[INACTIVE][INFO] Statistician V1.3 - Extremely Detailed Player/Server Stats Tracking [953]

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    The settings in your statistician/config.php seem to be incorrect. Did you forget to configure them and/or use the correct values?
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    Can someone post a CREATE query for the players table?

    Or better yet, for all the needed tables.
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    I listed all tables in an earlier post. If you delete them, and/or just delete the 'config' table and run the plugin again statistician will automatically create all the needed tables, granted the user you supplied in the config has the appropriate permission to do so.
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    I changed these:
    define ('DB_SERVER'   , 'localhost');
        define ('DB_USER'     , 'name');
        define ('DB_PASSWORD' , 'pass');
        define ('DB_NAME'     , 'dbname');
        define ('DB_PORT'     , 3306);
    The other should be left like they were, don't they?
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    I did that, well I removed the config table.

    When I did a server restart it removed the players table and recreated the other etc. So not sure why but its not liking that darn players table.

    Also its got root access to the sql server.

    If we can just get a current create query for the database schema, I think that might help.
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    I love this plug in. I really enjoy all the different information it provides :D

    Any plans to add some kind pf purging feature? For example purge players who have less then specified amount of play time on the server? This would help clean up the stats since a lot of players join and leave and never come back.
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    Its odd as I am very advanced with web design but I keep getting the error: Statistician Web Interface could not acquire connection to Database. I am using the same DB info I configured in the plugins folder but no dice.

    I am running on a windows box with xampp. PHP version is 5.3.5. Anyone with the same issues?
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    What's your config look like? And is my SQL on the same box as web server, php have my SQL extensions installed? Check your web server or php error logs.
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    database_name: mc_statistician
    database_address: localhost
    database_username: mc_statistician
    database_password: 134750
    database_port: 3306
    database_update_time: 120
    This is the BDConfig.yml it generated so i went into mysql and created the database and username using the same ones in the config and granted it all permissions the only thing i changed was the password i dont belive i have any tabs or anything
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    Please put quotes around your password, it's thinking its an integer not a string
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    Alright, thanks...sorry again :/
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    It's ok :) really happy to help :)
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    Geoff Winans


    It appears that bumping up the thread_stack does indeed resolve the connection drops during SProc calls.

    I'd recommend adding to your front page:

    Add this to my.cnf/my.ini:

    thread_stack = 512K

    Oddly enough, 256k (my default value) was not enough. I don't know why, considering I do far nastier things with sprocs and heavy crossjoins than your plugin does. Weird.
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    I'm very new to MySQl or web designing and such, but I managed to figure out how to link it to my website, but I get this: "Statistician Web Interface could not acquire connection to Database"

    Here is my config

        // This file should be updated with your Database Configuration
        // as well as other optional data
        define ('DB_SERVER'   , '');
        define ('DB_USER'     , 'bornkill_stats');
        define ('DB_PASSWORD' , '9191919');
        define ('DB_NAME'     , 'bornkill_stats');
        define ('DB_PORT'     , 3306);
        define ('SERVER_NAME', 'My Minecraft World Stats');
        define ('DATE_FORMAT', 'M jS Y\, \a\t g:i:s a');
        define ('USE_MEGAMETERS', true);
        define ('USE_SKINVIEWER', false);
        // Set your localization (language)
        define ('LOCALE', 'en');
    Im running PhPMyAdmin from Hostgator.com and the MySql version is 5.1.52

    and also my Error Log Shows:

    [03-Jul-2011 19:37:04] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/bornkill/public_html/statistician_web/statistician/config.php on line 7
    [03-Jul-2011 19:38:20] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/bornkill/public_html/statistician_web/statistician/config.php on line 7
    [03-Jul-2011 19:40:52] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/bornkill/public_html/statistician_web/statistician/config.php on line 7
    [03-Jul-2011 19:40:53] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/bornkill/public_html/statistician_web/statistician/config.php on line 7
    [03-Jul-2011 19:40:56] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/bornkill/public_html/statistician_web/statistician/config.php on line 7
    So im guessing something is wrong with my Password, but Idk whats wrong with it... Tyvm
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    Glad you got it working. Yea on some distro's I've noticed that the thread_stack is set a bit low, usually 192k fixes it for them, glad the 512k got yours all sorted out.

    Being that the MySQL is hosted on a separate box you most likely have not made a remote connection user for this database. Make sure it's also accessible from the remote location via routing rules on port 3306. The remote user can be the same name as the local user you created. Example bornkill_stats@localhost you can also make bornkill_stats@% for any ip or bornkill_stats@IPADDRESSHERE for a more secure user

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    I went through a few pages and found that I'm not the only one with this error:
    04.07 05:04:34 [Server] INFO [Statistician] CALL ubercraft.logoutPlayer('57767d80-6033-4b06-a318-4f8febded6d8'); :: Stored Procedure Failed, Checking Connection
      04.07 05:04:34 [Server] INFO [Statistician] Connection is still present... It may of been a malformed Query ?
    Any idea why this isn't working? The database user has ALL privileges in the ubercraft table.
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    Please read, the fix has been posted many times, what you have to add to my.cnf

    Copy and pasted from an earlier post

    Take a look at this
    May wanna look at your my.cnf
    That seems to be the problem your having
    That should fix it
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    I set thread_stack to 256K but the problem persists.
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    try 512k and did you restart your mysql server after you changed it?
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    Just wanted to say thanks for a stats plugin that just works right out of the box :)

    Just thinking, any ideas for a chat window? Or even just chat replay? Seeing the server.log is timestamped it would be a fairly easy function to include? Could even search for chat per-player? I'd love to have a go at this myself but I know absolutely nothing about java/php :(
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    Slotted for a future release :)
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    im havign this error

    mysql database is created corectly and all the setings have been filled
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    It cannot connect the DB, is the mysql server on the same box, are the credentials correct? Post your DBConfig.yml file
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    I think you may have skipped over my question
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    In the web interface there is a folder Statistician/config.php you have to edit that file and provide it with the correct MySQL Settings, is MySQL running on the same box as the webserver?
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    I have the same error as evilfrog. My MCserver is hosted by servercraft and I have a hosted webserver as well. I have all the MySQL info for my database and put it where it belongs in the config file. Does it have to be on the same box? Do I need to put something infront of the MySQL host/adress like mysql://adress?

    DBConfig file:

    database_name: xx
    database_address: xx
    database_username: xx
    database_password: xx
    database_port: 3306
    database_update_time: 120

    Where the xx's is the info for the database
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    If it is not on the same box, you need 2 users, one the local user, which is connecting from the same box and on localhost of the MySQL server, and a remote user, one that connects to the box remotely. If the webserver connects to theMySQL box remotely routing rules to 3306 must also be valid to allow the connection.

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