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    DwarfCraft - Player progression plugin with skills that are improved by training(not xp):
    Current Version: v1.01
    Authors: smartaleq, LexManos and RCarretta

    DwarfCraft is a plugin for minecraft (via Bukkit) that allows players to improve their characters skills and capabilities. Players can pay trainers to improve their skills, which provides benefits such as increased weapon damage, decreased tool wear, increased drops from blocks or mobs, etc. Because of the training system, DwarfCraft can provide an interesting and fun RPG base for Survival MP servers that will remain relevant and interesting for casual and intense players alike.

    • Players may choose to play as Dwarves or Elves. Switching resets all skills. The race names are entirely configurable.
    • Elves play very similar to vanilla Minecraft with slight nerfs for balance (to farming mostly)
    • Dwarves have 40+ skills that progress from level 0 (worse that normal) to level 30 (extremely proficient). Each skill has several effects. Most effects reach par at skill level 5. New supported skills will be released.
    • Skills are improved by paying a training cost to a trainer. Server admins may place trainers and customized messaging NPC. Skill costs increased with level and balanced to encourage specialization.
      • Example: To train"Pickaxe Use" from 0 to 1 cost 16 cobblestone. To train from 15 to 16 cost 640. At level 0 pickaxes degrade 20% faster than normal, at level 20 they degrade about 45% slower.
    • Skills and Effect details are easily found through in-game commands. A general summary of skills is in the post below, along with design goals discussion.
    Players - Getting Started:

    Show Spoiler

    Welcome, Dwarf <whateveryournameis>!
    To get started in a DwarfCraft world, you should know what it is, exactly, that is different.

    Your mining sucks. You get less coal, iron, cobblestone, and gold. Your sword does pitiful damage. Animals don't drop things when you punch them. Falling hurts. A lot. Burning too. Zombies rearrange your face. Dirt doesn't pile up quite like it used to. For some reason when you craft planks you make less. Three sticks too. And less fences and stairs. Also, raw pork isn't very filling. And farming seems totally worthless.

    Guess what? You're a level 0 Dwarf.
    I know it seems awful now, being the brunt of jokes and suffering all that punishment, but I have good news, friend. At least you're not an elf! See, the elves gloat now, with their 1.0 stone drop rate and their filling porkchops, but after you spend the time to level your bowman skill to master and turn their day to night with a hail of 3.5 damage per shot arrows... well, then they'll be sorry!

    The road to mastery may be hard, Dwarf, but the payoff is well worth it- Diamonds dropping by the handful, creepers leaving 5 gunpowder behind with their corpse, your sword dealing double damage to monsters, and cliff falls leaving nary a scratch. Along the way, you may find your calling as a crafter as well. Just as you depend on your friends for supplies, they may depend on your specialties. Craft 4 times as many brickblocks as your neighbor? That's a marketable skill, my friend!

    So off with you, Dwarf, into the wilds of your world (and one day to the Nether, perhaps)! Start by discussing the terms of your advancement with the local trainers. When you've gathered their material demands, sock it to 'em, and see your diligence rewarded with an ever-improving arsenal of advantages.

    Players - Getting the most out of DwarfCraft:
    Show Spoiler

    You'll benefit the most from DwarfCraft by doing two things:
    1) Get your skill levels in the necessities up to a reasonable level. No matter what your playstyle is, you probably want most of the stone and wood skills to 5 (the cost is small and the payoff large). The same is true of climbing and sword skills, or you may find yourself dead much more often than you're used to.
    2) Pick a few activities you love to do and train train train! If you're only marginally better than someone else, they won't have much use in trading with you. Try and get 1 or 2 skills to 20 that you can leverage to gather other valuable materials. If you're a master sailor, don't spend all day mining cobblestone, go sailing on the lookout for pumpkins, mushrooms, and clay. If you're a monster hunter with a bow, 5 minutes out at night is worth far more than the hundred cobblestone you could collect.

    I'm not saying to stop doing things you find fun! Instead, train up the things you find fun so you can do it better and get rewarded for doing it.

    I'll use myself as an example. I far prefer chopping trees to mining for diamonds, and love to chase animals and explore. To support this, I trained these skills above level 5: woodchopping, axe use, woodcrafting, swordsman, animal hunting, and climbing. To shore up some weaknesses, I traded several stacks of logs for several stacks of cobblestone, because I have poor cobblestone mining skill and my friend has poor lumberjack skills. I used the stone to train up the Excavator and Quarry Worker skills to 5, so that I can manage to get cobblestone when i need it, without suffering the very low drop rates at level 0. When I want cobblestone for constructions, its often very easy to find someone in need of wood. I also do woodcrafting (1 log -> 6 planks) in exchange for fee or a cut. When I find a diamond vein while digging, I usually leave it, and sell the location information to a better diamond miner.

    Sometimes, my mining friend(RCarretta) and I will go on adventures exploring underground caves. I'll take the point through natural caves, with sword and bow at the ready, while he harvests the ores we find. When we reach a dead end, we dig in different directions, and take the first new path together. We're able to survive very long times underground with very little additional supplies because I carry extra leather for armor and can handle most creature situations, and his tools last quite a while. High level gravel digging keeps me supplied with flint and decent monster hunter skill pulls a sizable amount of feathers from zombies, which combine to keep my quiver topped off.

    Admins - How to install DwarfCraft
    DwarfCraftV1.04.zip contains updated jar and sqlite file. Do not mix with pre-V1.03 config files.
    DwarfCraftV1.01.zip. Unzip the archive to your CraftBukkit root directory. Use this if looking for a stable build.
    Show Spoiler

    Archive Contents:
    /plugins/DwarfCraft/DwarfCraft.config - General server config variables including race names and file locations
    /plugins/DwarfCraft/Messages.config - Configurable plugin messages, such as welcome, info, rules, etc.
    /plugins/DwarfCraft/GreeterMessages.config - Flatfile storage of NPC greeter messages. For version 1.0, greeter messages must be manually added before the NPC is created. Dynamic message insertion is on the roadmap for future versions.
    /plugins/DwarfCraft/skills.config and effects.config - Supported skills and effects. Any change to these may result in unexpected errors. If you would like help in customizing balance for your server, contact smartaleq via PM.
    /plugins/DwarfCraft/dwarfcraft.db - A sqlite database, pre-created empty for you. If you want to reset your players completely, delete this and create a new file of the same name.
    /lib/sqlite.jar - A required library for SQLite to operate

    DwarfCraft has no plugin dependencies, and should play well with others. Some notes:
    • [Econ] Econ plugins are recommended with DwarfCraft. Training for "currency" will not be supported (ever!), so trade, auction, or shop plugins will likely help your players get their hands on those oh-so-valuable pumpkins early.
    • [Mech] Transmutation plugins may conflict, crafting plugins may conflict. Using DwarfCraft with McMMO, Skills, LevelCraft, etc. will likely screw everything up. Other Mech plugins may or may not work. Generally, the more they affect player actions, the more likely they are to cause problems.
    • [Chat] [Fun] [TP] and [Info] plugins should all work without any issues.
    • [Admin] [Sec] and [Gen] plugins will probably work.
    *Warning* Installing DwarfCraft on an existing world where players have large stockpiles of materials may completely screw up the balance of the mod. New or young worlds should be used if at all possible. If your players have every skill at 20 and think that the game is too easy, stockpiles were your problem. You've been warned.

    NO PERMISSIONS WILL BE SUPPORTED UNTIL BUKKIT INTEGRATION. Requests for permissions plugin integration will be ignored (and possibly ridiculed).

    Admins - Getting Started
    Show Spoiler

    First run instructions:
    After you have the DwarfCraft files installed, the first thing you'll need to do for your players to benefit from DwarfCraft is to create trainers.
    Join your server, go somewhere and type: /createtrainer Test1 TestTrainerDummy 1 30
    This will create a new trainer at your location(facing and look-direction) with name TestTrainerDummy, that trains skill #1 (pickaxe use) and can train to maximum level of 30(the max).
    Left click on him to verify skills are loaded.
    Give yourself 16 cobblestone.
    Right click on him to verify training is working.
    Type /skillsheet to verify that your skill increased to level 1.
    /save-all and restart the server. Verify that he is still there.
    type /removetrainer Test1 and verify that he has been removed.
    If you have any problems through this point: pm smartaleq

    Admins - Creating a playable DwarfCraft server
    Show Spoiler

    For your server to have a thriving community of dwarves, you will need to provide trainers for all the skills you want, in enough places to be convenient. You will also need rules that encourage either co-operation or competition for resources. If every player goes after the same skills, the plugin doesn't provide much benefit at all.
    As an example of a working community, the author's server has rules that require all trainers to be in an "appropriate" location, and not a room full of trainers. Most trainers created in the world are given a maximum training level of 15-20, based on where they are created. Only a few level 30 trainers are created. This gives our players an incentive to build impressive things, justifying the placement of "master" trainers. Using remote trainer creation, it is possible for an admin to create trainers without any hassles. As our baseline, each Towny town will eventually have one of every trainer the mayor desires.
    Read the Players sections for more thoughts on what your community may need.

    Admins - Support
    Show Spoiler

    Source Code is available at github.com/RCarretta/DwarfCraft
    Please do not post bugs or feature requests in this thread! Discussion and simple questions are perfect to put in the forum thread. Issues should go in the issue tracker on github- after you've searched to see if it's already there. Please report installation issues via PM to smartaleq

    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.04
    • Changed applicable sqlite driver.
    Version 1.03 Experimental
    • Added support for multiple races. Add race names to skills.config at the end of each line you want the race to inherit the skill.
    • Skillsheet and other skill commands will have spotty performance until integration is complete.
    Version 1.01
    • Removed player matching debug output.
    • Edited commands in plugin.yml to fix command not found errors
    • Set default debug level to 10, eliminating console spam. If you have reproducible problems, please set debug level to -10 and send in the appropriate sections of your log.
    Version 1.0
    • First published version


    Skill descriptions below. Categories are only for convenience, many skills cross categories or defy categorization completely.

    Tool Use Skills: These skills impact how quickly your tools will degrade. High levels will enable you to get as much as three times as many uses out of shovels, axes, and picks. See also Plowman and Swordsman skills.
    Show Spoiler

    [1] Pickaxe Use - Pickaxes
    [2] Shovel Use - Shovels
    [3] Axe Durability - Axes

    Harvesting Skills: There are many skills that effect the rate at which you gather materials from blocks such as stone, ores, dirt, sand, gravel, and logs. Higher skill levels will drop several of the desired block, and will increase the chance that you instantly break what you are digging or chopping.
    Show Spoiler

    [11] Excavator - Cobblestone instant-break
    [12] Quarry Worker - Cobblestone quantity
    [13] Ore Miner - Coal and Iron quantity
    [14] Gem Miner - Gold, Diamond, and Redstone quantity
    [21] Sand Digger - Sand quantity and instant-break
    [22] Gravel Digger - Gravel and Flint quantity and instant-break
    [23] Dirt Digger - Dirt quantity and Dirt/Grass instant-break
    [31] Woodcutting - Log quantity and instant-break

    Farming Skills: Several skill handle how effective you are at farming wheat or gathering other plant materials. The Plowman skill also affects the durability of plows. Note that in DwarfCraft it is much harder to gather both seeds and wheat, so level 0 farmers will not be able to provide an endless supply of bread.
    Show Spoiler

    [4] Plowman - Plow durability and Seed Quantity from hoeing grass.
    [41] Wheat Farmer - Quantity of Wheat and Seeds from reaping grown Crops
    [42] Exotics Farmer - Cane(Reed) and Cactus Quantity
    [74] Florist - Flowers and Pumpkins Quantity

    Crafting Skills: The crafting skills affect how many of an item you craft when using the normal recipe at a crafting bench. Many crafting skills have additional effects.
    Show Spoiler

    [32] Woodsplitter - Planks and Sticks
    [51] Mason - Cobblestone Tiles and Steps and Smooth Stone Tiles
    [53] Woodcrafter - Ladders, Fences, Doors, Signs, and Wood Tiles and Steps
    [61] Bookmaker - Books
    [62] Brickmaker - Brick Blocks
    [63] Demolitionist - TNT and damage from explosions.
    [65] Railworker - Rail sections
    [66] Cook - Bread, and health from cake and cooked pork
    [67] Fletcher - Arrows

    Damage Reduction Skills: In addition to Demolitionist reducing damage from explosions, there are skills that effect fire, falling, suffocation, and lava damage. There are also skills that affect the durability and crafting count of armor.
    Show Spoiler

    (Repeat) [63] Demolitionist - Damage from explosions
    [64] Firestarter - Damage from fire, durability of Flint and Tinder
    [72] Climbing - Damage from falls, short fall forgiveness
    [86] Exotic Armor - Damage from lava, drowning. Gold armor durability.
    [83] Scout - Leather armor durability, amount crafted, projectile damage reduction.
    [84] Soldier - Iron armor durability, amount crafted

    Combat Skills: The Swordsman and Bowman skills affect the damage you do with those weapons. The swordsman skill also has a durability effect.
    Show Spoiler
    [85] Archer - Arrow Damage and Enemy Feather/Arrow Drops
    [87] Swordsman - Sword Damage and Durability

    Hunting Skills: These skills allow a player to gather more resources for killing enemies with sword or bow. Note that this mod completely removes drops from creatures killed in any other way, to prevent "automated mob farming"
    Show Spoiler

    [81] Animal Hunter - Pig, Cow, Sheep, Chicken
    [82] Monster Hunter - Creeper, Skeleton, Spider
    (Repeat)[85] Archer - Zombie

    Exploration Skills: These skills benefit activities related to exploring, travel, and adventure. The effects vary widely, but should result in more successful forays into the wilderness, and more valuable materials brought home.
    Show Spoiler

    [71] Sailor - Boat Travel Speed and Boat break results (sailor>15 allows recoverable boats)
    [73] Survivalist - Health gained from uncooked pork, fish, and mushroom stew
    [75] Dungeon Delver - Monster Spawners can drop Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Lapis blocks

    Other Skills: See details -
    Show Spoiler

    [8] Smelter - Effects the duration of smelter fuel, especially lava buckets. Not implemented.
    [91] Citizen - (With Towny) contributes to the resident's town max size.
    [92] Leader - (With Towny) affects the maximum town size, for town mayors.
    [99] Noble - Dwarf Fortress nobles are useless. DwarfCraft nobles mine obsidian better, and it costs 100s of eggs to train. Any player that collects 100s of eggs and spends all day mining obsidian is just like a Dwarf Fortress noble.

    Proposed Skills: These skills are ideas brought up in the thread or elsewhere, and are candidates for future implementation. None of these will be worked on before v1.0 is bug-free and widely used. -
    Show Spoiler

    [?] Repair Skill
    [?] Dyer or Wool/Cloth skill - produces more dye or more colored cloth per dye - costs dyes or colored wool to train
    [?] Running, Travel, or other movement speed related skill
    [?] Sandstone crafting skill
    [?] Fishing
    [?] Skills that unlock crafting recipes
    [?] Fertilizer skill affecting bonemeal and crops/saplings/pumpkins?.

    Training Item List
    Show Spoiler

    1 Pickaxe Use Cobblestone
    2 Shovel Use Dirt
    3 Axe Durability Log
    4 Plowman Wheat, Seeds
    8 Smelter Lava Buckets
    11 Excavator Cobblestone
    12 Quarry Worker Cobblestone
    13 Ore Miner Coal/Iron Ingot
    14 Gem Miner Gold Ingot/Diamond/Redstone
    21 Sand Digger Sand
    22 Gravel Digger Gravel
    23 Dirt Digger Dirt
    31 Lumberjack Log
    32 Woodsplitter Log
    41 Wheat Farmer Wheat, Seeds
    42 Plantation Farmer Reed, Cactus
    51 Mason Half-steps
    52 Glassworker Glass
    53 Woodcrafter Plank/Stick
    61 Bookmaker Paper/Books
    62 Brickmaker Bricks/Brickblock
    63 Demolitionist Gunpower/TNT
    64 Firestarter Fint + Tinder
    65 Railworker powered cart
    66 Cook Cake Block
    67 Fletcher Arrows
    71 Sailor Clay "ore"
    72 Climber Pumpkin
    73 Survivalist Mushrooms
    74 Florist Flower
    75 Dungeon Delver Saddles
    81 Animal Hunter Pork Leather Wool
    82 Monster Hunter String/Gunpowder
    83 Scout Leather Breastplates
    84 Soldier Iron Breasplates
    85 Archer Feather/Flint
    86 Exotic Armor gold hat/diamond shoes
    87 Swordsman Leather/String
    91 Citizen Bread
    92 Leader Cake
    99 Noble EGGGGS

    Obviously, this plugin was partially inspired by Dwarf Fortress. If you haven't played it yet, I highly recommend you play and donate: Dwarf Fortress & donate

    The goals of this plugin were to enable some sort of character progression in Minecraft with a focus on specialization and distinction between player capabilities.Because all players are equally adept at every task, making someone an "expert" miner costs 3 diamond and nothing more. We wanted to foster a community and world where players could distinguish themselves by becoming the go-to person for certain tasks.

    The first conceptualized skill was "Precious Stone Miner", which allows a skilled dwarf to gain more diamond, gold, or redstone from their ores. The thinking is that, by making it expensive to train the skill, each Town (or sub-group, or group of friends, etc.) would want to "invest" their resources in training up only a few individuals in that skill. If a non-skilled player found a large diamond vein or two, it would be beneficial for him to request the aid of the skilled player. The diamond player might only be passable at woodcutting, and would go to someone else for more efficient tree-cutting and plank crafting.

    Even with players becoming specialized, we didn't want anyone to feel 'gimped' and unable to compete. The skills were balanced so that at a moderate level (5 in most cases) a player was as good as a vanilla Minecraft player at the associated tasks. Next, we addressed how training should work so that it would be easy to get to level 5, but require significant teamwork to get above 20.

    For training, we wanted to use as wide an assortment of materials as possible while keeping the costs aligned with the benefits. Additionally, in vanilla Minecraft some materials are gathered in huge quantities and are rarely used because they are "ugly" such as dirt, gravel. Others are used sparingly because they have limited direct usefulness or are quickly out-classed such as flint, eggs, gold, string, even leather. We tried to make training use up the rarely used items in large amounts, while keeping often used items available for both training and use. The table below lists which items used are used to train which skills. Quantities are balanced so that level 0-5 should take less than 15 minutes, and never more than an hour.

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    Does this plugin feature a way to limit how many professions a person can become a master in (think Aion, GuildWars, The Elder Scrolls [sortof] or other RPGs that force a person to specialize OR re-spec). That way, someone can't just super-grind their way to being the top level in every class, i.e. you can only be level 30 in 5 classes, 25 in 10 and the rest only up to level 20. Is this configurable?
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    DwarfCraft takes the middle-road on super-levelers.The short answer is that there is no limit on progression, but it gets progressively harder.

    1. Skill costs are exponential, so becoming high level in an individual skill is quite difficult solo.
    2. Skill benefits are linear, so level 5 to 6 in a skill is the same benefit generally as 29-30, but costs about 90 times less.
    3. Skill costs are further multiplied by a "penalty" based on how many skills you have above level 5.
      1. The highest 1/4 of your skills above 5 train at normal costs. (minimum 4 skills are penalty-free)
      2. the 2nd quartile train at a slight penalty, based on total dwarf level (penalty = 1+(lvl/100+level)
      3. the 3rd and 4th quartile train at larger penalties, approx 1.5-2x and 2-3x the above penalty.
    The result is that if you had 40 skills at level 30, training the 41st skill up would cost about 20 times as much as normal. Generally the system is built to allow you 4 high skills with no penalties, and reasonably have 4-8 other high-ish skills.

    I dislike hard caps, and far prefer rewarding too-exceptional effort with increasingly smaller rewards

    Edit: The scaling has been rebalanced to keep pay-off time in the realm of reasonable. Level 29-30 is now 90 times as expensive as 5-6, instead of 200-800 times as expensive.
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    That. Is an excellent solution. I can't wait for this.
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    Omg i want the full verson now! go dwarf fortress!!
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    Anticipation :)
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    Looking forward to this[​IMG]
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    I have got to say this looks very promising, i think if you can shape this up and maybe do what others have said with certain ranks for certain of person that you are. I do love this idea of all these multiple skills and am definitely going to you use this on my server. I might give it a week before I start using it to allow for updates if needed :)
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    Ryan Carretta

    JumpFusion, can you clarify this comment?

    Are you talking about smartaleq's prior posts?
  10. This is quite possibly the best plugin I have seen, do you have any ETA on this by any chance?
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    Ryan Carretta

    The v1.0 release will happen when we are satisfied with the quality of the plugin, after it's undergone testing, etc. I think it is safe to say it will be at least a week and at most two. Just a guesstimate though. :)
  12. Ah I see - Understandable. Thanks for the heads up, will be waiting anxiously to add this to my server ! Keep up the good work :)
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    Firstly, well done good sir.


    Interested to know whether there are going to be skill trees or a free skills list.
    Also are there going to be any other races included?
    And lastly do you plan to extend the plugin, if so how?
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    Ryan Carretta

    The skills are grouped into 'schools' in that to train pickaxes, shovels, and axes, you need to be in the same 'school' - however at this time that is where the association ends. The skill list is free so long as you have the required 'turn in' materials to train in the skill and exist in the correct location.

    At this time we plan only to include dwarves (players with skills) and elves (players without skills). Human caravans and evil goblin sieges are not yet on the roadmap.

    Extension of the plugin in what sense? The server admin will be able to change the numeric values that skills confer (though we strongly advise against doing so). We are considering making a given skill affect certain plugins in meaningful ways, optionally, but this will almost assuredly not be in the first release. We are more interested at this point in putting a working game extension out than providing a 'skills' API through which other plugin developers can interface with DwarfCraft. That said, I am interested in this functionality, and it is something that may be on the table later.
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    Is it possible to make race names customizable via a text file ect? I have no java knowledge, and that will be great for me.

    Thanks for awesome mod. :)
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    Ryan Carretta

    Will look into this. No promises for first release.
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    This will be in the next build. Code will use Dwarf/Elf but the config file will have PrimaryRaceName: and SecondaryRaceName: that will effect all instances of the names in the UI.

    From a PM:
    There have been some internal discussions about tool repair:
    It is currently not implemented, but may be for 1.0. There are skills that manage the rate at which tools are damaged, which partially perform the same function (letting you carry less tools for the same work)

    At maximum tool-use skill level, tools last about 3-4 times as long, I worry that it would be hard to balance repair so that it is useful, but not too powerful. If one diamond full repairs a diamond pick, then diamond is essentially used 1/3 as fast. (too much diamond out there) If it takes 2.5 diamonds to full repair, thats not much better than making a new pick.

    One of the key skills in the mod relates to how fast blocks are mined out. If you had a decently high skill level there then iron picks would mine as fast as diamond, and diamond picks would be a little bit faster than that. With so much faster mining, you'll be getting more iron and diamond as well. With tool repair as well, the effect would compound because you wouldn't be using up iron and diamond as quickly.

    tl;dr we haven't decided yet, it's on the table and user interest may help it happen
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    I don't understand why a trainer would train you for cobblestone. It would make more sense if we could customize what you pay...or if nothing else, gold ingots.

    Gold is rare and needs to be WAY more valuable than it is.

    Also, it would be nice if you could customize this plugin so you can decide just how much of a boost you get / are penalized from level 1 - 30. Personally, I would want it to be somewhere between 50-100% difference between level 1 and 30 so as not to detract from the casual gameplay of the game.
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    Aro: You'll have to forgive the slight silliness in paying trainers in material instead of currency or a single item. One of the key goals of the plugin was to give players a reason to gather more diverse materials. If every trainer took gold, what would you do with all those eggs, feathers, flowers, pumpkins, paper, cactus, etc etc.

    Gold is used for payment for possibly the most "valuable" skill, precious stone mining, which requires redstone, gold, and diamond to train.

    Also, gold armor will eventually be getting some special properties, possibly anti-fire, anti-explosion, or similer.

    If you are a very hands-on server admin, you can adjust the exact amounts of all skill effects and how they scale. Documentation for this won't happen till well after 1.0
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    Please release soon, can't wait for it :D
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    Moved thread to plugin submissions as the plugin isn't actually released yet. Thread will be moved back when it fits the criteria.

    I think it looks interesting though, I am eager to see a release. :)
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    WIP and Development Status.
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    My bad, didn't see that sub forum. See why I leave these things to you. :)
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    This still being worked on? I haven't seen any updates in a while, and I'm greatly looking forward to using this mod. Thanks.
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    This is in very active development. Several key features are waiting on bukkit updates. If they don't happen very soon, a .95 public release is likely with those features missing.

    Also, one very critical and insidious bug remains to be worked out.
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    Woo! Can't wait to test this out.
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    where can i get the .jar ? also GO DWARF FORTRESS [​IMG]
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    SweetCraft Girl

    Will there only be "dwarf/elf" options?

    I love elves, but many more love to be humans only - options are great, hard limits like race leaving out 'human', not so great. Plug-in still looks great and i can't wait to see it in action.
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    Ryan Carretta

    This plugin was designed with another game in mind (Dwarf Fortress, link in 1st post). In DF, the player (typically) plays as 'the dwarves'. It's a meme in that community that elves are generally useless (and difficult to get along with), humans are fairly neutral trading peoples, and goblins are the evil enemies.

    Some other poster above asked about other races, and the races themselves will be configurable per that request. That all said, the races don't really mean anything as such. 'Dwarf' can be thought of as an alias for 'opted into the system' and 'Elf' can be thought of as 'vanilla minecraft player'. What you deem to call these two statuses as a server administrator will be up to you.
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    Just a friendly update to keep up the hype [​IMG]:

    Plugin release expected by 3/13.

    We are currently finalizing a few features, debugging commands, smashing the last bugs and will begin unit-testing late this week. It is our goal to release the plugin with no day-1 install headaches. Additionally, we may open our private server up for a demonstration of the plugin on release day.

    Comments and concerns are best said now, while things are "relatively" easy to change. Especially welcome is additions, modifications, or subtractions from the skills list. I've got balance handled, but would love to see what critical skills people would want to level.

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