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    Minestats - Webstatistics for Stats and Achievements
    Version: v0.85

    An easy in use web interface based on the awesome plugins Stats & Achievements,
    see it in action here.

    • Easy multi language support
    • Still supported languages are english, german, french, spanish and 1337-Speak
    • Easy installation and configuration
    • List of all players with several stats on the start site
    • Language, search and sort function on the start site
    • Details for each player that shows all stats and achievements
    • Detail sections can be toggled visible and hidden
    • Pictures for almost each item and mob in the details (i'm working on the rest ;) )
    • Offset for times
    • Achievements can be turned off
    Download Minestats rar
    Download Minestats zip
    Installation (open)

    1. Download Minestats
    2. Unpack and copy it to your webspace
    3. Make configurations (you have to edit the config.php wich is self explanatory)
    4. done ;)
    Todo (open)

    • opacity and background control with the config
    • admin-interface to manually edit the stats and achievemets (i.e. db failures)
    • implement stats from icommerce and dynamic market
    • some other stuff :)
    Changelog (open)
    Version 0.85
    • Time offset
    • Make achievements optional
    • Implement wolfs
    Version 0.82
    • Make it work with s&a 0.9
    • Some Bugfixes
    Version 0.8
    • Code-cleaning (removed a lot of SQL statements, thanks to flames for the hint)
    • Added shortnames for day, hours, minutes and seconds in the language files
    • Opacity control in config
    • Added minecart and boatstats
    • Some bugfixes
    Version 0.7
    • Some changes in the configuration for more options
    • More items supported (for example the new repeater)
    • Release for entire community
    Version 0.6
    • Change in the language system for easier work
    Version 0.5
    • Better Design for the entire interface
    Version 0.4
    • Added sort function for the overview
    • Added more details
    Version 0.3
    • Added search function
    Version 0.2
    • Multi language support
    • Added more details
    • language selector
    Version 0.1
    • Overview of all players and details

    Bug reports, comments, and suggestions are always welcomed and donations appreciated.

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    403 on the download.
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    what's an s&a? :p So if I understand it correctly, I have to put the .properties of the Stats plugin to mysql - Then edit the config somehow and it will work?
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    sorry i have missed to update some permissons yesterday, now it should work again, also the download link... ;)

    yes, in the .propertys you have to set your mysql host, user etc... in the config.php you have to put in the same values
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    fix time
    file: index.php
    <td width="10.0%">'.$player['playedfor_form']['days'].$text['short_day'].' '.$player['playedfor_form']['hours'].$text['short_hour'].' '.$player['playedfor']['minutes_form'].$text['short_minute'].'</td>
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    okay, in the header of the main page I am getting several undefined index errors including player in index.php line 48, player index.php line 122, search minestats.php line 104 and sort minestats.php line 161... Even with these it seems to be working 100% except I cannot click on any player prior to player #5 because the header has expanded past where it should.

    Also, clicking on a player will give me undefined variables and indexes from lines 170 to 256 in minestats.php especially variable name, and indexes 93 94 26 Herobrine totalitemuse totalitemdrop and totalitempickup.... any help would be appreciated... If you would like a link to my stats page I can send you a PM. Thanks!
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    that are php notices, i have turned them off, but i will fix them to solve such problems... you can send me a pm with this link...
    greetings abadon

    fixed, thx

    before a few minutes i have seen that stats and achievements was updated, i will fix minestats later that day so that it works with the actually version

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    new Update done, now it works with s&a 0.9
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    But the French translation is wrong
    Replace sentence | By
    posé bloc | Blocs posés
    détruit bloc | Blocs détruits
    dommage distribué | Dégâts infligés
    dommage subit | Dégâts subis
    And please capitalize first letter of words.
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    ok, i will make it later, but easyer would be you send me the correct fr.ini because you are native ;) its in the lang folder
    greetings abadon
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    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in minestats.php on line 8
    :eek: help plz
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    wich php version do you use?
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    Geoff Winans

    In the interest of following standards, I'd like to request that you distribute MineStats in a ZIP or tar format. rar is not installed by default on Linux and some distros don't even have packages available (meaning one has to pull down an archive and circumvent their package system).
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    good suggestion, i think i will make it ;)
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    Hmm .. It is not possible to translate in french with your fr.ini because we cannot decide the word position in the sentence. (It should be "blocs posés" and not "posé bloc")
    I think, in a future version, you should put formated string rather than simple words in lang.ini
  16. hey^^

    ich wollte dich mal fragen, ob du mir eventuell die "achievements.txt" von dir schicken könntest!
    Ich finde dein plugin nämlich richtig cool, brauche aber die Auszeichnungen noch in Deutsch ;)

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    ok, iw ill make it so...

    unless i´m german you should speak english in this forum... i have no achievements.txt because i use the new version with mysql...
    greets abadon

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    PHP 4.4.2 .... try use another .... this error anyway
    sorry .... not see min PHP 5.13 ((( lets try

    hmmm i use PHP 5.3 .... what i do wrong?? (((( View attachment 2115

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  19. do you have a "<?" or a "<?php" on the beginning of the file?
    It must be <?php


    oh, ok, I am sorry ;)
    Than is it maybe possible, that you can send me a file, including your database table from the achievements?
    because I need the Achievements in German!
    This would be gret, becaus I like your script very much but not all of our 60 Members can easily understand English, infact, you also see, that mine is week, too!


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    I use this files

    Attached Files:

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    do you have other php application running and do they work? it seems your server doesn´t interpret the php code...
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    I have an issue, I have database connected and Stats v0.9 saves data to it but your Minestats V0.82 seem to not be reading it :(

    My config.php
    ['server']                 = 'localhost';                                            //database-server
    $config['user']                 = '';                                            //database-user
    $config['pass']                 = '';                                            //database-pass
    $config['db']                     = 'bstat';                                            //database
    $config['table_stats']            = 'sts';                                                //table for stats
    $config['table_achievements']    = 'playerachievements';                                    //table for achievements
    $config['lang']                    = 'en';                                                    //standard language (look in the lang folder for avaible languages or write your own there and send me ;) )
    $config['servername']            = 'MxSrv';                                //displayed Servername
    $config['date']                    = 'd.m.Y H:i:s';                                            //format of the timestamp (for details see http://php.net/manual/de/function.date.php)
    $config['opheadfoot']            = '0.8';                                                //opacity header and footer
    $config['optable']                = '0.8';                                                //opacity table

    The Minecraft Server, MySQL Server & Apache2 with PHP are all installed on my Ubuntu 9.04 server

    But on the page I get this..

    and nothing more, If i remove database and table name from the config I can get this..

    but nothing else, please help?
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    do you have entered a username and a password in the config?
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    Yes I do, I removed it for security reasons..
    ^Proof stats plugin logs to database
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    if the database is on a different server you have to set the host of the db user to % to connect from other servers to it
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    Everything is on same server as mentioned in my previous post I have MySQL, Apache2,PHP & Bukkit on same server
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    i have a last idea for the problem, change the localhost in the config to eventually that works...
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    Seems to still not want to work, is there anything additional require for php or something? I'm running punbb forum and it access the sql database just fine using localhost
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    mysqli activated, mysql 4.1+ ?
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    that what you wanted?
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    should work, i dont´t know why it didnt do it.... strange

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