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    WelcomeMe - The fast, custom welcome message plugin!

    This plugin makes it possible to display a welcome message to a player when they log on your server. This message can be customized with text colors and dynamic 'tags' which can be used to display the number of players online, maximum players and a list of players online.

    As i work with embedded device hardware and software development, i'm very focused on speed, which is why i made this plugin instead of using some of the already existing ones. This plugin stores the message in memory for fast retrieval when a player joins the server, causing as little lag as possible.

    How do i install?

    Install is very simple, just extract the zip file to your plugins folder.

    WelcomeMe has only been tested on Craftbukkit build 556, but should work on earlier builds as well as long as they support the new CommandExecutor.

    How do i format message.txt?

    You just write the text you want to display to the user. If you hit enter in your message.txt, it will also give a line break in the chat.

    There are currently 4 dynamic tags that you can use:
    1. %op - displays the numerical amount of players currently online on your server
    2. %mp - displays the numerical maximum number of players your server supports
    3. %pl - displays a comma separated list of online players names
    4. %np - displays the name of the player who logged in or issued the /wm command
    You can also format your text with standard color codes:


    To add a color, for example red, type &4 before the text you want to be red.

    Are there any commands?

    There are two commands for this plugin. First one is used to reload the message.txt file into memory if you change it while the server is running while the second one displays the message again.
    • /wm reload (requires that the player has server operator status)
    • /wm
    Does this plugin support permissions, iConomy, x, y, z...?

    No, this plugin was made to be fast and simple to use. It does not support nor depend on any other plugin to work.

    Could you show me an example of message.txt formatting?

    Yes of course!

    Welcome to our &4Minecraft &fserver %np!
    Please read the &9/rules.
    &fThere are currently &e%op &fout of &e%mp &fplayers online.
    Which looks like this in minecraft:


    Version 1.3.0:​
    - Fixed the encoding problems with message.txt by replacing § with & (credits to Bone007 for Colorize method)
    Version 1.2.0:​
    - Added %np tag that displays the name of the player who logged in or issued the command.​
    Version 1.1.2:​
    - Updated to support Craftbukkit 766, easier color notations coming later.​
    Version 1.1.1:​
    - Updated plugin due to Bukkit API changes​
    Version 1.1.0:
    - Made it possible to just type /wm to display the welcome message again
    Version 1.0.0:
    - Relase

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    Great Idea but my Server couldn't find the message.txt and don't create it

    Could you please put the message.txt and the plugin.jar in a zip File?

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    Hi, yes, good idea :) Post updated with zip file
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    Name Goes Here

    I really like it, works 100%. Just a little request for the next version, it says "Please read our /rules."

    Could you integrate rules?
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    Hi, i'm glad you like it! The message.txt file included with WelcomeMe is just an example on how you could define your welcome message. If you want a /rules command you have to look for another plugin that makes this command.

    WelcomeMe is only for welcome messages :) This is to keep it as simple as possible.
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    Name Goes Here

    Okay, I understand. Thank you for the plugin!
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    So Simple.
    You Sir. Are A Genius....
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    Great Plugin Just Tested Everything works fine well done =D !!!!!!!
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    This is Great. Almost everything it should be. The only thing it's lacking is a command to display it again.
    ie: ./wm repeat or something similar. I would like to list all of the user commands on the server here so I can have one central location. Only problem is if a user can't remember everything on one pass....... Thanks would be really easy and could most likely keep it just as lightweight. -TY!
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    Thanks for your input. I'll make /wm display the message again when i get back home from work!
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    awesome! can't wait to implement it!

    Just one suggestion and idk if u can do this. Can you add the command to reload as /rules possibly?(or maybe just 2, a welcome and a rules)

    or would this have to be implemented as a server script? I'm learning doh ><

    PPS- heres my message.txt so far:
    §4 ** §3Welcome to §6Kenworld 1.2 §f(§3When Sorcerers Go Bad!§f) §4**
    §5--- Rules ---
    §51.§7 Have Fun! No Language Filter! No Whitelist!
    §52.§7 Form Factions and Kill Eachother to Claim Their Land!
    §53.§7 Participate in Faction Driven Instances! (coming soon)
    §54.§7 Build Natural Looking Structures!
    §55.§7 Fully Cut Down Trees, No Floaters. Replant!
    §56.§7 Cheating/Exploiting/Stealing=Permaban. Dont Be Lame.
    §57.§7 Dont claim land inside of Spawn/Cowland/or Arenas!!!
    §58.§7 No 1x1 Towers or 1x2 Tunnels! Very Lame
    §2 ./sethome ./home ./f help [pg] ./lvt start ./ch help ./lwc
    ------------------------------------(t to display)-
    §7Online ATM: §7(%op§7/%mp) :§8%pl
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    kenjamen, i'm sorry, but this would be beyond the scope of this plugin. I'd like to keep this plugin as simple and to the point as possible.
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    What do i wrong?

    Willkommen auf &1RisenCity !
    Bitte lese die &9/Regeln.
    §fEs sind aktuell &e%op §fvon &e%mp &fSpieler online.
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    n4Ghost, the problem is with the different encodings. I see you use for switching text color both '&' and '§' -- they are not interchangeable, use only the latter one. In the attached WelcomeMe/message.txt (in WelcomeMe_v1.1.0.zip) is used some Windows-125? encoding, and your server probably runs with UTF-8 encoding (so does my, because UTF-8 is the best standard nowadays). To enforce an encoding (so that you have UTF-8 also under Windows or Mac), add this parameter to java executable (before -jar or -cp):
    After setting encoding to UTF-8, convert the message.txt to UTF-8 (or write a new one) -- to test it, you can use the message.txt in this message.

    maxx001, maybe you too should mention the JRE encoding setting (default is not always the best) and include probably UTF-8 encoded message.txt (you can use message.txt in this message).

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    Hey the other stuff was just me thinking out loud. I'm just glad you did this. Thanks a lot I'll continue using it for sure now X)
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    Love the plugin! Just one problem..I JUST updated craftbukkit and now its not working...
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    same here...
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    I have the Essentials plugin which already has a welcome message system with it,every time I customize it it just deletes the welcome altogether, this sounds a lot better and I was wondering if it would conflict with the Essentials plugin because it has alot of stuff that helps me, if not then im definatly look forward to using this plugin. I think its a brilliant idea btw. :)
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    Nag author: 'maxx001' of 'WelcomeMe' about the following: onPlayerJoin has been replaced with a new signature, (PlayerJoinEvent)
    Whelp, that's what I'm doing. Looks to me like an issue with the updated API.
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    bummer... download is broken
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    Yes, they changed the API. I will update the plugin.

    The download should still work! Also the plugin should still work even though it gives the nag message (for now)
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    I updatet my Server on Bukkit 670 and now the plugin doesn't work?
    Will there be an Update?
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    UPDATE PLZ i think?

    im using brohoster to host my server and i use tcadmin to change plugins and stuff. where do i put the message.txt?

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    What problem do you have? It should work fine with build 670. We also use this on our own server with no problems.

    I don't know brohoster, but message.txt should be put in a folder inside your plugins folder named WelcomeMe. Like this:

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    also es darf kein & sein, es muss ein § sein und bei farben die buchstaben haben wie §f musste glaube ich platz lassen

    could you add commands like /onlineplayers to see the onlineplayers after the message dissapeared or better add /welcome or /welcomeme to see the message again

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    why those fucking weird chars to set colors ? can't you just fucking use # ou @ or any other nom encoding buggy char ?

    btw: love the plugin

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    I'd love to see the "&x" notation for colors honoured, because I'm having the dickens of a time getting color working. Makes this great plugin even more user friendly. :)
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    my server was crashing. Just removed this plugin and the crash suddenly stoped.
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    733 please

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