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    VersionGet - Automatically broadcast your server version:

    Version: v1.2

    This plugin is extremely simple, but I felt people may have some use for it.
    All it does is broadcast the current server CraftBukkit/Bukkit version at set intervals.
    You can set these intervals in the configuration file it generates on startup.
    As mentioned in the config, the time is measured in MINUTES.
    It defaults to every 10 minutes.
    Please note that this IS my first actual plugin release.
    I do hope to have more out in the future, and with my future plugins being more useful. :p

    • Broadcast the server version at set intervals.
    • CraftBukkit UpToDate [CBUTD] Compatible.
    • Any suggestions that are within the scope of this plugin can be added!
    Download VersionGet - HERE
    I didn't provide the source in this release, but you can easily use a Java Decompiler on it.

    Version 1.2
    • Official plugin release.
    • Added configuration file.
    Version 1.0
    • Beta plugin release.
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    What happened to version 1.1?
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    I wouldn't personally see much of use for this as there's /version, but still, nice one.
  4. Nice Plugins :) Thank you.
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    Nice and simple although i dont feel it really has a use in game. Why do people need to know the curent build etc other than the server admin who actually installed it....
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    the only real use i see this having on public servers is telling hackers what build you use so they can pinpoint its vulnerabilities. on a test or private server, i guess it could be helpful for testing new/experimental builds.
  7. for test servers only, as told above it's an open gate to vulnerabilities.
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    I suppose I do versions a bit differently, I went straight from 1.0 to 1.1 :p

    Up to the user... I suppose it is an open gate to vulnerabilities, though I'm not aware of any big ones in the current RB and latest dev build. :S

    Yeah, but /version doesn't display to the entire server, nor does it have a set interval :p
    Though I agree, if you don't need either of those, this isn't necessary.

    I may add a /broadcastversion command in the future as well... which would essentially initiate the broadcast separate from the interval.
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    Plugin works great. Props to dev. :)
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