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    Mobiile v1.1.2
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    Download The Latest Mobiile (Latest RB Build)


    Tired of mobs, animals and monsters, overrunning your towns, farms, or just your worlds in general? Mobiile, the Entidex for bukkit is your solution.

    Prevent mobs from spawning in specific areas based on a radius solution; If a mob tries to spawn outside of its designated areas, it simply won't spawn. Give a percentage to lessen the amount of mob spawns inside of the designated areas, mix areas for unique mob spawning types, finally create a specific area in your world where only specific mobs spawn.

    Deserts can now finally just consist of just skeletons, Snow? No problem, only let sheep spawn there.

    How? /mobi allow [mob-name] [radius] [%]

    It will then save an entry of the area that you are standing in, and only let monsters that try to spawn there, well spawn. It also supports multiple worlds, so don't worry. Go on another world and add entries there, entries won't mix between worlds so you don't have to worry about a entry affecting another world.

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    /mobi or /mobi help - Shows help
    /mobi pos1 (reset) - Set your first position
    /mobi pos2 (reset) - Set your second position (cubes)
    /mobi list - Lists entries in the Entidex, and gives entry id's for update / remove / goto
    /mobi goto [id] - Go to the location of spawn
    /mobi allow [mob-name] [radius] [%] - Add an entry, leave % off for 100% as default.
    /mobi update [id] [mob-name] [radius] [%] - Same as add, just updates an entry.
    /mobi remove [id] - Remove an entry

    How to effectively use mobiile
    Radius Entries (open)
    First find an empty area and type: /mobi pos1

    Figure out what mob you want to spawn, what radius (how large of a circle), and what %.
    I'm going to let Cows spawn (since it's day) in a radius of 20 (Pretty decent for a small area), at 100% (high spawn rate)
    So I would type: /mobi allow cow 20 (Since we are using 100% we don't need to declare a percentage, the default is 100)

    And now, cows will spawn in that area.

    Note Negative circles (Deny) are made the same way, except you just type: /mobi deny instead of allow.
    Cuboid Entries (open)
    First find an empty area, or an area that you wish for a mob to only spawn in.
    Find the two corners of the cube area, just as in WorldEdit, point a, and point g.
    First Position Type: /mobi pos1 (Always type first, and don't worry typing it multiple times won't mess anything up)
    Second Position Type: /mobi pos2 (If you accidentally mess up you can now either type it again or add reset to the command to remove it.)

    Figure out what mob you want to spawn, what radius (how large of a circle), and what %.
    I'm going to let Pigs spawn (since it's day) inside the cube, at 20% (medium spawn rate, and to show you how to do this)
    So I would type: /mobi allow pig 0 20 (Since we are using cuboid and not radius we set radius to 0, if you aren't doing a percentage you just type /mobi allow pig and thats it.)

    And now, pigs will spawn in that area.

    Note Negative cuboids (Deny) are made the same way, except you just type: /mobi deny instead of allow.

    Permission Nodes:
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    • 1.1.2
      • Added wolves / monsters
    • 1.1
      • Added Negative circles/cubes (Deny)
      • Positioning commands (remembers positions after adding, remember to reset!)
      • Added Cuboid style, seams easily with radius.
      • Better Entry management internally for faster checks.
    • 1.0.2
      • Changed getMobType to getCreatureType
    • 1.0.1
      • Fixed Permissions issues.
      • Fixed issues where not entries exist. Now just shows in-game error.
    • 1.0
      • Initial Release.
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    If you just mind taking a look at the picture in the original post, it says: /mobi [deny] [mob] [radius] :D
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    Thats so weird!! i was just thinking i need a plugin that does this and here it is! :D
    Do you think you can add biome specific mobs and the rate (and time) they spawn there? because i want creepers to spawn in deserts at day and night :D
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    I hope you're ready to update this for endermen.
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    How do I use it with the Enderman? I have tried "Enderman", "Endermen", "Ender Man" and nothing works.. it says "Wrong Mob Name". Help? :)
    Great plugin, by the way :D
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    If you would kindly look at the title of this post it says 860... That means it hasn't been updated for the latest Bukkit which means it doesn't support 1.8...

    Try using another plugin
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    Can you please update this? Please!

    It would be greatly appreciated. I would even donate some dollars for it!
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    I've had a server running that simulates the zombie apocalypse for a while now. All throughout the past year, I've been searching for a plugin that really works when eliminating certain types of mobs, and this is the only one that has ever worked without other consequences. I'm with TrystanGra on this one. This needs to be updated, as it is a gem in a sea of faulty mob spawn control plugins.

    Also, if you ever do give this mod a second look, could you see if you can also increase mob spawn rates for certain mobs past their default rates.

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