[INACTIVE][INFO/WEB] mcMMO Web Stats v1.1 - A web-based view of your mcMMO Stats [0-556+]

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    [INFO/WEB] mcMMO Web Stats v1.1 - A web-based view of your mcMMO Stats [0-684]
    Version: v1.1

    mcMMO Web Stats is a simple PHP page you can link to directly or include in an existing page to display the mcMMO stats of every player on your server. Think of it like a character sheet for your players.

    • Lists mcMMO stats of each player on your Minecraft server in a simple HTML table
    • Easy to configure!
    • Link to the page directly or include it in an existing page on your website
    • Compatible with mcMMO 0.9.2 and newer (chances are it works on older versions as well)
    MD5: d1740c75d9741f60c83da7f5708f1b82
    SHA1: 01e9219203f115734fcd0f6bcdd6b864d888dcca
    Source Code can be found in the download


    Version 1.1
    • Better code for checking for unset values and displaying a 0 (Thanks Digi)
    • Tested with mcMMO 0.9.10
    • Cleaner error handling (Again thanks Digi)
    • Fixed a problem where the skills weren't being read in the correct order. Turns out Herbalism XP wasn't being counted. This fix doesn't effect the displaying of stats and is really just for completeness.
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    I know it's calculated, :p
    I'm not really good at PHP thou, so I have no idea on how to sum them all up (It's all skills summed up) ehe :p

    $mining + $woodcutting + $unarmed +.. = $powerlevel
  3. It's like in any other language that has variables, variable = value.
    $powerlevel = $mining + $woodCutting + $excavation + $herbalism + $repair + $acrobatics + $unarmed + $archery + $swords + $axes;
    Just copy paste it in, I used the variables from the thread's code.

    Also, if you want to sort by powerlevel (or anything else), I've attached my version adjusted accordingly.

    And I've just tested in-game, the sum of skills is equal to the powerlevel in-game.
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    Awesome! Thanks! :D
    Now my page will be complete! :D
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    Error: I can't read the 'mcmmo.users' file. Please check your permissions and try again. :(

    Eventho i have permission all the way from root to file 777... what im i doing wrong?
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    can some one tell me how to add this to an apachie2 html webserver/page
  7. That error pops out if you enter anything in that variable, it doesn't actually check if the file exists first. You should re-check your path names.
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    Brilliant, thanks!! :D
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    Thank you!! Very useful plugin!
    Can you add search player and sort by selected field?
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    help adding this to a Html based site
  11. You need to make a .php file, paste your html in there and add this where you want the list to be displayed:
    include 'getmcMMOStats.php';
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    did i say i know NOTHING about html codeing XD, i use a program to help me its called webstudio, webstudio.com
  13. Is that a question ?

    And I just told you what you need to do, do that using a normal text editor for pasting HTML and PHP codes inside a .php file.
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    please update this very nice plugin! :)
  15. Did mcMMO's stats file format changed ?

    This isn't actually a plugin so it doesn't require a build version, it requires only a mcMMO save file.
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    Hi can someone help me with this error:

    You can check it out yourself at http://www.chillmcs.com/getmcMMOStats.php
    Also my users is located here http://www.chillmcs.com/account/mcmmo.users

    I've connected a direct path to the mcmmo.users as instructed and i've allowed the 444 permissions :/

    I don't know what reason it isn't working, i know abit about html and php but this variable stuff confuses me, anyone have idea???

    this is whats on line 48
    $playerFileRaw fread($handlefilesize($mcMMOPlayers));
  17. Well it's simple, filesize() function failed, therefore fread() failed too because it got invalid data back.

    You can replace that line with
    $playerFileRaw = file_get_contents($mcMMOPlayers); 
    ... for now or you can use my version, see older posts.
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    Wow thanks alot this script is awesome :D
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    Lord Chaos

    Is this plugin dead? It seems really outdated.
  21. It's not a plugin, read the description...
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    Sorry I haven't had time to update this. Chances are I won't have time to work on it anytime soon.

    Digi thank you for helping out getting people setup and debugging my code. I really appreciate it.
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    Using a plus sign in the CB version is not allowed.
    Remove it yourself because if I remove it your plugin would have to go to inactive forum
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    You got it
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    Hey, id love to use this but i dont know crap about websites/php etc... i have a forum and have a hosted server through brohoster. How would set this up. Looks great i just dont know how to do it exactly. heh any beginer tutorials you could help out with would be nice.

    Hey Hey lol.. got it working atm with uploading my .user stuff to a different webhost (free one)
    and after messin around got it too work WooT

    Thanks for this nice feature
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    FiZi, you sexy beast....nice work!

    I've *SKIMMED* the two pages of thread before this post, and haven't seen discussion of this, so...

    Have you thought about a full-on WoW styled Armory? MCMMO stats, plus a lookup on minecraft.net for the skin, plus a lookup on the server for the gear the player is wearing?

    After the next (?) update, there's also supposedly server-local hosting of achievements and statistics. IDK....but you could go ALL OUT with this thing.

    Do what you want, son...but with a little groundwork this mod could become an MC admin's STAPLE. As stapled (lol) as DynMap.

    Just food for thought.

    ps: Brohoster is for scrubs....wooservers.com get up on it. (I don't get anything out of plugging them)
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    Don't use a plus sign in the version tag. If you really need to use more versions, use [X-Y] or [X,Y].
    And for you especialy: "if you REALLY need to", why is there a 0? does anyone use that old bukkit? You can give that information in the thread itself, but the title is used for searching in plugins.bukkit.org.
  28. Yeah, @FiZi you can just use the same build version title that mcMMO uses, currently it's [677].
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    Nathan C

    Need to update for MySQL :D
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    Yeah :) Add MySQL Support now!
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    I'm currently working on a MySQL version for this, so it'll be done soon. Hopefully before the weekend or even tonight! Depends how much I need to work on it and the time I have.

    EDIT 1:

    Well so far, I have successfully gotten the data from the table 'mcmmo_experience' to show on the table list, but the only thing I have left is to retrieve the player name from the other table 'mcmmo_users' and place it in the 'Player' table. Will be done soon tonight!

    EDIT 2:

    getmcMMOStats v2.0 [MySQL]

    Finished ! The stats are now mcMMO v1.0 MySQL

    If the topic owner doesn't mind, I changed it to v2.0 (I just re-wrote the entire code so I just updated a higher version)

    Download for getmcMMOStats v2.0 [MySQL]

    If you want a live demo or a live preview, feel free to check out my server's stats page!
    Click here!

    A small changelog:
    * Re-wrote the entire php file (besides the comments above)
    * Made MySQL
    * Added new content from the plugin (i.e. taming XP )
    * Re-ordered all the stats
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