at the latest. He got a bit delayed since the announcement was made but should be back on track soon for release. Here is the thread page for you all.
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    Awww, he said he wasn't going to.
    I guess EekRunes is redundant now :) oh well
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    "And yeah, I'm hoping to finish the port tonight, but I'm having a friend over so he might not let me ignore him for a few hours. At the longest it would be monday. By the way, special thanks to all of you who donated in the last three days-- it's been quite motivating and I really want to finish the port as soon as I have enough time to actually do it. I might get some of xyvaz's suggestions in too, I really like them. This release will also have bukkit support as I mentioned before.

    EDIT: Nevermind guys! Zeerix just came to the rescue and ported it. Uploading now for testing, and I'll put it on the OP if everything works.
    EDIT 2: Or not. Bukkit just did something weird and now it needs to be updated for that too. Just when I thought I could release it..."

    With his luck, you just might have a while! Haha.
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    Redundant or not. Should RC really hit and actually work with bukkit, I would like to express my thanks for your effort Eek, eekrunes helped tide our server over the time for the actual RC release.
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    Is there anyway to limit this to a certain group? I would like to allow only a certain class the ability to use runes.

    other than that this looks really nice. I could pry find a workaround for the group thing but i figured i would ask.
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    Could you make a command so you could set up only admin runes (The faith rune could be op only...)
    keep up the good work
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    Powerpick does not seem to work? b.432
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    You should think about adding a changelog to your thread, so people can see when it was last updated and what was updated.
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    Brennan Mathers

    dont know if someone has said this already but, the secret door rune is SOOOO abusable.
    Please make the door destroy itself when someone destroys the door or keystone.
    Right now you can change the keystone into diamond and mine and mine and mine. Infinite diamonds...

    otherwise its awsome!
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    I love this mod. Only issue I am having is Runes don't destory themselfs. I can take apart an entire hidden passage, but it a put something in the head block space it re-creates it
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    Hey, whats about adding a feature to implement iConomy?
    It would be great to have costs for using teleporters :)
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    Any ETA on another update? I don't want to complain, because I am just happen to have runes, but if feels like it has been a while since I saw any progress.
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    Er, you guys know that RuneCraft has been officially released for Bukkit right? There really is no reason to use Eekrunes now.


    In any case, Eekrunes has served its purpose quite well as a placeholder for the real thing and I applaud the plugin author for making this in the first place. I do look forward to more plugins from Eeketh.
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    Is someone interested in a Programm to Convert from EekRunes to Runecraft? (Waypoints and Teleporter)
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    How can i delete a Door Rune? Destroying doesn't work...

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