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    afraidSkills - A skills plugin for CraftBukkit
    Version: v0.3.21

    afraidSkills is the product of my love for mcMMO, tempered by my problems with modifying it to add additional functionality. Just so we're clear, nossr50 is a hero. Please note that this is a total re-write, aimed at aiding in extensibility as well as some new functionality.

    • Skills! Adds Acrobatics, archery, axes, diving, excavation, healing, herbalism, mining, repair, swords, unarmed, and woodcutting!
    • Skills are handled as classes, and the master list is easily appended.
    • Overhauled combat system -- combat takes in to account skill level, weapon quality, and armor quality. New abilities are present, with more coming soon!
    • Magical items -- gold items are considered magical, and include benefits above the "mundane" varieties.
    Download The Plugin

    afraidSkills Wiki

    Dev Build

    Both classes and java source files should be included in the jar.

    Current To Do List:
    • Implement special abilities (a few of these are active: Sword parries, Axe Criticals, Unarmed Dodges, Unarmed weapon/armor level scaling based on level, Chi-strikes -- eventually all skills will have special abilities gained every 25 levels).
    • Implement Permissions support
    • Test/Improve hooks for adding skills via external pluggins.
    • Implement secondary crafting/deconstruction system (for crafting items not natively craftable, and converting "finished" items into components)
    Version 0.4.1
    • IMPORTANT: The users file has been moved to a sub-folder of the plugins folder. To keep your users' skill profiles, please copy the old afraid.users file into the /plugins/afraidSkills/ directory!
    • Combat has been updated a little to lessen the damage modifications in weapon level vs. armor level calculations. A few changes have also been made to base damage numbers. This is still in flux.
    • Special Abilities Added!
      • Archery
        • Level 75: Point-blank shot: Arrows fired from within 3 blocks do additional damage
        • Level 100: Pinning: Arrows fired from 10 or more blocks away have a chance to pin the target in place.
      • Axes:
        • Level 25: Cleave: Attacks have a chance to damage all nearby enemies -- the damage will be divided up between them.
        • Level 50: Rend Armor: Attacks have a chance to do durability damage to an opponent's armor.
        • Level 75: Spin-Attack: By crouching and attacking, you can attack all enemies in a large swathe (heavily damages your weapon).
        • Level 100: Axe Master: Killing an enemy will restore some durability to your axe.
      • Swords:
        • Level 25: Defensive Posture: While crouching, damage received and dealt is lowered.
        • Level 50: Riposte: While in defensive posture, parries will instead be counted as ripostes, damaging a nearby enemy.
        • Level 75: Disarm: Attacks have a chance to disarm your opponent's weapon. It will be dumped to their inventory, if the have space, and dropped otherwise.
        • Level 100: Sword Master: Parries and Ripostes will restore some of your sword's durability.
      • Unarmed:
        • Level 25: Dodge: While unarmed and unarmored, you have a chance to dodge attack, negating the damage.
        • Level 50: Chi-strike: Your unarmed attacks have a chance to burn your opponents with burning chi.
        • Level 75: Tough Skin: When unarmed and unarmored, attacks against you will deal less damage.
        • Level 100: Quivering Palm: While crouching, your unarmed attacks will deal considerably more damage, but you will take damage as well.
      • Acrobatics
        • Level 25: Super Jump: Jumping while crouching will launch you into the air, allowing you to reach great heights.
        • Level 50: Leaping: You springy legs increase your normal jumping ability a little.
    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.3.21 (Bugfixes!)
    • Fixed bug with item removal removing more items than it should have.
    • Fixed the golden axes' tree chopping algorithm. Now chops the entire tree.
    Version 0.3.19
    • Fixed issue with gold tools not breaking properly, decreased durability for gold tools.
    • Gold armor now provides the added bonus of a 25% chance to avoid fire damage per piece (does NOT negate lava damage!)
    • Archery gained two new abilities:
      • Level 25 Flaming arrows: when carrying arrows, coal, and a flint & steel, arrows fired normally will be burning, and ignite enemies that they hit.
      • Level 50 Multi-shot: when sneaking, you will fire a group of up to 5 arrows.
    • Harvesting sugarcane no longer drops reeds on a successful herbalism proc.
    • Errant gains for herbalism when activating TNT have been addressed.
    Version 0.3.12
    • Added in the remainder of the gold tools
      • gold axes will chop down a whole tree (chop out at the base, or you'll wind up with a stump :D)
      • golden picks will mine out a 3x3x3 chunk of stone (all mined stones will drop materials)
      • golden shovels quadruple your chance to find items while excavating
      • golden hoes will till a 7x7 area and drop seeds.
    • Basic diving skill added, however this will most likely get changed around. Currently, it'll extend the time between taking damage from drowning.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed chi-strikes even if you were not unarmed.
    Version 0.3.7 (Bugfixes!)
    • Fixed foods affected by herbalism skill from granting proper benefit, and not being properly removed after use.
    • Removed annoying debug messages from combat.
    • Problem with NPC errors should be addressed! (Needs better testing)
    • PvP checking works now! No more free skill gains!
    • Repair should no longer throw errors when right-clicking with a repairable object on air. Whoops!
    Version 0.3.2

    • First public release.
    • Anvils are tiered (wood, iron, diamond, gold) and (except for leather repairs) require a heat source (furnace with fuel, lava, or burning netherrack).
    • Skill benefits are handled with scaling returns based on your skill level.
    • Healing is performed by attacking another player with a flower or wool (wool bandaging is more effective than herbal remedies at higher levels)
    • Gold weapons are considered magical, and have a chance to ignite the target.
    • Unarmed combat requires the user to be unarmed and unarmored for greatest effect.
    • Archery gains benefit from light (leather/chainmail) or no armor.
    • Axe durability loss from attacking is handled, so using an axe as a weapon won't penalize player.
    • Weapon level (wood, stone, iron, diamond, gold) is checked vs. armor level for bonus damage.
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    Major bug. When standing next to a block and quickly tapping on a block without breaking it it pops blocks. Obsidian = obsidian diamond ore - diamonds glowstone - dust and your mining goes up like crazy. Can we fix this or i cannot use your plugin
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    is this plugin already inactive? :/
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    hurry and update it to 617 i love this mod
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    Can someone developer take this and start updating and creating something new to this plugin??
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    Would it be possible to make the golden tool abilities (specifically the golden axe destroying entire trees) toggleable? Or be able to set their ability to specific groups? Or if anything, make the tool check the block that you're breaking to make sure it's not protected so it doesn't break everything else around it. We did a test last night emptying a chunk down to the adminium, and replacing it with logs. One hit with the golden axe and a fifth or so of the entire chunk of logs was gone, and we all got 0 FPS. Great mod, though. I would appreciate if you could fix that or something.

    EDIT: Would anyone be able to revive this?
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    Please revive the mod ive tried MCMMO thingy but it is nothing compared to this amazing mod please update it to the latest release of bukkit plus everyone is buggying me on how much they want this back
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    Could any dev help us out with the plugin-defibrilator here? This mod seems preatty dead
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    Come on, please! I want this plugin :-(
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    :( me is in a state of depression and will die shortly :(
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    Plx revive the plugin, the best levlingplugin there is. =)
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    I sort of revived it, check my sig: Skillz.

    Read post above, forgot quote :O

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