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    The plugin has been taken over by joshua katz.
    Grab his version on bukkitdev!

    AutoTool - The smart, convenient tool switcher.
    Version: v1.4

    AutoTool was developed when I became tired of constantly switching between shovels and pickaxes while mining. With this plugin, simply type /autotool or /at followed by on or off to toggle. A config file is provided that lets you specify which types of items you want to set to shovels, pickaxes, or axes- the file comes default with the basic items like ores, stones, logs, sand, and the like. If a player has AutoTool on and hits a log, for example, while holding a pickaxe in their hand, AutoTool will search their inventory for an axe. If it finds one, it immediately swaps the positions of the pickaxe and axe so the player can chop some wood without having to rearrange their items. This will hopefully be a huge headache-saver for some people, namely our Yogscast adventuring duo *cough cough*.
    Placing a blocks while in AutoTool mode will disable it, because strange duplication glitches may happen (until Bukkit comes up with a suitable replacement for player.updateInventory()).
    Plans for the future include AutoSword when damaged by a monster or other player, and AutoFood when your health runs low.
    Permissions node: 'auto.tool'

    • Config file lets you manually specify which items are assigned to what tools.
    • Never waste time searching your inventory for pickaxes, shovels, and axes!
    • Toggle on and off with simple commands- /at, /at on, /at off
    • Automatically pulls up the next tool in your inventory if the one you're using breaks

    Version 0.9
    • Release
    Version 1.0
    • Added permissions - 'auto.tool'
    Version 1.1
    • Bugfix for null pointer
    Version 1.2
    • Removed spam, made it smarter (placing blocks will not go trigger a tool switch, but left clicking will)
    • No longer switches out when you're holding a sword
    • Added SuperPerms support
    Version 1.3
    • Added more items to default pickaxe items
    • Added a config option that makes autotool on by default
    Version 1.4
    • Fixed all the bugs!
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    Yes, I realize you can't add specific things like colored wools, as those are all subIDs of wool, but Stone Brick Stairs and Stone Bricks have their own ID (yet Mossy Stone Bricks and Cracked Stone Bricks are a subID of regular Stone Bricks, but entering that should just include the 3 of them).

    If you just tell me what to type in to get it to work, I could just do that. I've tried STONE_BRICK, STONEBRICK, STONE_BRICKS, and STONEBRICKS (also tried adding "_BLOCK" to all of those). Not sure what else it could be, unless it's just simply not addable or I somehow missed a correct item entry.

    Anyways, it wont be a big deal if I can't get that added, but it's worth a try! Thanks for the help.
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    You can find the full list of available materials in the Bukkit API (I'll link you when I come home if you can't find it).
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    Seems that the sword fix aint working right. Because when i equip one and i start fighting and i hit a wall behind the monster, it turns to pickaxe or whatever the material is. can this please get fixed else it's one of my favorite mod's keep it up!

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    Promised updates and everything is fixed in 1.4.
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    Yay!! :D
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    Fantastic mod! This is incredibly useful, and thanks so much for responding to people's requests in the thread as well! Three cheers!
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    Hello again! The players on my server love the plugin's purpose, but hate that it swaps their inventory around. Anyway possible that you can help this? One thing I've thought of is AT only activating if a correct tool is in their 1-9 hot-bar, and instead of swapping the 2 items, just switching to the correct 1-9 slot. If it's a possibility, let me know.

    Also, could I have that Bukkit API link? I tried searching for it briefly, but didn't find anything. Thanks for all of your help!
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    Hi. I found one bug. You know when I use Shears to cut tree leaves, it changes item into axe :(. I don't like this bug, please fix it.
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    I love this plugin, please update for shears!:D
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    To stop it from switching to axe, you should be able to change it from the config.
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    I think he means while trimming a tree.. sometimes the shears hit the wood of the tree and it switches to Axe. It would really bring this plugin's functionality down a notch if wood didn't auto-axe... so I agree with the last poster (not OP) about please implementing shears for vines, leaves, cobwebs (well, you can customize it however in the config), but you get the idea.
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    Any chance for an update, marinating? R5 drops support for the old configuration and listener systems, both of which AutoTool uses.
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    I wasn't aware that those were being rewritten. I'll probably update it over the weekend.
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    Fantastic! Thanks so much, marinating!
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    Hi please update your plugin!
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    awesome plugin. update for 1.2 please?
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    Have you updated the plugin for 1.2.4 R1.0?
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    Is this mod dead? I hope not :( But it doesn't work with the current version. (1.2.5)
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    Me too, I just started putting together a new version of my old server, and this was one of my favorite plugins. First one I looked up and no update.
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    Hi yh umm i have been trying for days to get this plugin to work on my bukkit server but i don't have the permissions file to do so, where is it? Also i have tried enabling it in the server etc but on server startup it also give me a load of error messages, HELP!!
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    This plugin is outdated now, it should be marked as inactive. Sorry.
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    Is there a chance this will be revived? One of my favourite mods!
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    If another developer is interested they can contact me for the source.
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    I'll take a look at updating!
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    joshua katz

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    Fantastic! Thanks so much!

    One of the most frequent requests near the end was to add a category for shears. Would that be doable? Leaves and cobwebs would benefit greatly.

    Thanks again for taking this up!
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    joshua katz

    No problem man :D. And yes, I do think I can do that.
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    joshua katz

    If you want I'll take over the plugin.
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    Sure thing. You already have a working version?
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    joshua katz

    Yup. www.gravypod.com/downloads/

    @marinating when ever you give me the go-ahead I'll make a nice bukkit dev page.

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