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    BukkitPiston - Piston plugin for SMP:

    Since I don't have the time to continue developing, I've decided to release the source code.
    Hopefully someone can create a new mod out of it.


    Version: v0.54

    This mod changes iron blocks (by default) into pistons, which extend, when powered with redstone or redstone torches.
    Much like the original piston mod by Hippoplatimus. Right click on a face to change the orientation.
    Power it with redstone to make it push max. 16 blocks. (obisidan, iron and bedrock won't be pushed!)
    It is possible to change the piston properties like strength or block type. Take a look at the config.ini in the plugin/BukkitPiston folder.
    If you get an error like ebean.properties not found, create an empty file named "ebean.properties" in the bukkit main folder


    Jar File (doesn't contain config file)


    thx @MinecraftTutorialify for the vid

    thx @marvinody for the vid

    Version 0.54
    • fixed: updated to 860 (fixed nether, saving problems, etc)
    • added: autosave (interval is changeable in config file)
    • changed: max worldname length is now 255
    If you had problems with that (open)

    open bukkitpiston.db with an sqllite editor of your choice (e.g. http://sourceforge.net/projects/sqlitebrowser/)
    and modify the table bp_piston_bodys (edit, modify table)
    edit the field world_name to varchar(255) (use the ...)
    same with the table bp_piston_owner.

    Version 0.53
    • fixed: exception on pushing sand
    • fixed: config.ini was not read
    • ebean.properties is created, if not present
    • known bug: /reload causes exception
    Version 0.52 (Beta)

    • Minecarts are pushed in the direction, in which they are driving
    • Sugarcane / crops fixed (thx meskeba)
    • Nullpointer event fix (runecraft and some other plugins)
    • Config file is generated if not present
    • Pistons are stored in a database (thx @Sammy for his tutorial)
    • A LOT of code refactoring
    Version 0.51

    • Few event fixes, you should REPLACE ALL PISTONS if you use worldguard or any other world protection plugin, to reset the owner
    • Owner is used as the one, who pushes the blocks
    • Protection plugins might work, not tested. (owner dependent, not activator)
    Version 0.5

    • Piston material is always immovable!
    • Added block place / break events
    • A few other fixes involving redstone
    • Config option to choose tools which can change the piston orientation
    • Warning if save file is readonly
    • Option to restrict changes in direction to owner (only pistons placed since 0.5)
    • Option to restrict building pistons to ops
    • Piston strength corrected
    Prior changelog (open)

    Version 0.43
    • Fixed iron duplication bug
    Version 0.42

    • Piston extension is a few ticks delayed, to ease the build of toggled blocks
    Version 0.41

    • Fixed PistonBlockStrength was not used
    • Integrated powered & detector rail in default config
    Version 0.4

    • Fixed player was hurt when a block was above the piston extension, player still gets hurt on purpose, when squashed
    • Custom cancellable event fired upon extension / contraction
    • Config file (set strength, change piston block id, set immovable, destructible stuff etc. (don't mess with this too much!))
    • Improved player / sand movement
    • 1.5 support (ready when you are, bukkit)
    Version 0.3

    • Flying sand / gravel !! (thx gmfreaky)
    • Piston won't stay extended when power source is destroyed by piston
    • Content of chest / furnace / dispenser will be moved, too
    Version 0.2

    • Some bugfixing
    Version 0.1

    • Internal release

    Future plans / Known bugs (open)

    here's a rough timeline, no guaranty though:
    0.6 piston edit mode via command, sand pushed like in the original pistons, block crushing
    0.7 improved x/yml config file
    0.8 sticky pistons
    0.9 permission plugin support
    1.0 final release
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    Hmmm interesting... any have a video of this ingame?
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    LOVE it. Will make a video! Oh, and can you please let pistons stack on top of other pistons without having to build from top to bottom?
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    what about cuboids? Piston are the best way to steal a chest outside a protected area :p
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    Colin Sweneey

    Hey also can you make a config file that lets you set the block type because i cant use the iron for other floors and things :(
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    I have found only one minor error so far and do not know if it is fixable but I have set up a system where one piston launches a sand up and another one hits it while it is in the air. When the sand lands it slides and two sand appear. However when you break the one that didn't slide you get nothing and it does go away after a while but I was just wondering if there is any way to stop the duplicate from happening? Thanks for any help
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    Cant wait for an update to stop this trashing chest protection Maybe I should use the other plugin This 1 has major security flaws but nice features the other is safe but not as nice to use :/
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    Just for giving a big thanks to Redspider for his quick and good job !
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    Great plugin everyone loves it on my server.
    Is anyone getting
    [SEVERE] Unable to load BukkitPistons: java.iptionalDataException 
    since #677 update ?

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    I hate to be the depressing one
    I seem to have a problem.
    Whenever I craft it on the workbench I see it pop up in the right slot. Yet whenever I try to grab it, it will go to my cursor for a split second, then jump back to the slot. I've tried numerous ways to grab it with no success.

    I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong,
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    You don't craft the pistons in the server-side mod, you simply power a block of iron and right-click the direction you want it to go.
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    This is awesome. One suggestion though:

    When you use the command /pistonmode
    any iron block you right click will become a piston.
    when you use the command again, you stop placing pistons.

    some people on my server were complaining because they could not build with iron blocks.
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    Update Please. I really need to be able to stop chests being moved. Please.
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    Any chance we could have the source? I can just change the block that is the "piston" if that's easier than adding a config heh
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    I hate Plugin dev's that release things and then don't maintain them. You released it for the Look at me i'm cool factor when all you did was make your self look bad.

    But im with the guy above me Im more than happy to fix it up for my own needs ofc i would not release it because i dont have the time nor the skills to look after it. And i would never take credit for work that's not mine.

    So @redspider please the source or a config so we can use your look at me i'm cool plugin.
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    I was asking about the texture because you cant see they direction the piston is facing.. also i wanted to know when you will be able to push/fire people from these pistons.
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    CB677 - I installed this just now, and it's working perfectly. I only did a very simple test in game, but there are no errors in my log at all. I have a ton of other mods loaded too - but if anyone has trouble just try it with a vanilla CB install.
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    dos it work on the servers
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    Wow RustyDagger, way to be an asshole. Fuck you man, that kind of attitude is what drives off people who are volunteering their time to provide YOU with something, for free. Fuck. Off.
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    Well what kind of asshole gives you a half broken toy?
    The plugin in its current state is useless to 90% of all servers.

    And wheres the plugin dev? Off riding the ego train.
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    sorry for the stupid question guys, but i have the mod installed, spawned an iron block, but it just looks like an iron block....and when i click on it says piston rotated or something like that, but it doesn't look like the piston in single player that i've seen online. any help?
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    @Rusty, chill man :) Also, I don't think LWC works like that. It protects the ITEM not the space. I've had bugs where someone receives a chest destroyed by someone else, places it, and is baffled when the chest they just placed is locked by someone who is not them. it should not really alter things, as I understand it.

    UPDATE: No, it doesn't work with LWC. I apparently was completely wrong. Strange. Switch-dupe-bug is fixed from what i could tell.
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    We've just checked on our test server. It destroys all lwc protection. It would probably be easiest for servers like ours to simply have a blacklist of items that cannot be moved by a piston. These items would behave just like obsidian/bedrock when it comes to pistons. If you want to add other functionality in the future with preserving lwc that'd be great. But for an easy fix if you could just add a blacklist that would be awesome.
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    I second the blacklist, and I also agree that items with inventories, and doors, are items that should by default be on that blacklist. A way to configure that would be amazing, but adding those to the default-unmovables would be perfect.

    Even if it didn't break protections, people could still "steal" the chest just by pushing it across god's green earth and hiding it, which would be funny but bad :)
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    It will not look any different Unless you modify the texture of the iron block.
    Apply power and it will work.
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    Is there any way to make this more powerful? If not there needs to be...
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    Its not working for me...Im using the newest craftbukkit? Maybe this isnt updated for it
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    Works on 677.
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    Then why is it not working...
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    Interfering plugin? Didnt rotate it right to see the piston action? They continue to look like iron blocks but you apply power to them and they actuate.
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    Whilst I'm with the others on wanting more from this plugin, I won't sit here and flame the developer.. I'm not interested in his personal life but I do know that it gets in the way sometimes, so I don't question his lack of response.

    To add further weight to that, remember that this is coming to the game eventually anyway, and we're in no way obliged to have it earlier just because it exists as a mod, albeit totally unfinished. One guy started here, but hasn't finished.. so if it's lacking features, don't use it.

    Just in case you do ever read this, a feature I would most certainly be interested in having is the ability to power two pistons, one sat atop the other vertically, with one switch. At the moment I can't think of a way this is achieved without a gap between the two iron blocks, with the current release. If anyone else has any ideas that I may have overlooked I'd welcome them. The only thing I'd really use this for is to hide an entrance to some bases set up in hills and not have to drop down a 1x1 block into them, I'd like to walk into them from the side of the hill.

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