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    I had a little chat with Random101 yesterday and he gave me the idea for this plugin. It simply allows you to choose what to spawn when throwing an egg. It can be all from 128 Ghasts to 1 chicken(standard). You can also spawn random amounts and random mobtype. All settings is player wise so everyone, with the permission to use the commands, have their own settings.

    Run once then modify the perms file inside the BukkitMon folder. Type in names separated with commas (no spaces) and put in * if you want everyone to be able to use it. Also check the properties file for properties
    Download here v0.3.0 (Venusaur) 2011-01-22 19:08
    /bm mobs [#]  - Define how many mobs to spawn
    /bm mobtype [type]  - Define the mobtype to spawn
    /bm maxamount  - Defines the max amount of mobs you can spawn
    /bm randomamount  - Toggle random amount on/off
    /bm randomtype  - Toggle random mob type on/off
    /bm activate  - Activates the BukkitMon eggs
    /bm list  - Shows a list of avaliable BukkitMon commands 
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    lol im gona try tis out tonight

    oke so i checkt i sooner i had some free time left on my work so i installed it on my server
    and it seemt that it works fine.

    only i spawned 20 creeper a little bit to close to me :p

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    I am actually surprised how many entities it can spawn without lagging. You could probably spawn a couple of hundreds without it lagging to much :)
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    dear mother of god i'm installing this now, this is going to be awesome
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    i had some lag with 20 creepers but i think that is my pc (im at my work so it issent a very goed 1 ):p
    tonight im gona try how high it can get on a new world, i dont want my word invaded with creepers or zombies
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    Its cool since no other plugin lets you spawn mobs yet rite?

    But how do i spawn a squid!


    also, the chat message is really bad... i want to be able to turn it off!
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    Truely awesome! Another great plugin..
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    Test Results

    /bm mobs [#] - Works
    /bm mobtype [type] - Works
    /bm maxamount - Works
    /bm randomamount - Works
    /bm randommob - Works
    /bm activate - Works
    /bm list - Works

    Works Fine :D

    Tested on: CraftBukkit #86
    CraftBukkit #86

    omfg 100+ chickens in my map hahaha ;) help
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    Yeah, i have to agree with you on that one, i might make it a setting or possibly implement some random lines the can be loaded from a file that could have %p for player %m for mob %a for amount.

    Also make sure not to spawn loads on your favorite map as it tend to sometimes destroy the map if you spawn thousands of mobs xD Not to mention the lag
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    sam salter

    Ok i added the plugin to the plugin file and changed the perms but every time i type in a command it says unknown bukkitmon command. Can you put a demo .perm file up that works for you and i copy it though thank you.
    also i am tried running 85,86 and 87 no luck
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    The only what not working for me ist /bm randommob
    That give me a Unknow Command Message
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    Example of the permissions file.

    So will we get an update with an option to turn of the chat message?

    Also, no one has answered me this... how do i spawn a squid!
  13. why do i just get an error message can some one send me a premade setup file for it please?
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    if bukkit is able to spawn a squid you should be able to do /gm mobtype squid then throw an egg.
    Update it so you can now set whether to have announcement made or not. You can also set the announcement message, use <player> <nr> <mobname> where you want the playername, amount spawning and the mobs name.
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    Work only with eggs thrown by yourself ? Or could it work with dispensers ?

    "_Gosh, a dispenser trap... What, eggs ? LOL
    *creeper spawn out of egg*
    _WHAT ?
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    yeah can you ad that it change for all peoples?
    and i dont know but /bm randommob wont work by me XD
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    i'm having trouble getting this to work on the latest build but sounds sweet besides that. maybe its b/c i don't understand the config file... alwell.

    oh and no matter what command i try it gives me 'unknown bukkitmon command'
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    Would it be possible to spawn mobs with different models?
    example: Create a command to spawn a squid using the raw fish model..
    /bm custom squid rawfish
    Or maybe a pig using the squid model, for landsquid.. etc.
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    For those who don't understand the config.

    This is what it looks like in the file


    To stop this plugin from saying "Unkown bukkitmon command" you first have to give yourself access to the commands.

    Open the permissions file and edit in your names like this:


    Sadly squids don't work, but thanks heaps for the option to stop the chat message!
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    oh ok i was under the impression that the config file was for setting the mob data. thanks for clearing that up
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    this mod actually really awesome, i use it for my Dungeons and Dragons server as a mob spawner

    some request (if you dont mind)

    (in order)
    1. add slimes
    2. add pigman, spider jockeys, humans, ect :p <3
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    @Infernal thanks for helping out. I am sorry to say i don't think i can add more mobs since i am fetching the mobs from bukkit. Dispensers wont work either as they don't trigger the event.
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    aw, do you know how\where\whom i could request to, to add the extra mob hook-ins?
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    Changed the commands in the first post to the right ones; randommob -->randomtype
  25. ah now i see thanks a lot going to try this now hope it works!
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    Could you add /bm help as an alias for /bm list?
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    i'm having a problem with the /bm randomtype command. it says it was set to true and then when i throw an egg it gives me a random amount of the set mobs instead of a random type
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    Updated! Randomtype should now set random type and not random amount
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    yeah! thanks for the fix
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    Hahaha I love this plugin, so much fun to use :D
    I am having an issue though where it does not allow me to set the maxamount above 127. I don't particularly know why I would want over 127 of any animal spawned at one time, but in case I ever needed to, is there a way to increase this?

    Question: Is there any way that this could be made to activate when a dispenser throws an egg?

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