[INACTIVE][MECH] AutoReplace is being split into separate plugins. AutoReplace has been dropped.

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    AutoReplace is splitting into two plugins called AutoBlock and AutoItem and will be "cousins" of AutoWeapon, AutoTool, and AutoFood that are being made by @marinating. All these together will make a suite of sorts and will all work together.

    AutoReplace - Moves items from inventory to hand when it runs out:
    Version: v1.9.1

    The plugin watches all of the "hand" slots to watch for when you run out of blocks while placing them or for when a tool breaks and will look in your inventory to see if you have any more to replace it with. If not, you will get a message saying you're out.

    To install just put AutoReplace.jar in the plugins folder and it handles the rest! Enjoy!

    • Moves preset tool from inventory to hand when it breaks
    • Moves block stack from inventory to hand when stack runs out
    • Moves items like beds and redstone dust to your hand when you run out
    • Replaces food and empty buckets with full ones

    • Global config to deny certain slots from being watched for everyone.

    RB 860:
    Source Code: AutoReplace

    CHANGELOG (open)

    Version 1.9.1
    • Fixed the "always placing water" issue
    Version 1.9
    • Now replaces food when you eat it
    • Now replaces empty buckets with full ones
    Version 1.8
    • Fixes the problem with some items being replaced even though nothing was placed and tools being moved to your hand without being broken.
    Version 1.7
    • Fixes the problem with placing wool.
    Version 1.6
    • Now supports replacement of items like Redstone dust, doors, beds, signs, and paintings.
    • A few code improvements
    • Only a higher build like 600+ can support this since it was between 556 and 602 that interacting with these items was fixed/added.
    Version 1.5
    • Updated to work with RB 602.
    Version 1.4
    • Removed "No more X in inventory" message when you run out of something.
    Version 1.3
    • Removed use of /auto command
    • All "hand" slots are now watched automatically
    • No more .preset files are generated
    Version 1.2
    • Reworked it a bit to make sure it has less chances to break and uses a little less resources.
    Version 1.1
    • Updated the work with the newest plugin build method.
    Version 1.0
    • Release of AutoReplace
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    Got it, the texture pack I was using made stone and iron pics look (nearly) identical. This plugin works PERFECT.
    Much less annoying than watching my inventory move around with quickbelt, lol.

    Thanks Valrix :)
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    This thing is so useful, I don't know how I built without it!
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    Would it be possible to add a config file setting that would enable this for only certain slot? I think it would be kinda cool to have 2-4 specified auto-reloading slots with the rest being normal.
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    That's how it was like originally where you had to tell it which slots to keep track of, but I can add a config back where each person starts off with all of them enabled and they can selectively disable slots. Thanks for the idea, it'll be added once I get a chance.

    Thanks for the feedback guys! It's great to know how much people like it, it keeps me going :)
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    I was actually talking about more of a general setting that would affect all players. That way I could give my players 2-4 slots that autoreplace without giving them the ability in all of the slots. Not really a huge deal, I just try to think of ways to balance mods that give added convenience.
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    Hmm, that's an interesting idea too.
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    1.5 does not appear to replace redstone dust on my bar.
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    Yeah, I'm working on that. Some items don't get replaced because they're not blocks, they're items so they use different events. I'm still doing testing to figure out what uses what event so I can get it replaced. But some things like paintings can't be replaced because they're not even items, they're an entity which makes things very complicated. The next version will fix the redstone dust replacement problem along with a few other objects.

    Seems like I spoke too soon. Looks like they did figure out how to interact with paintings and the newest build will replace items like signs, paintings, redstone dust, repeaters, doors, sugar cane, and anything else I may have forgotten that didn't work before. The only downside is that you HAVE to use the most recent RB to get these perks since it was between 556 and 602 that they did these fixes. Luckily for you developers are working hard to support the latest build.

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    In CB 617 and Autoreplace 1.6, if you have a block of wool in your bar, and a red wool in inventory, use the white wool, and another white wool comes in its place. Also I got reports of buckets getting lost, when you used a water bucket, another would take its place, so you'd lose the bucket.
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    The white-wool turning red to white may be due to a new change that was done. I'm going to have to find out how to fix that again. And the bucket issue...hmm, I think I have an idea how to fix that by swapping the filled bucket with the empty one. I'll post once I get everything working again.

    Just updated to fix the wool bug, now I'm going to check on the bucket bug. I'll report in when it's fixed.

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    I have an issue where by if i have an apple and eat it AutoReplace will sometimes replace it, sometime not. This affect both red and golden Apples. Also it do not work on snowballs, cant spam a full inventory in a snowball fight :(
    Other plugins in use are: AppleTree, noon and Setspawn.
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    I know how to fix this and will patch that up in the next version.
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    I was using this and it was going great until I had to uninstall it because of a major bug: iron tools were stacking in my active inventory (generally right after crafting them). That alone is not a huge problem, but if the one in my active inventory was nearly dead, then all tools that stacked with it also became nearly dead.

    And it never seemed to stack all of them, just two of them.
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    I think I know why this happens. It's a new problem introduced when adding support for placing items. Now when you right-click it'll try to stack items and I'm still trying to work out a way to prevent that, but it's not as easy as I thought. Especially when the events try to cancel each other out. If anything I may have to force a check of what items will be replaced so only placable items like doors, redstone dust, paintings, etc. will be replaced while the tools will follow the old rule of waiting until it breaks to replace itself, and so on. This will take me a bit to work on since I have to get the list of IDs and then add in the code to verify that the ID is legal.
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    I appreciate your work in getting this resolved!
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    Perfect timing, I actually just fixed this. Go ahead and grab the latest JAR.
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    Thank you!!
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    You're quite welcome. When I get back to the dorm I'm gonna try to smash the bucket bug too. There also remains the "bug" of when you open a chest or something similar that doesn't actually place anything but causes an interaction it'll think you wanted the thing replaced so more will go to your hand, but solving that will be pretty complicated since I'll have to check that block if the item being placed actually exists there or not and when that case occurs with a bucket (once I get the bucket replacement bug fixed) then I'll have to check the contents of the bucket then the block it was emptied at and only then try to do a replacement.
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    b617 + AutoReplace v1.8

    When I have 2 buckets of water and use the first one — the second disappears completely.

    When dyed wool ends and another portion of white wool is moved to one's hands it becomes dyed too.
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    Still working on the bucket issue, but the wool issue should be fixed. I tested that one out myself.
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    Yep, sorry.
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    Haha, it's fine. I'll get that bucket bug fixed for you too in the next update. I was busy recently working on my new plugin but it's done now so I can get this fixed before someone breaks the new plugin, haha.
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    File seems to be missing 3:
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    Yeah, one sec. I'm moving files around. I just need to update the links

    EDIT: There ya go, fixed the links.
  26. AutoReplace works perfect with b670
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    Not only does it seem to work fine from what I can tell so far with b670, but it actually seems to work well alongside Afforess's Backpack plugin... The combination of these 2 plugins is pure bliss!
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    Loving the changelog!
    One thing I'd really love to see from this is the ability to autoreplace even the unstackables such as food. Apples and bread for instance. Since they're unstackable, it'd really be nice if this plugin would bring down any other apples or bread. All items really.

    Is this possible?
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    Yep, as soon as I get the bucket bug worked out then that should also allow replacement of food.
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    Sounds promising, I can't wait! [cake]
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    Glad that you're so excited! I'm going to work on it once class is out, first off is the bucket fix, if that works then I'll solve the food issue and will update immediately.

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