[INACTIVE][MECH] AnyReg v0.3c - Fixed crash after build 274 [300]

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    AnyReg - Respawns Everything (as long as it's a block)
    Version 0.3c

    Since a had to work a lot for LogBlock, AnyReg a bit fell into oblivion. Therefore I'm glad that FlingeR updated it. I'm still not abandoning AnyReg.

    AnyReg mainly respawns mined clay blocks at a adjustable rate.
    AnyReg initially was released as ClayReg, that only was able to respawn clay. For every block type different settings can be made. If the config can be precised which block respawns at which rate, with which percentage, which blocks can pe replaced by a respawning block and wether player placed blocks should respawn. Due to some blocks beeing very rare, it could be preferable to have regenerating these blocks.
    E.g. respawning clay will replace air and water but nothing else so you can build on a claypit withhout getting blocks from the building replaced. Created clay blocks will be detected, so you can place new clay pits (or not depending of the config). Blocks destroyed with super pickaxe or WorldEdit/CuboidPlugin like editors won't respawn.
    This also appies to AnyReg, unless AnyReg isn't limited to clay. Ideas for regenerating blocks:
    • Clay
    • Pumpkins
    • Flowers and mushrooms
    • Ores and coal
    • Sand
    • Snow
    • Lightstone
    I'm sorry for the short default config only containing clay and pumpkins, a larger version is comming with the regions update, that will propably crash the actual config.

    • Respawns mined selected block
    Download, Config and Details:

    • AnyReg v0.3c (Feb. 10, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit 300
      • Fixed crash after craftbukkit build 274
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    pretty cool idea, ill test it out ;D
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    sweet. we use tons of bricks this will be great
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    Didn't work for me. I'd put the server log up, but there are no errors printed to console. I've mined clay, set the timer to a few seconds to test too, but nothing happened. I'm running a lot of plugins, but I don't think any of them would interfere with this plugins functionality. I'm running craftbukkit build 135. Seeing as I'm not a programmer in the slightest, I have no idea how else I can help :p, maybe if someone else confirmed it as working, I'd know the error was on my side.
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    Dont know ... let me gather some informations:
    What os is the server running on? Did the "ClayReg enabled" message properly show? Is there a file "/plugins/ClayReg/config.yml"?
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    Well, I am on 32 bit Windows 7, the messages related to ClayReg did pop up in the server log, and the config file was there. As a matter of fact, when i edited the config, it popped up in the server log with the usual 'RegDelay set to (my custom number) and RegChance set to (my custom number).
  7. Not working for me.
    I made a 4x4 hole and put 4 clay blocks in it (id82).
    left it there for a couple ingame days, destroyed and picked up the clay balls.
    Waited for a couple ingame days and no new clay blocks.
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    The initial chance is set to 10%, did you change that?
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    I don't really know why
    I suppose some plugin cancels the block damage event
    My local testserver runs only my plugins and essentials

    Nevertheless I spended the last day to totally rewrite my plugin to implement the respawn blacklist and support of all block types. Works fine for me, totally bug free, but if the problems still exists, I have to ask you to conatct me on skype to fix this
  10. I left the default settings.
    Does it only works with sand maybe?
    Because i tested with stone.
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    sand? what sand?
  12. [​IMG]
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    oh, okay, i see
    i have to specify what i wanted to ask:
    For what do you use the sand? Or do you try to regenerate sand?
  14. No, i placed a clay block on a normal stone to test if it respawn. but it does not (older version of plugin)
    So now i ask if the clay block has to be on sand to respawn because it does on my test server (newest version of plugin). :)

    Anyway i enable the newest version of this plugin if my server is emty and will report here ;)
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    No, clay had never to be placed on a certain block

    it's more likely that some plugin always cancels the block damage event
    say me whether it works on your server with plugins
    if not, I know the problem and will probably have a fix for that
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    cool this update. i like the regenerating pumpkins alot
    although it seems the link is down
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    i'm sorry
    forgot to change the link to anyreg
    why the hell I had to change the name? ...
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    Well, I'll try out the new version. If there are any problems, I'll let you know, and I'll tell you what plugins I'm using. I'm glad you extended this, now i can grow diamond blocks :D

    Edit: Working now, thanks DiddiZ! Btw, I was only joking about growing diamond blocks :p
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    Great for Flowers, thanks!

    Q: If it is no dirt under the flower, will it respawn?
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    Interesting question. Didn't test this, but I'm quite sure there won't be flowers in midair but it will presumably drops a flower one time when it try to respawn

    I never thought that ore regeneration could have any practical use, but it's quite cool to have the possibillity therefor[​IMG]
  21. ok, newest version works ;)
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    I like to hear that [​IMG]
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    Nice, I was just thinking about this. Does it/will it work with sand blocks, too? Crafters need glass probably more than they need brick, and beaches are disappearing everywhere. 'Course, they could just get it from desert biomes, but in my map they are very scarce.

    Edit before I actually posted the post but still wanted to keep the above there:
    But then excavations for homes in a desert would catastrophically fail.
    "Aah! My basement flooded with sand!

    Edit2 before I actually posted: What if I excavate an underground cavern where diamonds used to be, and they respawn in my kickin' new underground base?
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    Yup, sand id is 12, so try
    respawn : [82, 86, 12]
    "12" :
      regDelay : 300000
      regChance : 0.5
      useBlacklist : true
      canReplace : [0]
    Nope, in sample config above, sand will only replace air when respawning
    You will have to replace the diamond blocks with something else until the next regeneration circle
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    That's kind of weird. There is no zip on the server and your link properly downloads the jar.
  26. Yeah it only happens in internet explorer :)
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    here is a improve/idea for ur Plugin sir,

    If you add a cobblestone (ID: 4), it should remove the default item to drop and only drop the item that u have entered in ur config file.
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    I'm not sure if I get this right:
    If you mean, what I understand, then yet are there some plugins that alter the items that blocks drop on mining
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    ups sorry, wrong thread, i messed something up here :X

    that should be posted in the BlockDrops 1.4.5 Thread.

    Sorry mate :/

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