[INACTIVE] iQuest v3.2.0 - Take NPC questing to the next level! [1060]

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    iQuest is no longer in active development!

    Yeah,that's right,i quit,you can all go home now...:D
    Jokes aside, i am forced to quit working on iQuest,for a number of reasons,including:​

    • The code was old...very old! Updating the entire thing just isn't possible!
    • I am really busy with 2 other,bigger,projects, so i can't spend that much time on this!
    • I am not as familiar with the code as i could be if i created it!
    • Big parts of the code just plain suck...i was a really bad coder when i starter this project! :D
    That being said,don't panic! I am going to recreate iQuest from SCRATCH, using just a small part of the main code! It will act the same,however some of the important changes will be:

    • Superperms support! It's the future,it's time for people to switch over...
    • More quest types!
    • Parties!
    • Speed improvements!
    • MySQL/SQLite database support!
    • Much easier commands,and interface
    • Spout support!
    • MASSIVE support for RPGWorld, one of the 2 big projects i'm working on...that thing will be INSANE!
    • New configuration support! Should be much harder to mess it up...

    You may be wondering,how am i going to pull this off? Well, first of all, i have @Samkio , @tips48, @r3Fuze , and the rest of our coding team to help me! However, we all have to work on separate parts of the plugin, so i will make yet another coding team, which will work exlusively at the questing part! (it will also work as a stand-alone,don't worry :D)

    So,that was it, i will start actually working on it now!
    If you want to take part in development,just PM me! If you have atleast one plugin,i'll probably know you already! :p


    You guys helped me the most during development...interested in joining this?

    For more details on the new plugin, click!

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    Is there anyway to turn on a verbose mode where messages from IQuest don't fill up the entire chat box? My users have been complaining about it. This happens during quests like the punch grass 5000 times
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    yeah,i've been thinking about adding that!
    I'll add it as soon as i finish the quests which you must finish at another quester!
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    small bug

    when you level up and tasks go from 200 punches to 400.. the tracker stays at 200
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    what do you mean? why would it change?
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    I mean it says you done 10/200 when really it should be 10/400
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    well,why would it say 400?
    if you set the quest to 200,it will stay at 200 forever...
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    an op told me when he levels up the punches double so his quest is now - punch 400 switches but tracker say 10/200 -- but he has to punch 400
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    Everytime i finish a quest, this Pops up!
    Just sayin' if you didnt know ;)

    And you are FUCKING AWESOME! I love you for updating this plugin!
    ThankyouThankyouThankyou! :D
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    now that is just wierd...
    does the tracker still tell him 201/200,202/200,and so on?
    Also,by tracker you mean the thing that tells you every time you the right block,right?
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    hahah, just happened to notice it as i was scrolling through plugins.
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    yeaah,i forgot about that..:|
    It will be gone in the next version,right now the entire plugin is fucked because i'm trying to put in that "move" quest everyone seems to want! :D
    And no problem, i like developing iQuest! :D
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    am told..
    gets to 200/200 says objective done - but then u have to do the next 200 blind
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    Any Word on Multiple quests per NPC and Allowing players to complete certain quests only once?
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    I had epicquest and npc-quester. I removed them both and installed this as a replacement. But I get this on server boot up.
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    install/update essentials!
    P.S: Wow,never thought this could be half as good as epicquest...:confused:
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    EpicQuest is SUPER buggy. Hoping this is better for my players.

    I don't have essentials, I use command book. What essentials plugin is required? I'd rather not have it, I think it collides with some of my other plugins.
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    only essentials.jar...
    I only put this dependency because someone requested essentials economy support :((
    I have no idea why ANYONE would EVER want to use that shitty economy!
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    I know this is a lot to ask, but could you make a quick fix to make a version without essentials?
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    Nope,because i have like 3 updates per day,and that version would quickly become old...once i finish all the requested updates,i will make a version with and without essentials! (im updating huge stuff right now)
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    It seems everything works except the NPC questing :(

    Edit: Nevermind I'm not sure how I fixed it but it's fixed.

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    My vodoo works...

    Anyway,updated version with working "move" quests! That's right,you can now set the quests to only be finished at another guy,allowing for "find my lost girl please,she's in the woods!" type of quests!
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    O.O OMG really? Is link updated?

    [cake] for you!
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    It's a developer version,probably bugged as hell,but i could use some testers!
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    Some kind of sample how does it work :)
    And how is it in practice (quest example)
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    Allrightt,the developer version is up,with the converter! Test it people,test it!
    I want all the bugs solved by tomorrow,so i can add quests that can only be finished once!

    I've got some guys on it,but in the meantime,i'll make one tomorrow!

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    so how do we need to form this "move" quest in the yml?
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    ... can someone list the links i NEED? so many up there and to be honest it could be simplified a little more, great plug-in, just a little hard to follow.
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    So, I'm trying this out.. installed Citizens, works fine.. But iQuest is dying on serverstart with a rather lengthy java error:
    Already running the latest essentials, md5sum matches your Essentials.jar perfectly... Ideas?
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    the developmental build ALMOST seems to work. FYI, when I run /qn change <npc1> <npc2> dis I get a msg as though I had left off the argument.. saying both can turn in the quest and give it. Not sure if I went about things the wrong way but I made it so first that <npc1> and <npc2> could both give quest 1 before running the above command.
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    I'm getting this now. I didn't change anything. It was working fine now it's completely broken. Sigh... why do NO quest plugins work!? I have latest essentials, iquest, permissions, citizens, iconomy.

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