[INACTIVE][MECH] Cabinet v0.3 - Get rid of arbitrary chest restrictions [556]

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    Version 0.3

    Download and Source
    (Source isn't completely up to date; the network I'm on ATM won't allow me to push to github)

    • Open any chest, any time!
    • Stack chests on top of each other (while still being able to use them!)
    It's pretty simple :) Solid blocks on top of chests (including chests on top of chests) no longer restrict you from opening the chests underneath. This works with both large and small chests and as far as I can tell, it opens chests in the same way the game does (mainly in regards to large chests, which chest is "top" in the inventory screen).

    Many thanks to Edward Hand, he gave be the code that actually opens the inventory screen.

    • Make it play nicely with WorldGuard. At the moment, the chest restriction from WorldGuard does not apply to covered chests. Not sure how to make it play nicely with WorldGuard ATM.
    • Add a feature that allows placement of a chest block next to a double chest.
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    update to 733

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