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  1. Sorry for my english, but would be cool if it worked by redstone
  2. Right now, i have a cave of sorts, that has a locked door (using LWC). The password to the door is found by reading the rules. However, new users can simply request a teleport out of the area by a friend, or even ask for the password in general chat.

    My GOAL is to make it so that new users cannot teleport out of spawn, nor can use global chat, until they unlock the door. They will have a 'newb' or guest channel in chat that Administrators and support users will be on at all times to answer any questions they have while in spawn.Using Command signs, i could teleport them out of spawn, and change what group they are in with the press of a button (literally). This way, i can deny them permissions for all the commands except the 'starter' ones (such as /help and /rules),and have them automatically get the permissions once they 'pass' the test.

    BTW.... how close is the <player> and redstone activation from being feasible? Just so i can plan accordingly :)
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    Can you please add <player> where <player> = the person that hit the sign

    this would let me do SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH

    like sell a plot of land for money.
    or give a player a new command for defeating a dungeon

    this would MAKE my RPG server.. PLEASE i would give you lifetime of cake

    or shorten it to <p> or [p] so i could fit more command on the sign
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    I would pay money for that, that would be awesome to have. To be able to define the player in the sign would be helpful.
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    Is this actually working? I've tried your example method above and it works for me as an admin but all my player don't have permissions. I'm using the latest permissions, craft 493, and I have the permissions correctly set. Guessing its another plugin conflicting but not sure from the other posts I've seen. Would love to be able to use this mod on my server!
  6. its supposedly on its way... which was only 5 days ago. Give the man some breathing room (even if this is gonna be an AWESOME plugin after this release ;) )
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    Is it me, or does it seem if you are in a area with a lot of [command] signs, the game seems to lag?

    I use these for shops, and when I enter an area with a lot of signs, my frame rate drops by half.

    It doesn't seem to be anything else from trial and error.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    Edit: Looks like its true, just took off all the signs in our mall and framerate went up a lot.
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    Edward Hand

    If that's true, it's nothing to do with the functionality of the plugin itself. A drop in FPS is something client-side not server-side so could only be a result of some quirk in minecraft. Try it with just regular signs and I would guess you'd find the same thing. Removing the plugin would have no effect. The only solution is to get a better PC [​IMG]
  9. When will the next version come out?
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    Oh, I'm not blaming your plug in at all. I just though you might want to know or have some insight since you know how signs work and how their data is stored. I just couldn't imagine signs creating so much lag. I have i7 with 8GB pf ram and two 5770s, so I would imagine it would handle it no problem. I'm assuming its a quirk with Minecraft, just like you said.

    Its just sad because we made a whole mall with signs in stores to buy or sell, and now it laf when you're inside the mall.

    If you want I can invite you to my server so you can check it out yourself, to see how your computer handles it.
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    Edward Hand

    Actually, the spawn area on the server I play on had always given me a huge drop in fps (90fps->10fps) and we've never been able to work out why. It's quite possible its actually the masses of signs that are to blame.
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    1'st, you need to recode how color system works or remove it since it conflict with SignColors.
    2'nd it need to be redstone input enabled like when mounted on a wall so we can hide the block and make a colorfull sign above a button and then run some redstone to that block
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    Just out of boredom/interest, I tested the sign-lag in my server. We had more signs than in a huge area around spawn, and still no out of the ordinary lag.
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    Yeah, its really unfortunate since sings are very usefull. Do you have any idea how signs my reduce performance by so much? I have no idea how they are stored in the game or anything, so I'm clueless.

    You need to have A LOT of signs. I know we must have at least 200 in the mall.

    Because we did the same thing, we build a room and filled it with signs, but it didn't do much at all. So we went to the mall and started to take down signs on by one, and I saw steady improvement in FPS as we took them down.

    My drop is like Edward's it goes from about 90-120fps to 11-13
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    Edward Hand

    What's wrong with how it works? The colours are necessary for sign validation. It's how the plugin knows that a sign was placed by someone with the correct permissions.
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    Just a bump for a great plug-in
    waiting for <NAME>
    will be the greatest thing on my server
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    If it's just a visual validation for the player who place the sign, then a chat text would be better like "Sign placed and working" and "You dont have permisson to use this sign" something other than colorcodes so it doesn't conflict :)
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    Edward Hand

    No. Its not for players to know. It's for the plugin to know. When you right click a sign, the plugin needs some way to know that the sign was placed legitimately. It checks when you right click that the sign has the word [command] at the top and that it is in the colour green before it will do anything. It means you don't have to have some huge file keeping track of which signs are valid command signs.
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    Please support the auto-updating plugin CraftBukkitUpToDate. To do so please provide a permanent direct link to the author of CraftBukkitUpToDate.

    The below is information they provide
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    My Plugin didn't supported, how i get it to work with CButD?
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    I really enjoy using your plugin and would like to see it work well with the above listed 'updater' plugin.
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    Very nice, Works Great
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    love this plugin. Is there a way to set it up so that a player can do any command listed on the sign even if they dont have permissions to do it normally by typing it in?
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    Not yet, but he said he will try to make that work.

    Also, I reduced our signs usage in the mall from 546 to 273 and FPS are up to 26 from 12!
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    is there a way that u could add the ability to use the signs with redstone?
  24. It is supposed to be coming soon :) HOPEFULLY soon :D But it is in the making :D
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    Looking forward to <player>/<name> variables!! I've got a test server that I test plugins on to get used to em and see if they're what I want for my main server. I'm currently working with minecart mania, and these signs would be great for providing the massive amounts of redstone and minecart tracks I need.
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    Max Black

    I would set it so it wasn't the person who started the redstone, but the person that created the sign?
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    Player name variable would be just really really nice +1 for that.

    Id love to beable to set signs to only activate for xuser
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    Edward Hand

    Alright. Sorry for the slight delay. I've released an update which most of the things people asked for.
    Let me know what you think and if you have any troubles.
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    Thank you so much! You're my hero! :D Can't wait to finally make my shops real physical shops, instead of the current command line stuff! Amazing!
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    Amin Azman

    hye, im using the latest build, with cb latest, i got "insufficient permission" when using other sign like CraftBook [Lift Up]/Down and [Disposal] for Essentials.

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