[INACTIVE][MECH] EekRunes v1.4.0.19 - Runecraft Port (Now reads magic.dat!)

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    The latest version can always be downloaded from here:

    Code can be obtained from https://github.com/Eeketh/EekRunes

    I am attempting to port the below to Bukkit, because there's a lot of functionality I've been missing.
    (Note: the original Runecraft mod is by Superllama. He doesn't intend to port anything until Notch releases the API, so it looks like this will be the only Runecraft for Bukkit)

    So far, only the 7 below runes have been ported:
    • Secret Passages
    • Waypoints/Teleporters
    • Compass
    • Oracle
    • Freezer Rune
    • Chrono Trigger
    • Power Tool (power pick/shovel)
    Runes can also be loaded/unloaded using the following commands:
    • /eekRuneAdd <name>
    • /eekRuneDel <name>
    • /eekRuneReload <name>
    • /eekRuneList will list all the loaded runes
    Please note that the rune name when loading is case sensitive.

    Runes can be switched on/off by editing the settings.ini file created when you first run the plugin.
    If more runes are added after you have run the program, they will be added to your settings.ini file as disabled.

    Note: There are some slight differences with the way my hidden passages work:

    1) The keystone is always used as the "ink". Whatever the keystone is made of, the entire door will be made of.
    (note: I believe the previous system either used it as ink, or a key you needed to use, depending on how rare the block was. Nobody I know uses keys, so I didn't think it important)
    2) The door activation can now be triggered by redstone.
    3) If you right-click the keystone while holding a redstone torch, you will ONLY be able to open the door with redstone - right-clicking will not work.
    (this is to keep secret doors harder to find)

    Superllama - Original Runecraft creator.
    @MRH - code to read from Runecraft's data file.
    @Herr Riz - NotRunecraft code
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    It works! Yupi! THX A LOT !!!!!
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    Oh, okay ^_^
    I fixed one thing I thought it might be when I uploaded :p
    --- merged: Jan 28, 2011 9:15 PM ---
    I've added power picks/power shovels
    They're not finished yet because I'm not entirely sure how they're meant to work.

    Currently, you can use power pick on grass, and the grass runes around it will be pick-up-able, should that be grass or dirt, and should that only work with shovel?
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    It's suppost to drop dirt not grass o; and nope in runecraft you could also mine dirt with the power pickaxe wich made the power pickaxe pretty useless cuz it's just faster on dirt / sand.. wich you're usualy not mining tons of ( but well.. since there's sandstone and whatnot.. who knows)

    But yeah in runecraft you could use it on dirt etc, and the // pickaxe of worldedit together with the /area command behaves just like the runecraft pickaxe did; maybe you could take a look at that ^_^

    cheers; and keep up that great runecraft port.
    if you got any further questions just ask ^_^; our members pretty much raped the runecraft plugin every day lol.
    --- merged: Jan 29, 2011 1:25 AM ---
    I just noticed thanks to bukkit we can use your doors as elevators =p just build a simple door and then build a tower on top of it.. stand inside of the door and close it => bam you get warped on top :D
    there's your lift till craftbook is done lol..

    but oh well; i've played around with this mod for a bit now did all kinds of doors etc.. even 4 blocks wide and 10 blocks high gates.. worked pretty good :b ; also traps on the floor that opened when walking over preasureplates; but i'm missing another rune :D the one you could kreate "keystones" with o: or w/e you wanna call it :3
    you could make bigger hidden "doors" or "floors" than 1x3 wich would make it easyer than it is atm :3 it is possible but a pain in the ass using 200 redstone wires :3 combining 20 doors to one :D ... that's how i made a giant gate and a floor trap to death lol.. ( just for testing the plugin)

    but other than that it worked suprisingly well now =) no duping no nothing ; just nice <3 thanks - also.. this is just an idea =) or maybe we could link doors so we don't need that much redstones o; like.. if we open one with redstones the others touching that one could also open/close if there's a redstone torch on them or w/e.. idk much about modding :x
    just sayin.. ( yeah great excuse i know)

    keep up your work bud

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    can you guys tell me what I'm doing wrong for the portal?
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    Have you tried using something other than Obsidian for the center stone? Do the signature stones match exactly with those of the waypoint? Your waypoint is activated?
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    It's the torches in the corner, the corners have to be empty :)
    --- merged: Jan 30, 2011 2:30 PM ---
    My awful code is now available on github \o/ (that's a guy cheering, if you didn't know)

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    Hmm .. you are using my Exception (written in german) but catch this Exception in the same Function...
    That's Bad-Practice :)

    But it is funny to look over my Code :D
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    after creating the rune (either wapoint or teleporter) what direction must you be facing? managed to make a teleporter but now can't seem to get the waypoint to register even after creating it. also can you enbed the rune in the ground? or must you keep it above the surface you want to use?
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    you can have it in the ground, but the corners must be air when you create it.
    You can fill in the corners once it's been created
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    got it thanks :) also feel like playing on my trash server?
    --- merged: Jan 30, 2011 8:05 PM ---
    btw is the powerpicks/shovels actually in yet or have to wait for update? looking @ it in wiki and youtube and that looks very handy :)
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    It's in, but not working correctly yet - using it on grass makes all the grass around it drop grass.
    I submitted a feature request so you can tell what things're meant to drop, gonna do other runes in the meantime
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    Power Pick Axe / Shovel
    When creating the rune as described on the Runecraft wiki, the amount of times you can use the effect depends on the tier of the signature used. Tt is: 7 * Tier. For example tier 1 block of Cobblestone will give you 7 uses ( 7 * 1 = 7 ). Tier 5 signature of Obsidian will give you 35 uses ( 7 * 5 = 35 ). This applies to the Power Shovel as well. You get a certain number of uses depending on the tier of the signature block uses in the Rune creation.

    You also only need to right click the center in between the redstone and the signature block to activate the tool.

    You can use any metal tool (Iron, Gold, Diamond). If a tool wears out, you can just use another one of the same type. If you run out of tools, you can still create another of the same type (Iron, Gold, Diamond), and continue to use your Rune effect. The tool type (iron, gold, diamond) you chose for the tool (shovel, pick axe) will remain "enchanted" with the Rune effect until the Rune effect wears out.

    In RuneCraft, if you still had any effects left (1-n) on a tool, and you used the Power Rune again on that active tool, you would lose all your previous counters, and start back up at the initial value that you just created with the tier value of your signature blocks. For example, having 28 turns left on my Power Pick Axe Diamond, and then I create the Power Rune and using my Diamond Pick Axe, I would lose the 28, and start over with the initial amount generated. If I was using Obsidian as the signature, I would start over with 35 uses, and not 63 (35+28). ** I would recommend maybe changing this? Cumulative? Maybe not? LOL **

    When hitting a surface, it will take out only the exact blocks of the same type, except for dirt/grass, which it considers the same. It does not take out water or lava. If there are 4 blocks of Coal in the 3x3x2 area (or 3x3x3 -- see below), they will remain if you targeted the non-Coal block, i.e. Stone. Same with Redstone, or anything you do not target, if it does not match the selected block type, it just stays there. The only exception is for Sand and Gravel. if they were above a block that was removed, then they fall down as normal.

    Hitting the surface of a block will cause a 3wide x 3high x 2 deep (away from you) cube to be eliminated. If you are facing the ceiling, this object is applied upward (3x3x2), downward, left, right. The object is relative to your position.
    The Power Shovel will generate a cube of 3x3x3 relative to you and the surface you are facing.

    If you pick/shoevel one block out of the flat surface, and power pick into the block (which is now one level/block deep), it will take out 3x3x2 from that block, but also the 1 layer deep at the level of the pick axe. This makes the destruction cube 3x3x3, minus 1 block that you took out from the flat surface in order to get in one layer deeper.
    Note if you do this with the shovel in Runecraft, where you dig out one block from the flat surface, and power shovel dig one layer/block deeper, you will generate a 3x3x4(deep) destruction cube. So the Power Shovel cube volume is always bigger by one layer deep.


    I hope this explains the Power Pick Axe / Shovel. It is dense, but all is pretty much detailed.

    If you have more questions, please ask in the forum or in PM :)

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    does it read existing waypoints?
    I just made a teleporter to a known waypoint and it says the waypoint doesnt exist...
    the 4 corners are air

    any ideas?
    --- merged: Jan 31, 2011 9:14 PM ---
    where does this plugin look for the magic.dat file ? in the world directory?
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    Herr Riz

    Looks like I'll be helping out. =)
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    The magic.dat file goes in plugins/EekRunes/
    It's only read if there's no teleports.ini or waypoints.ini, because it doesn't want to overwrite anything.

    Having said that, I'm not sure it actually works yet - I've now been sent a world, including magic.dat, so I can test it myself :)
    --- merged: Feb 1, 2011 1:12 PM ---
    Freezer rune tested, now released.
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    Woa, we can keep the old ports from RuneCraft? Was this mentioned somewhere else and I missed it?

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    I like to test something before announcing it officially :)
    I've been sent a whole world and magic.dat now, so I'll test it when I get some free time
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    Hi there; I tried the magic.dat conversion (I know its not tested)
    When I started the craftbukkit server, I got this message.

    No magic.dat file to load.
    Could not load waypoint state - starting new waypoint list
    Could not load teleport state into converter - starting new teleport list
    EekRunes loaded!

    magic.dat was in the plugins/eekrunes folder as stated above.
    --- merged: Feb 1, 2011 5:09 PM ---
    Also if you are adding more runes, may I request chrono trigger? That + teleport is about all we use.
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    Chrono trigger and freezer were done last night :)
    Freezer tested today (just realised I forgot to upload the jar though...)
    Chrono trigger not tested yet, will say when ^_^
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    Can you add versions to the releases? So we know which was the last we have, and which is the new we need :) Thanks.

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    Wow you are quick! I can't wait to test. Any ideas on the magic.dat conversion? Thanks very much for all your effort on this.
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    In the current state, you can not differ between a missing magic.dat or a failiar within the convertion.
    Would it be possible to get different Messages for those two events?
    (Catch RuntimeException and Exception ;) )
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    Chrono rune tested, bugfixed, released.

    Will likely test the magic.dat on Thursday as it's got an hour left on the world download, and I'm planning to go to bed soon. (I don't do Wednesdays)
    --- merged: Feb 1, 2011 10:37 PM ---
    As requested, latest version is now
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    Nice Job Eeketh!
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    Nice! Thanks for the version in the title, appreciated. I'll see what I can do with the Power tools.
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    No need, Herr Riz has sent me the NotRunecraft code, includes the huge list of drops, so I just need to copy and paste it :)
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    Once the magic.dat converter is implemented, i'll test and post my results. Thanks!
    --- merged: Feb 2, 2011 12:57 AM ---
    Did the chrono trigger rune change since runecraft? I can't seem to get it to work (using same map that worked on runecraft)

    I tried activating it, no messages
    Tried using the redstone to change day/night, didn't do anything

    Any ideas?
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    Are you considering making this Permissions compatible? It would be nice to set only certain players or groups as able to use runes. Especially once your get around to adding runes like Fire Sword and Power Pick.
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    Did you enable it?
    When I add new runes, they default to off so I don't annoy anyone who just wants an update without having to go through the settings.
    If you go into the settings.ini it should have chrono=false ?
    --- merged: Feb 2, 2011 8:40 AM ---
    I'll add commands for it at some point, to enable/disable without reloading...
    --- merged: Feb 2, 2011 8:42 AM ---
    I do intend to make this work with permissions, however I believe bukkit is still implementing an official permissions system and doesn't want people using the plugin

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