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    [MECH] DevilsFun v0.1 - PvP at Night
    Devil's Fun is the ideal plugin for any PvP server.

    This plugin makes it so in the day, Angels protect you from harm. However when it is pitch black at night, Angel's can no longer control the world, and the Devils take over, allowing full out PvP. In other terms, PvP is off in the day, and is on at night.

    • Restricted PvP Times
    • You must change your properties to "pvp=true".
    • Does not work with ANY plugin that increases or decreases time of day or night
    • Whilst in the nether, this mod will take no effect. Works with MultiWorlds.
    Version 0.15
    • Removed debug message
    Version 0.1
    • Restricted PvP times
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    dude thank you so much this will god my server
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    this seems like a great plugin. Can we get more description?

    1. Can we set the times different?
    2. Is world guard effected?
    3. Permissions? (1 group can have pvp on all the time)
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    I may add those features later, thanks for the suggestions Daveyo!
    --- merged: Feb 23, 2011 6:27 AM ---
    v0.15 released just to remove a debug message I forgot to remove.
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    Haha, oh my dog. You keep doing these great plugins, first the "AngelList" for whitelist, now the angels vs devils. :) Lovely, do more of these heavenly plugins! I need them for AngelCraft. :p
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    This is just such a fantastic idea. Let people and noobs build during the day, and then at night get there gear on and hunt one another.

    Is it working 432? I am testing soon, but would like to see others
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    Yes it is working in 432, I have it running on my private test server along with all my other plugins :p.
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    ok, it works but if you adjust the time by /time day or /time night then it seems to be on it's own clock so pvp wont turn on.

    scratch this, works fine
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    Phantom Index

    Does this conflict with MultiVerse? Both of these plugins use the same method for enabling and disabling PvP. I'd be sad if I cant use this because MultiVerse.
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    I recommended being able to have an option to let users choose whether they participate or not.
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    any chance you could add to this plug in some? Maybe a "pvp is now on" at night or "no pvp at this time it is dayime" when people are attacking each other.
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    Phantom Index

    Make it so I can disable it on a different world!
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    update please

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