[INACTIVE]MECH|ADMN]RealTools v0.2 - Choose who can use and what tools can break which blocks. [670]

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    RealTools - Choose who can and what tools can break which blocks
    Version: v0.2

    Just put in plugins directory and setup your config. Example config files included.
    Built and tested with Craftbukkit 670 and Permissions 2.6
    This was built by request, so there may be similar plugins.

    • Allows admins to assign permissions to control what tools players can use.
    • Can assign certain tools to be able to break certain blocks.
    • Requires Permissions. Permissions information in archive.


    Version 0.2
    • Added permissions and customizable message strings.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release
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    Clancy Dawson

    Does this limit who can use crafting table and furnace as well? If not, please add :)
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    Does this only affect one person not the entire server, cause from what i am seeing from the config text is that you only can change who can use what tools not disabling some one from breaking a block
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    Dont think much Users use this Plugin, its... Dont know.

    But Keep work at all!

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    Nifty, I'll have to give this a try to see how it works!

  6. This currently does not limit who can use a crafting table or furnace. It would be nice to go ahead and add that in. :)
    If they are not using the proper tool to break the block, it will show them an error saying that they have to use the proper tool. If you change the configs and remove some of the block IDs, they will become impossible to break.
    This affects whomever you want it to because it has permissions support. If you want everyone to be able to use every tool, but not be able to destroy certain blocks, just edit the configs.
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    Holy cow, this is an amazing plugin,

    Good job man, this adds to my RPG classes perfectly!

    @McSpazzy = WIN!

    Please, make this complete, this plugin is full of too much win.


    Than RealWeapon / RealTime will be super awesome sauce of ultimate winning of sauce.

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    I forgot to put in hoes!

    @Delirious Doctor I'll add the crafting tables and the furnaces.
    @BioRage You want me to add armor to it? Or weapons? Or both?
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    Both! Holy jumping macerals! This complete's my RPG system!! (once it can be done)
    Bow, Swords, Armor! That' be amazing McSpazzy
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    @BioRage @Delirious Doctor
    Just an update. The furnace and workbench code is in. Adding The sword and hoe stuff now. Do you want it to restrict seed placement too?
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    @McSpazzy you could make it toggable,

    What about wheat? sugar? we can make those into farmers or harvesters?

    What do you think?

    Aw man your making awesomeness, awesome.

    PS RealTime is awesome, and NoFarm.
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    Sick, sweet, etc. My heavily customized class-based rp server is gonna love this. Keep it up, I was waiting over a month for a plugin like this.
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    Update! Furunace and workbench permissions are in. As is hoe permissions. So only 'farmer' players are able to till the land.

    Swords are giving me grief, as there is no event to stop you from swinging it or punching people, other than the entity damage event, so i might have to get a little creative.

    @BioRage Regarding the harvesting, if you add to the config that only hoes can cut sugarcane or wheat, then you can restrict that to whoever can use hoes. I am yet to add the place seed/sugarcane permissions yet.

    I can release a half finished version for testing if people would like, bear in mind, some of the new permissions might be a little...temperamental. All the preexisting stuff should work though.
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    @McSpazzy well technically, you need to use the hoe to flatten the dirt, to plaec seeds, so you don't need to technically add the seeds.

    As for sugarcane, you can just plant it, I'll test this out tomorrow or so.

    Sounds good, thanks for the hard work and constant updates.

    .. What if there was a way when you swing the sword "Creative-> You failed to swing/miss/hit?"
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    For those who want to try the indev, not suitable for live environments! Might also have random strings all over the place. Gonna be a day or two before its done, gotta do some work on the other plugin, they been waiting longer than you! =D

    New Perms:
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    Thank's I'll check it out soon.
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    Waits <day 1> <day2>
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    =\ I also have a life...sort of. I'm working on it.
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    I know, no pressure :)
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    Bump for an amazing plugin.

    Still waiting on armor restrictions! :D
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    I get strange bug in the indev version. I set permissions, they all work, all the items (shovel, pickaxe, axe) are limited of use according to permissions set to groups. The bug, is that i cant destroy dirt with any item. I tried to add dirt to be destroyable with any instrument, but still, i cant destroy it.

    I think you should add different strings in config file, for example, not only all pickaxes, but different block permissions for wooden pickaxe, metal pickaxe, and so on.

    Are you still working on this plugin?
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    @Kuja_Diartua I am. Just some stuff has some up. And its my birthday today! =D
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    Welcome Back!

    I'd normally ask you about my request, but since it's your b-day it should be your day off.

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    Happy birthday, dude. Can't wait for the plugin update. Just have fun today, plugins can wait. Awesome job you're doing.

    By the way, once you're done celebrating and finish with the project you're working on, perhaps you could add specific crafting permissions? I'd love to limit smiths to make tools and innkeepers to make food.
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    Whoa! Happy birthday :) i hope you celebrated it great? :)
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    @McSpazzy will this be ready for 1.5? Including Armor restriction? ^^
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    @BioRage Who knows! Possible. I keep hitting bugs which make me go and do other stuff.
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    @McSpazzy okay buddy, that armor is all I need! :D
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    I think setting restrictions on all kind of actions would be great - but its all other kind of plugin. For example, permission to use doors or boxes, permission to use a sword or a bow. Because there is a PVP plugin, which gives a permission to atack players, and when not set, you just wont damage. But, i have a situation where i want to set classes like worker and warrior. Totaly restricting PVP for workers makes them vulnerable, but if i could allow them to use anything exept sword and bow it would give them a chance against enemy warrior.
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    could you change the plug in, so that you can choose for each tool which blocks it can break? So that a wooden pickaxe is only able destroys stone and cobblestone and the iron pickaxe is able to destroy stone, cobblestone, and iron for example.

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