[INACTIVE][MECH] ClassicFluids v3.1 - Make fluids behave like Minecraft Classic [740]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by mindless728, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Inactive, will be posting ClassicFluids using my new fluid system FluidFlow, it will be a few days
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    Same as well, could make for a fun gametype.
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    No clue why I haven't heard of this before, would be nice for a updated version.
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    people, i got the hint the first time that it is broken, give me some time my schedule is very busy

    EDIT: turned out toe be an easy fix, got it done.......now on to work on RealFluids some more
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    waterFlowChangeHeight: 64
    waterFlowBelowHeight: CLASSIC
    waterFlowAboveHeight: BETA
    lavaFlowChangeHeight: 32
    lavaFlowBelowHeight: BETA
    lavaFlowAboveHeight: BETA
    commandsEnabled: true
    Fluids don't seem to flow on classic at all, using 617.
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    you are not overwriting any blocks

    should at minimum be this
    blocksToOverwite: 0 false
    or else it won't even overwrite air
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    You are fantastic, thank you :)

    I completely understand having a busy schedule, I do think I'm going to stick with classicfluids and I believe I'd like to work with realfluids when you consider it finished!

    Please consider including the option to toggle it when you have a chance to revisit this mod in depth, or perhaps even include the ability to temporarily activate it on a chunk by chunk basis! That would allow me to simply flood up any open areas I wish without having to worry about every and all underground structures at all times! It's a fantastic architectural boon, but as my city block sized underground cavern filled to the top I fervently wished I could easily make it turn off!

    To take the concept of fluids even further, what do you think of being able to cause other materials to flow as well? What if, upon dropping a block of netherack, it soaked into the soil and expanded outwards and downwards until striking a non soil substance?

    [netherack infection]
    blocksToFlow; 87
    blocksToOverwrite; 2 false 3 false
    blocksFlowChangeHeight: 128
    blocksFlowBelowHeight: CLASSIC
    blocksFlowAboveHeight: BETA

    This would allow all sorts of hilarious situations. Especially if you could specify the direction of allowed flow. What if lava flowed upwards through gravel and sand? What if sponge flowed upwards and out along tree trunks and leaves? What if a block of mossy stone oozed outwards in three directions through substance of a castle made of cobble?
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    i'll think about the other blocks flowing, though would need a complete re-write and allow for any block to flow using the method from RealFluids (ie i don't use the server's on flow event and using an internal one to the plugin)
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    I suppose for one, it flooded alot faster than I thought. Though blocksToOverwite: 0 false did nothing till I used the same config as the op post. Then a weird bug with the water just floating 1 above w/e block it was falling on, original spawning stream did the same thing till I destroyed the block it was floating on over, which it then proceeded to flood the room.
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    Hi, i do like your mod, but i am wondering if it is possible to configure it so that water flows normally, but still fills up to the level it lands on. That way you can make waterfalls and some kind of water reservuare under it. I guess somekind of water pressure would work ie how much water is around it or from how high it falls from, dunno.

    Have no idea how liquids work so dont know if that is possible. Would be nice that waterfalls and stuff would eventually fill up area
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    sounds more like my RealFluids plugin i am making, and to make the water fall you just need FluidPumps to pump the water (or lava) up to create the waterfall
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    This will be my favorite feature of RealFluids, building pipes and such
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    yeah, if you check the RealFluids thread (in my sig), the pipes are actually a different plugin entirely so that way it is easy to enable or disable (either have the plugin or not)

    btw there are a few major bugs in the RealFluids code that i haven't had time to fix, lets just say don't put fluids at the very top of a map. Some minor bugs include explosions not triggering the fluid behavior.
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    Oh yes, for now ClassicFluids is jut fine for me, ESPECIALLY since I realized I could add ore to the list of flow-into-able blocks and thus use Spells superblast to create pure clean lakes wherever the hell I want them. I'm in it for the long haul, I'm perfectly happy to wait until you're confident about RealFluids before I switch over!

    Do you suppose RealFluids will be tweakable to allow Classic behavior below a certain level and Real behavior above? I really like my big deep oceans but I'm thrilled about the idea of pipes and such. Oh, also, Sponge support :)
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    i was going to try to leave RealFluids as is, though technically i could write another plugin that catches the RealFluids events, cancel them at a certain height and use different fluid behavior at that point, as cancelling the RealFluids event will not cause RealFluids to flow that block
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    This plugin works great mindless - Do you have any idea when sponge function will be added/fixed? I built a drydock using a portcullis gate but if I flood the drydock to float my ship, I will have no way of emptying the drydock... I looked at using realfluids and pumps, but I don't need all the other (but cool!) functionality of realfluids - I just need sponges :)

    Thanks for all your work, this plugin is fantastic otherwise.
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    i can try to get sponges working with this plugin, though it will have to wait until the end of the quarter for me as i have a lot on my plate thanks to school

    btw the sponges would be a separate plugin so that way it is easy to enable/disable functionality
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    Don Andi

    Why don't you implement your RealFluids Plugin into this Plugin?
    You could add it as another option besides Classic and Beta
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    Thats fine - I got a paper left to write myself, so probably better that way haha.
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    I still use this mod, it's still functional and fantastic.
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    does this work with build 740?
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    considered inactive
    (plus the title is missing description and you are to show latest recommended build number and nothing else in the version tag)
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    works fine with CB740, will update the post though

    and about some of the missing info, this plugin is from quite a while ago, when that info didn't need to be there
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    It sure does! It works particularly well with any mod that may devastate the landscape. It's sweet watching huge craters fill in with a huge perfect sheet of water.

    Note, it does make building underground problematic. I had a network of tunnels transit dug out under my spawn by a player who is no longer active on my server. Evidently I nicked a wall with some blasting and the whole damn thing filled up. Bummer.
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    per world config?
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    I am anticipating multi-world support for this.
    Requesting this feature!

    So much potential! So much anticipation!​

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    yeah, anything underground can very much suck if you are not careful

    this is coming when i re-code it from the ground up, i am waiting until after this next week as it is final week for me, granted i don't have finals, just 2 quarter long projects need to be finalized and turned in (one of them demoed to the professor, the OS my group and i are writing)
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    I will also wait for multi world support :)
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    Please add the multiworld support soon, I would greatly appreciate it. And tell me when you do! ;)
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    @mindless728 since i cant use your realfluids plugin because it breaks my pistons and factories (T.T) could you add one option to this one? that would be lava sources are created like water is now meaning you could change the source creation pattern that way lava sources are only created if they are surrounded by other lava sources like water :p
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    ill keep this in mind, though i probably will just make it a separate plugin when i get around to it
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