[INACTIVE][INFO] Statistician V1.3 - Extremely Detailed Player/Server Stats Tracking [953]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ChaseHQ, Jun 23, 2011.

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    ChaseHQ: You're the man :D

    Will try this on my 300+ server today

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    Thanks :) PM me the address of the stat page so I can see how it works in a larger enviro :)
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    Sure I will
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    Does index.php contain anything? you should see some kind of verbose output, Also did you adjust the config.php in the statistician_web/statistician folder?
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    index.php (not fully)

    require_once ('statistician/statistician.php');

    $sObj = new STATISTICIAN();
    $serverObj $sObj->getServer();



        <br />
        <div id="copyright">Statistician by ChaseHQ :: Running Database Version <?php echo($sObj->getDatabaseVersion()); ?></div>
    // This file should be updated with your Database Configuration
        // as well as other optional data

    define ('DB_SERVER'   'localhost');
    define ('DB_USER'     'No one should really know these...');
    define ('DB_PASSWORD' 'No one should really know these...');
    define ('DB_NAME'     'No one should really know these...');

    define ('SERVER_NAME''SlimeTown');
    define ('DATE_FORMAT''M jS Y\, \a\t g:i:s a');
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    It seems like your warnings and info are not set to verbose to see the error. Check your php log and paste it.
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    Sorry for being noob here. Where is php log?
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    It depends on the OS but if you can find your php.ini file it's specified where the log gets output to in there.
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    This is a bit embarrassing, and frustrating for you, but, I can't seem to find anything from the php.ini. I found "Error handling and logging" You can see what it says here: http://pastebin.com/u6SnUdTZ

    Oh, and I use Linux (Debian lenny).
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    Can I translate the server_page.php ? Will probably lose all changes in future versions righ ?
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    If you translate it, I will make it multi language

    Change the error_reporting reporting to error_reporting = E_ALL & E_STRICT run again and see what the errors are. No one else seems to be having this issue. :oops: PM me and we'll walk thru getting it working.

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  14. I'm getting this error....

    2011-06-25 16:23:58 [INFO] [Statistician] Version 1.1.1 By ChaseHQ Starting Up...
    2011-06-25 16:23:58 [INFO] [Statistician] Critical Error, could not connect to mySQL. Is the database Available? Check config file and try again.
    2011-06-25 16:23:58 [INFO] [Statistician] Shutting down...
    The config is all setup correctly and we have a bunch of other plugins using MySQL too (BigBrother, iConomy, etc.) and they're connecting just fine...

    The database address isn't localhost... But is rather if that could be a problem with this plugin... :/
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    As long as its reachable via that port it will be fine. I run mine on a remote server without a problem. Also ensure the database has the user set up correctly @ '%' not localhost
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    Think I found a bug:

    Web page is showing a wrong number of players online. i.e: I have 272 online right now, but Statistician is showing 357 oO
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    Found the bug, it happens if the server crashes without proper shutdown, those phantom users will appeared logged in but aren't until they log in again and it refreshes there status. Don't worry it's not actually recording any online time for them so the stats will be accurate. I'm going to update it later today and that will squash that bug.
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    Now I can't see any errors.
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    @ChaseHQ Amazing little plugin you have here that I think will be a great hit.

    I think the only problem I could see is most servers these days even more since nether was added run multiple worlds. I would really love to see these stats be shown as a whole at the front of the site but be able to see the stats per world also.

    I also want to know what kind of performance hit would such a plugin be on a server with 30-50 players online with 1,000 whitelisted and 3-5 worlds.

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    Working on seperate multi world reporting already :) so far I've seen it run on a server with 300+ users on at one time, no performance hit whatsoever. Everything counting wise runs in its own thread as well as database calls. You shouldn't notice any performance hit at all. The threading system is written independent of the craftbukkit server. The 300+ simultaneous tracking of stats was my real big test, 30-50 will be a cinch.
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    Any reason the web portal isn't on github as well?

    Would make it easier to hack and submit patches, for sure.
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    Awesome plugin. Just one of those rare things that just fits in so well.
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    Adding it to github tomorrow as well as updating some stuff
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    I suppose everything is up to date, but I get an error each time a player die : Could not pass event ENTITY_DEATH to Statistician. But it seems to work...

    Btw, if we didn't have updated craftbukkit, there are so much errors that the log file weight 800 megs within 5 minutes. Maybe something that checks the version could be good ?

    Thanks :)

    I like the stats on my server, nice to see who killed who :p
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    Love that you like that stat, was most important to implement for me, Detailed records of who killed who with what and at what time. Great way to make your KOS list when you view your stats and see who has killed you the most :) Can you do me a favor and PM me that error event you get, i cant seem to replicate it on my end.

    BTW Github source for webportal is now up!

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    I would love to have your plugin installed on my server but github is 404'ing on me :(.
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    Brand New Updates - Now tracking even more stats, and some bug fixes - Take a look at the change log
    Get the latest build from the link in the post

    Sorry was in the process of a username change, all the links are updated :)

    Please update to Ver 1.2.1 - This quick fix is to squash a bug in 1.2 that prevented Players distance and time online from logging. It has other fixes as well, look at changelog for details.

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    I would like to ask for a feature request, is it possible for you add the option of changing the current welcome logging message and the option to disable it :O?
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    It's already there, although not well documented :( I have to get around to that. Go into the database, there is a table called config, there you will find the Welcome Messages you can Alter as well as a Y or N toggle to display them :)
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    @ChaseHQ I can't wait till my new server is online to try this out. You were working on the MW support in the future. Is it already told in the database how many blocks broken or placed or is that not there yet. I was just wondering if it was already logging from what world.

    When my server gets up in the next 24 hours or so I'm for sure adding this plugin and trying it out.

    Also 300+ Users at one time frig what server was that. They need to teach the ways of tweaking the server hehe.

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